21 Best Kayaks For camping [Best Of 2022]

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Want to try a camping adventure for 2022? How about a kayak camping? It is somewhat similar to backpacking with the only difference being that you will be camping on rivers, lakes, seas and oceans.

So, if you have decided to go on a kayak camping then the very first question that might pop up in your mind is which kayak will be the best suitable for camping purposes? Also, with so many options available in the market, you might get confused about which kayak to buy and which to ignore.

Also, when you are planning to go camping on rivers, seas, lakes and oceans, you need to make sure that your kayak is jam-packed with features, safety equipment and has enough storage space so that you can spend a day or two.

So, keeping all these factors and questions in mind, I have curated a list of 21 best in the world kayaks for camping that you must try in 2022. 

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  • Kick up fins

  • Red camo hulls

  • EVA pads

  • 360 drive technology

  • ST turbo kick up fins

  • Seat with BOA lumbar support

  • H Rail rods and accessories


  • Deck traction pads 

  • Skid plates

  • Bow and stern mounting inserts

  • Stern rudder

  • Groove tracks

  • Bow hatch cover

  • Tankwell and bungee lacing


  • Dry storage

  • Hybrid hull design

  • Enough storage space


  • Hybrid hull design

  • Doubleheader hinges

  • Hatch with doubleheader rings


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21 Best Kayaks For camping

1.Bonafide P127 Pedal Drive Sit-on-Top camping Kayak

Bonafide P127 Pedal Drive Sit-on-Top camping Kayak

The first on this list of camping kayaks is P127 by Bonafide. This is truly an incredible kayak for all water conditions. Whether you want to take it for fun recreational activities, lake fishing or day touring, this kayak will give you the best experience without compromising comfort.

Comfort and security features are some key components of this kayak that sets it apart from others. Let us not discuss its fishing features because I’ll need to write a separate blog post on why this is the best kayak for fishing. 

This is a 100% pedal drive kayak it will give you good speed and a hands-free kayaking experience. It is also well equipped with advanced fishing features like rod holders, non-slip footpads, and ample storage to make sure that you can carry your essentials without any hesitation.


  • Deck traction pads 
  • Bow and stern mounting inserts
  • Stern Access Plate for hull access
  • Skid plates 
  • Comfortable and adjustable seats


  • Kayak is a bit heavy to carry by 1 person

2.Bonafide SS127 Sit-On-Top Kayak For camping

Bonafide SS127 Sit-On-Top Kayak For camping

I already mentioned that security, stability, advanced features and storage spaces are the categories that one should look at while buying kayaks for camping. Happily, Bonafide SS127 has got all these features covered. 

This kayak is known for its stability and advanced fishing features and won’t compromise its performance. Take it on choppy waters, or along roaring rivers, this kayak will give you a lifetime paddling experience without tipping off. 

Its high-end seats allow you to sit comfortably and give you enough legroom in the cockpit. The seat is made with a cushy material to give a massage-like feeling to your back. You can also be seated in one position without causing much burden on your back. 

Its 12 feet height and 33.5-inch width make this kayak not only stable but super stable. Also, a few swings of the paddle will take you far away and give you a hands-free fishing experience. 


  • Flat cockpit with enough space
  • Hybrid hull design
  • Enough storage space
  • Electronics pod in the center
  • Sealed box for a fishfinder
  • Dry storage
  • HighRise seat


  • Heavy to carry
  • Price is a bit high but worth every penny

3.Bonafide SS107 Sit-On-Top camping Kayak

Bonafide SS107 Sit-On-Top camping Kayak

This is without a doubt one of the best camping kayaks that I have ever come across. The adjustable seats on Bonafide 107 are extremely high and give good legroom space in the cockpit. For stability, comfort and excellent paddling experience, this kayak has got cat hull design that turns it into a beast when taking it on water

The simple colour combination and natural beauty of the kayak also make it an attention seeker. According to me, it is loaded with features that you won’t find on any other camping kayak. For example, its ultra-high seat allows you to sit comfortably and allows your knee to bend.

Another top-rated feature of this kayak is that it allows you to catch fish from various angles without compromising speed and stability. For the fly fishing experience, you can remove and adjust the seat and create enough deck space for standing. 

Last but not the least, this kayak is suitable for any kind of water condition. 


  • Hybrid  hull design
  • Doubleheader hinges
  • Tankwell along with bungee lacing
  • HighRise seating arrangement 
  • Hatch with doubleheader rings
  • Rod management solutions 
  • Strap management solutions 
  • Grip and straps
  • Carry handles 


  • No cons

4.Native Watercraft Slayer Propel Max 12.5 Pedal Kayak For camping

Native Watercraft Slayer Propel Max 12.5 Pedal Kayak For Camping

Weight at 62 lbs, Slayer Propel 10 is one of the lightest pedal camping kayaks in the market. It’s easy enough to lift on top of your car or slide effortlessly into the back of the trolly. 

The key feature of this kayak is its Propel Pedal Drive system that allows you to move this kayak forward and backwards at ease. When you decide to venture out on the lake for a little fresh air, this kayak will take you to the ideal destination hassle-free.

With features such as an armchair, comfortable seat, rock-solid stability and wide cockpit, Slayer Propel is a great example for fishing as well as camping kayak.

Suitable for all paddlers, the Slayer’s beautifully designed hull with a sharp keel line will give you an effortless pedalling experience.


  • Rod and cup holders
  • Hand sewn seating 
  • Stern rudder
  • Bow hatch cover
  • Rod holders
  • Groove tracks
  • Tankwell and bungee lacing
  • Premium deck padding


  • No cons

5.Hobie Special IKE Edition Mirage 360 Pro Angler 14 Kayak For a camping

Hobie Special IKE Edition Mirage 360 Pro Angler 14 Kayak For a camping

If the thought of going anywhere in the water comes to your mind, then look no further than Hobie Mirage Pro, a specially designed kayak for camping. Its highly professional kayak comes with award-winning MirageDrive 360 with Kick-Up Fin Technology to give unmatched power and elite pedalling experience.

It’s a kayak that is backed by features from top to bottom. It has EVA pads, seats with BOA lumbar support, rod holder, back and front hatches and a lot more.

Once you sit in this kayak, you’ll feel like not getting out for days. All thanks to its ergonomic seat to give you all-day comfort. Whether you are spending a day near your local lake, or on an adventure ride for days, this should be your go-to camping kayak for 2022.

Wait! That’s not all. 

The Hobie Mirage 360 has also got good speed. Therefore, you can also think of taking a beast in a kayaking competition as well. 


  • 360 drive technology
  •  Kick up fins
  •  Red camo hulls
  •  EVA pads
  •  H rail for rods and tools
  •  Pivoting tackle management system


  • The price is a bit high

6.Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 14 Peda camping Kayak

Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 14 Pedal Camping Kayak

Thinking of enjoying the sun and exploring local or fast-moving rivers? If yes, then Hobie Mirage Pro 14 should be your pick. 

This kayak perfectly blends all the characteristics that a camping kayak must-have. From the adjustable seat, to fishing rods, to six-rod holders, Hobie Mirage 14 has got it all. 

Yes, it also has MirageDrive 180 with Kick-Up Turbo Fins. With so many features and award-winning design, this kayak will encourage you to get out and have a good time on the lake, river, sea or ocean. 

Room, stability, performance, stealth, comfort, you name it, this kayak has got it all. If you want to try your hands on fly fishing, then Migra Pro 14 has got a non-skid deck for standing and that gives you enough space to move your legs around.  


  • ST turbo kick up fins
  • Seat with BOA lumbar support
  • H Rail rods and accessories
  • Standing platform deck pads
  • Tackle management system
  • Front and center hatches
  • Rod storage and more


  • No cons

7.Old Town Sorrento 106sk Kayak For camping

Old Town Sorrento 106sk Kayak For Camping

Whether you want to go for a day touring on shorelines of Maimi or duck hunting around the long island in Chicago, the Old Town Sorrento kayak comes with features that will give you a mesmerizing paddling experience.

Just in case you are carrying lunch, camera and extra tools, you can use its sealed stern hatch and get going for days exploring a chain of lakes. Before taking this kayak on the ride, make sure to adjust the padded seat and footpegs according to your comfort. 

To provide you good stability, control and confidence, the hull of this kayak is engineered by the pro kayakers themselves.

There is also a removable skeg that further enhances the ability of the kayak to track well across open waters so that you can enjoy your camping experience.


  • Beautifully design hull 
  • Single-layer construction.
  • Light in weight and easy to carry
  • Removable skeg for tracking
  • Adjustable seat and braces 
  • Deck bungee storage and hatch
  • Handle assist


  • Fewer features for fishing
  • No spray skirt

8.Jackson Kayak Bite Rec Kayak For camping

Jackson Kayak Bite Rec Kayak For Camping

Day paddlers, fishing experts and newbie river runners will surely find something to love in Jackson Bite Rec Kayak for camping. This small yet subtle kayak is stable, backed by features, has ample deck space and will give you a smooth paddling experience. 

For 2021, Jackson added a trimmable, framed seating system to provide a custom fit that works seamlessly with the open-deck concept, ensuring plenty of room to stand comfortably.


  • Stable and  spacious kayak for all
  • Smooth tracking and good stability 
  • Comfortable seats 
  • Open storage in the stern 
  • Rear bags
  • Cup holders 
  • Gear track  


  • No cons at all

9.Old TownDirigo Tandem camping Kayak – 2022

Old TownDirigo Tandem Camping Kayak - 2022

Looking forward to going camping along with your partner on the riverside? If yes, then Dirigo Tandem Kayak has got you covered. This kayak has room for 2 and enough space for gears, accessories and tools that you can carry while campaigning on deep seawater or fast-moving ocean.

Made with polyethene plastic, this kayak is rock solid and durable enough to glide you through water conditions. Moreover, the construction material makes it super fast even in a challenging environment. 

To make your outing comfortable and safe, this kayak has got cushioned seats and foot braces with thigh pads in the cockpit area. These features will help you with a responsive ride. 

For storage, this kayak has got a quick seal hatch and dry storage box where you can save your digital device from the splash of water. You can also leverage the bungee lacing for additional storage and safety of your items.


  • Adjustable seat for the child and 2 adults
  • Foot braces
  • Hatches
  • Dry box
  • Bungee lacing
  • Carry handles
  • Paddle holders
  • Thigh pads
  • Cup holders and more


  • Slightly heavy to carry
  • Not suitable for fishing

10.PerceptionExpression 11.5 Kayak – 2022

PerceptionExpression 11.5 Kayak – 2022

Next on this list of kayaks for camping is Perception Expression 11.5 kayak. Amazingly comfortable, super stable, this kayak is a joy to ride. It is a perfect choice for paddlers of all ages. Whether you want to hone your existing paddling skill or learn kayaking from starch, Perception Expression should be your go-to choice. 

It comes with easy to use storage at the back where you can store your lunch box or other accessories. At the front, it has got bungee lacing for more security and safety.

Since this kayak has a narrow design it can take you to places where other wide kayaks for camping can’t reach. The narrow design will also give you good speed and allow an easy change in direction. 


  • Camping kayak for exploring all kids of water
  • Hull made with Rotomolded plastic 
  • Easy to move transport
  • Adjustable foot braces and seat
  • Adjustable skeg for better tracking
  • Stern hatch and bulkhead for storage


  • No features for fishing
  • Less deck space 

11.Wilderness Systems Tarpon 105 Sit-On-Top Kayak For camping

Wilderness Systems Tarpon 105 Sit-On-Top Kayak For Campaign

If you wish to take your kayak for fishing as well as camping activities, then this is it. The all-new Wilderness Tarpon retains everything that paddlers and fishermen need, and has improved the comfort, speed and stability for superior paddling and fishing experiences.

This kayak is loaded with features that will make you go gaga over it. 

Not to forget, this is also one of the most versatile kayaks that you’ll ever come across. Take it on rivers, lakes or oceans, this kayak will perform to the highest efficiency without compromising anything.

The best thing that I personally loved about this kayak is its hull design that offers excellent stability and durability. Plus, this is a dog-friendly kayak, so you’ll always have someone around you.

Each and every detail of this kayak is carefully designed, engineered and re-engineered so that you can get boundless camping or fishing experience.


  • Dog friendly kayak
  • Dry storage
  • 2 tankwell
  • Upgraded dashboard
  • Paddle holder.
  • Carry handles
  • Hatch
  • Adjustable AirPro seats


  • No cons at all

12.Old Town Sportsman Salty PDL 120 Pedal camping Kayak

Old Town Sportsman Salty PDL 120 Pedal Campaign Kayak

Get ready to double the fun as the ultimate kayak for camping and fishing is here. The Old Town Sportsman Salty PDL 120 Pedal kayak should be your go-to choice if thinking of paddling or fishing in coastal seawater, lakes or deep ocean. 

This is a 100% easy to use pedal drive kayak that has forward as well as reserve pedal drive for your comfort and hands-free navigation. It is also jam-packed with advanced features like accessories tracks fpr keeping your important tools and gears. 

Though floor pads for good standing experience, tackle box and tons of rod holders.

Trust me, you won’t find all these features in any other kayak at such an affordable rate. 

Talking about its comfortability, this kayak has a comfortable seat design with additional lumbar support that helps you keep cool and calm for all-day paddling. 


  • Tons of rod holders
  • Hatch
  • Pedal drive
  • Stable hull design
  • Custom tackle box
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with a rudder system
  • Made in the USA


  • Heavy to carry a kayak

13.Perception Joyride 10.0 Kayak For camping

Perception Joyride 10.0 Kayak For Campaign

If you are running tight on budget and looking for some cheap and budget kayaks camping, this should be on your list. 

The perception Joyride 10 is not only an affordable kayak but also studded with features to make you fall in love with it. First of all, it has got deluxe seating arrangements with ventilated padding, adjustable seats, thigh pads and amazing leg room support.

For storage, it has got a hatch on the back and bulkheads that will provide you room for more storage as well as safety. The front dashboard comes with a cup holder, accessories mounting points and bungee lacing to hold your items on.

In case you have a knack for taking selfies and love capturing moments, there’s also a selfie slot located nearby the dashboard for capturing images and viewpoints.

Overall this kayak is a great deal at a cost of $679.00.


  • Storage hatch
  • Good speed and stability
  • Easy to carry
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable seats
  • Entertainment dashboard
  • Selfie slot
  • Cup holder


  • No features for fishing

14.AdvancedFrame Convertible Elite Tandem Inflatable Kayak For camping

AdvancedFrame Convertible Elite Tandem Inflatable Kayak For Campaign

This is yet another 2 person kayak camping that is easy to carry because of its inflatability and made with drop stitch technology. If your partner is absent for the day, you can also convert this kayak and take it for a solo ride on rapids 2 and 3. 

From top to bottom, this entire kayak is made with Polyester/PVC tarpaulin/aluminium materials which makes it durable and easy to carry. Also, it has a quick inflation and deflation time and anyone can set it up in less than 10 minutes.

Moreover, its Drop-stitch technology in the floor provides rigidity, better tracking and good stiffness while standing on deck and trying your luck with fly fishing activities. Another good thing about this kayak is that it comes with a repair kit and a heavy-duty duffel bag with shoulder straps for easy transport.

If you are doubting its durability then let me tell you that it is made of 3-layer polyester material with double PVC coating.


  • Easy to use
  • Drop stitch technology used
  • Made in the USA
  • Durable and good speed
  • Comes with a repair kit  
  • Spray skirts included
  • Convertible kayak


  • No pump included
  • Not suitable for fishing

15.Eddyline Sandpiper 130 Kayak

Eddyline Sandpiper 130 Kayak

Eddyline kayaks are my personal favourite ones when out for a camping or any recreational activity. This Sandpiper 130 kayak is best suitable for solo paddling, day touring and campings. The 13 feet long height and narrow design makes it fast and will glide you through tight spots effortlessly.

Its comfortability and lightweight design make the kayak suitable for female paddlers as well. You can take it out for a one day tour or long day adventures as it features generous cargo storage capacity and watertight compartments.

The cockpit size of the kayak is so wide that you can even stand on it and try your hands on fly fishing activities. Plus, the back and front hatches and bulkheads will offer you additional space for the storage of necessities and gears. 


  • Large cockpit size
  • Mesh suspension seats
  • Made with carbonate material
  • Deck bungees
  • Thigh pads
  • Foor braces
  • 2 hatches


  • No rudder system
  • Tracking could be better

16.Riot Edge 14.5 Kayak

Riot Edge 14.5 Kayak

If you always dream of having a long kayak, this should be on your list. With a stunning height of 14 ft. 6 in, Riot Edge 14.5 kayak is here to give you the elegant, stable and efficient ride of your life. It has a sharp keel design to track well in all water conditions.

To give you unmatched comfort, this kayak has got thigh braces and a padded seat that comes along with backrest support. Additionally, it also features sliding foot begs to give you a hands-free paddling experience.

For better tracking and movement in windy conditions, it has got a rudder system that will guide you smoothly on the water even in the toughest conditions.

To put it in a nutshell, this kayak is got it all that you look for in an ideal camping kayak.


  • Flex 4 seat
  • Deck lines
  • Stable and versatile
  • Foam seat
  • Rudder system included
  • Self-rescue straps
  • Easy to use
  • Narrow design
  • Good speed


  • Not for fishing 
  • Heavy to carry  

17.Riot Enduro 14 Kayak

Riot Enduro 14 Kayak

A yet another lovely piece by Riot brand that is loaded with the soundest features for an enjoyable ride on the water. This racy kayak is all set for day touring or a long day camping. Built with world-class materials and technology, this kayak will surely make your adventure on water worth remembering. 

The Orange and Yellow color combination make the kayak look appealing and stunning. With reasonable cockpit size, this kayak has ample storage space for gears, tools and equipment for paddling. Although the speed of this kayak is average, stability and tracking are 100 on 100. 

It features 2 hatches back and front, carry handles, bungee lacing for safety and additional storage space, a rudder system for better tracking and so much more that will make you fall in with it.


  • Flex 4 seat
  • Rudder system
  • Carry handles
  • Deck rigging
  • Paddle hooks
  • Safety straps
  • Bulkheads and more


  • Not suitable for fishing
  • Slow speed

18.Pelican Blitz 100X EXO Kayak

Pelican Blitz 100X EXO Kayak

If you feel your kayak for camping should have something more than Pelican Blitz should your choice. With good tracking, amazing stability and good-looking design, this kayak is all set for your next adventure. Suitable for 1 person, this kayak is solely made for recreational or camping activities on various types of water. You can glide it through whitewater, saltwater, the deep sea, rivers, lakes and more.

The performance of this kayak will always be on high since it is made of RAM X material that makes it durable as well as impact resistant. To keep your back and hip at the rest, it also features easy, adjustable and padded seats. 

Yes, it also has footrests for all-day comfort. 

At the extreme back, it has got a bungee lacing system and hatches for storage of gears, tools and necessities.


  • 1-person sit in kayak
  • Self-bailing system
  • Easy to paddle and carry
  • Good stability and tracking
  • RAM X materials used 
  • Lightweight design 


  • No features for fishing

19.Pelican Mustang 120X EXO Kayak

Pelican Mustang 120X EXO Kayak

As the name says it all, Pelican Mustang is a powerful kayak for camping, multi-day touring and recreational activities on the water. With exceptional stability, good speed, narrow design and easy tracing, this is the perfect kayak for your next fishing trip or camping.

Once you sit down in this kayak, you’ll feel like paddling all day long or for days. All thanks to its adjustable ErgoForm™ padded backrest with seat cushion, moulded footrests and knee pads. This proves that Pelican Mustang has surely taken good care of comfort and easiness. 

Not only comfort, Pelican Mustang is also a go-to fishing kayak that comes with 2-rod holders, flush mount and wide storage space for other fishing gears and tools. 

So, get ready for your next big catch as the Pelican Mustang 120X EXO Kayak is all set to hit the water. 


  • Suitable for 1 person
  • Fishing features
  • Easy to paddle
  • Good stability and  tracking
  • 2-rod holders
  • Made with RAM X material 
  • Highly durable


  • No cons at all

20.Aire Lynx 1 Person Inflatable Kayak Red

Aire Lynx 1 Person Inflatable Kayak Red

Here’s another camping kayak with a lightweight and sleek design to provide great stability, control and speed on the water. This is a 100% inflatable kayak with good inflation and deflation time. You can easily set it up in less than 8 minutes and take it for a spin. Yes, newbies might find it difficult, but there’s always an instruction manual to help you out.

Another good feature of this kayak is the low profile side tubes and flat hull design to keep you afloat on any kind of water rapids.  Take it either for rafting in a fast-moving river or for fishing near the lakeside; this kayak won’t embarrass you for a second.

In my opinion, this kayak can also handle big water, overnighters, creeks and local river sections. 

Among the other features of the kayak include 12 cargo loops, a comfy and adjustable chair, a seat pocket, made with heavy-duty materials, valves, air chambers and a lot more.


  • Classic design
  • Good stability and control
  • Easy to use for beginners
  • Carry handles
  • Adjustable seats
  • Cargo carry points


  • Less features for fishing

21.HO Sports Ranger Kayak 1 Person

HO Sports Ranger Kayak 1 Person

The last on this list of 21 Best kayaks for a camping is HO Sports Ranger Kayak 1 Person. This is an inflatable kayak for adventure lovers looking for a lightweight and easy to carry kayak with ample space. 

This kayak not only offers good space but also performs exceptionally well on water, lakes, seas and rivers. As usual, the floor of the kayak is made with drop stitch technology that makes it rigid, durable and gives good traction while standing on the deck. 

For storage, it has got bungee lacing zones and ample space under the seat that is adjustable and comes with high back rest support. In case, you want to take for fishing don’t forget to use the built-in fishing rod holders and storage pockets.


  • Rigid Drop-Stitch Floor
  • 3 Inflation Chambers
  • Welded Tarpaulin Base
  • Durable Nylon Cover


  • No cons

FAQs About Camping Kayaks

Which are the best kayaks for camping?

Bonafide SS 127, Bonafide P 127, and Hobie Mirage are the best kayaks for camping in 2022

Which are the most stable kayaks for camping?

Riot Edge, Pelican Mustang, Pelican Blitz and Native Watercraft is the best stable kayak for camping in 2022

Which is the fastest kayak for camping?

Bonafide SS 127, Bonafide P 127, and Hobie Mirage are the most fastest camping kayak in 2022

Which is the best 2 person kayak for camping

Old Town Drigi is the best 2 person kayak for camping

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