19 Best Fly Fishing Kayaks For This Year [Ultimate Showdown]

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Fly Fishing is a type of technology that uses an artificial lure or a net to catch fish. Today most anglers are turning their normal fishing kayak into fly fishing kayaks. That’s because such kayaks can take you to places where normal kayaks can’t. Also, fly fishing kayaks are more advanced, backed by features and give stunning opportunities so that you can get a big catch easily. 

However, it is not that easy to find the best fly fishing kayaks due to limited availability in the market. So, if you are looking for such kayaks, I have got your back. 

By keeping all the needs of fishermen in mind, I have curated the list of 17 best of the best fly fishing kayaks of 2022. Each of these kayaks is extensively compared and reviewed and they’ll take your fishing to the next level. 

So, without wasting further time. Let’s get started.

19 Best Fly Fishing Kayaks For 2022  

1.Jackson Big Rig HD Fly Fishing Kayak

Jackson Big Rig HD Fly Fishing Kayak

When it comes to fly fishing from kayaks, you need to have a big deck space that gives you a good hold and traction. And Big Rig HD by Jackson has got this feature covered. Currently, this is one of the most advanced fly fishing kayaks in the market that can be used either with a paddle or pedal pod system. 

This wonderful kayak features a high-end storage system where you can store almost all your fishing gear and equipment. The entire kayak is made of durable plastic called polyethylene which makes it highly durable, corrosion-resistant, as well as UV protected. 

Since this kayak is 13 feet long, it will also give you good speed, stability and directional flow without compromising with the performance. It has also got a built-in rudder and pedal system that can be moved backwards and forward which gives good manoeuvrability to the kayak.

Talking about its fishing features then Big Rig HD has 4-rod tip protectors, 2 flush rods, fly reel pockets and fly rod holders, hatch bin and a lot more. With all these features, you can surely take your fly fishing experience to the next level. 


  • Improved hull design
  • Storage for 4 rods and fly rods
  • Foot control rudder system
  • Front hatch bin for accessories
  • Two scupper holders
  • Ergo seat cover
  • Rear tank well and hatch


  • Kayak is a bit heavy to carry
  • Suitable for one person only 

2.Hobie Mirage 360 Pro Angler 14 Pedal Fly Fishing Kayak

Hobie Mirage 360 Pro Angler 14 Pedal Fly Fishing Kayak

This is yet another advanced fly fishing kayak that you can think of buying in 2022. Whether it is controlling, power, stability, performance, comfort, features or speed, this kayak has got everything that expert anglers look for in a fly fishing kayak. 

The game-changing feature of this kayak is 360 drive technology and kick up fins. Not ordinary kick up fins but highly durable fins that remain intact even after hitting with a hard object when kayaking in low lying water areas. 

It has a wide deck space platform backed by noise-reducing EVA traction pads. You can stand on it easily and without making any noise and get your hands on your favourite fish.

Moreover, its ergonomic Vantage Seats will take care of your comfort and cozyness. It is adjustable and breathable to a whole new level and will give you a king-like feeling. 

If you are planning to stay in water for long days, Hobbie Mirage has dual steering, transducer shield and extra-wide beam so that you can stay on the water for 2-3 days with any fear of tipping off. 


  • Kick up fins 
  • 360 drive technology
  • BOA lumbar support
  • Retractable transducer shield
  • Rail for rods and accessories
  • Tackle management system


  • Slightly expensive kayak
  • Heavy to carry

3.Bonafide SS107 Sit-On-Top Fly Fishing Kayak

Bonafide SS107 Sit-On-Top Fly Fishing Kayak

Bonafide SS107 is not an average joe kayak. It is a beast with premium fly fishing features designed for serious fishermen and anglers. By maintaining the complete balance between speed, stability and performance, the Bonafide SS107 is a fly fishing kayak that you truly need to experience and appreciate.

It is rock solid, made with state of art materials, easy to carry and transport and specially designed by keeping all the fisherman’s needs in mind. Just use this kayak for a month or two and you’ll surely get addicted to it. 

It has a carrying capacity of 192 kg. Not many fly fishing kayaks have this capacity, but Bonafide SS107 is an expectation. 2 big adult adults can easily fit in this kayak. 

For fishing, this kayak has rod holders, a bow, storing rods, perfect storage space, a good amount of legroom, a dry pod, mounting transducer and a lot more. 

Overall, this is a go-to kayak if you want to take your fly fishing experience to the next level. 


  • Very stable and durable kayak
  • Made with high-quality materials
  • Carry handles for easy transportation
  • Good carrying capacity
  • Very comfortable and good seats


  • Speed is bit slow
  • No rudder
  • No Skeg for tacking 

4.Native Watercraft Slayer Propel Max 12.5 Pedal Fly Fishing Kayak

Native Watercraft Slayer Propel Max 12.5 Pedal Fly Fishing Kayak

This is the most popular kayak that features propel pedal drive and stunning fishing features in any kind of water. It has got an ultra-comfortable, elevated and adjustable seating system that will give you comfort like never before.  For better tracking and turning efficiencies it has got an extended rudder system. 

That’s not all. It also features a bow hatch area with a small bucket, a location for keeping your battery or kayak cooler and easy transducer wiring through the integrated hull scupper. 

Its rudder system comes with an aluminium post to give more stiffness and 25% improvement in the surface are to give you better control on sea, river, oceans as well as lakes.  


  • Ultra-comfortable, 
  • Electronics ready 
  • Extended rudder  
  • Horizontal rod storage
  • Rockered bow 
  • Transducer recess in the hull
  • Stern and bow 


  • Kayak is heavy to carry
  • Price is bit high but worth every penny

5.Wilderness SystemsAtak 120 Fly Fishing Kayak 

Wilderness SystemsAtak 120 Fly Fishing Kayak 

ATAK by wilderness is yet another top-level fly fishing kayak that is jam-packed with features. It has two ergonomic carry handles back and front that makes it easy to carry. Additionally, it has got 2 slide Trax accessory systems which you can use to attach your gears and tools. For keeping electronics and other smart gadgets, you can leverage its circular stern hatch that will keep your accessories protected and dry.

Apart from this, there is a large size tank well at the back with security straps where you can store large and big size accessories like bags, chillers and a lot more. 

Just at the front of the tankwell, there is an AirPro Max seating system made with a patented suspension style seat to give you all-day comfort and good performance. In case you are travelling solo, there are additional snag-free carry points and side carry handles. 

To give you an easy and amazing fly fishing experience it has got stand up assistant strap that will allow you to stand and move easily on the deck. 


  • Fly fishing kayak  
  •  AirPro Max seating system
  • Front, rear, back mounting systems 
  • Adjustable foot braces 
  • Self-draining and bungee tank  
  • Removable utility pod cover
  •  Flex pod OS  system


  • No Skeg for tracking
  • Speed is bit slow
  • Price is high

6.Jackson KayakYupik Kayak- 2021

Jackson KayakYupik Kayak- 2021

When talking about best fly fishing kayaks, you already know the importance of having an open deck system and tons of gear track all over. Considering all these features, Jackson Yupik has got your back. This is a versatile kayak that is 12.2 feet long and 35″ wide making it really huge for fly fishing. 

It has a carrying capacity of 425 LBS which is decent as compared to others. 

The hull of the kayak is designed with a twin arch system along with a keel and hard chines. This design gives the kayak good stability, speed and performance which is great for fly fishing. 

The deck of the kayak is wide and huge, backed by non-slip padding and gear track which makes it extremely suitable for fly fishing. 

At the back, it has 4 tackle boxes moulded in the sides with gear tracks. You can use it to store big accessories and tools. Just behind the seat, there is a large tank best to accommodate a large size crate or cooler.


  • Very versatile kayak 
  •  Enough space for 2 people
  •  Large standing deck 
  •  Tons of gear and tracks
  •  Good speed
  •  Lots o space for storing cargo


  • Heavy to carry
  • Set up process takes time
  • Fewer navigation features
  • No spry skirt

7.PerceptionPescador 12 Fy Fishing Kayak – 2022

PerceptionPescador 12 Fy Fishing Kayak - 2022

Talk about the best fly fishing kayak and Perception Sport Pescador 12 got your back. This is a 12-foot long kayak that moves great through any kind of water space. Easy to paddle, maneuver and suitable for 2 people. 

You can use it on mangrove trails, rivers, sea as well as whitewater and it will perform wonderfully. The seats are very comfortable and you can fish for several hours without breaking your back. There is enough deck space where you can stand and carry out fly fishing. 

Even if you are a newbie or a beginner, you can think of using this kayak. It is easy to navigate and won’t flip even after spending hours on the water. Moreover, the extra-large cockpit opening provides plenty of room to work with your tackle and offers easy entry and exit.


  • Tankwell and bugee straps
  • Comfortable seating systems  
  • Footbrace system
  • Bow hatch, stern and day hatch
  • Carry handles for easy transportation
  • suitable for beginners 


  • No skeg for tracking and navigation
  • No rudder system
  • Slow speed

8.Jackson Cruise Kayak For Fly Fishing

Jackson Cruise Kayak For Fly Fishing

Whether you agree with me or not, Jackson Cruise Kayak will take you to the places where other kayaks can’t reach you. This is a slightly smaller kayak but still performs great and gives a good fight to others. Being small in size, it gives additional opportunities to reach hard and impossible destinations. 

It is 10 ft long and 32.5″ wide and weighs around 53 lbs. This means, it is quite easy to carry and transport from one place to another. 1 person can easily drag it to and from the water. 

Moreover, this entire kayak is made from high-density polyethylene, making it extremely durable and tough for any conditions. The maintenance is low and it put a hole in your pocket. 


  •  Seaworthy 
  •  Carry hands  
  • Easy for maneuverability
  • Ergo seat with lumbar support  
  • Bow handles for easy transportation
  • Dual-hatch  
  • Adjustable footpegs 


  • No Skeg for tracking and navigation
  • No spray skirt 
  • Less fishing features

9.Perception Outlaw For Fly Fishing

Perception Outlaw For Fly Fishing

What is the most important thing to look into when buying a kayak for fly fishing? Of course, it’s the width of the deck and standing platform. The new and updated Outlaw by perception 11.5 comes with wide deck space and a super-stiff standing platform which makes it best suitable for fly fishing. 

To give you comfort for all-day fishing, this kayak also features an elevated seating system with intuitive fishing features that will help you in getting the big catches. The deck of the kayak is so wide that it holds a space for a 35l cooler or chiller.  Also, there are 2-rod holders that offer a multi rod setup.

To make the carrying and transportation process easy, this kayak has got 2 carry handles front and back. At the right side of the seat, there is also a small rear storage box where you can stuff your small tools and gears. If you are carrying something big like a backpack or a cooler, you can use a tankwell at the back of the seat which comes with a bungee lacing system. 

For refreshments like tea or coffee, the cup holder is just a step away from your seat. Lastly, the kayak also features several attachment points to make it into a full-stack fishing machine.


  • Moulded cup holders
  • Tankwell
  • Rod holders
  • Made Polyethylene plastic
  • Mesh type seat
  •  Accessories point


  • No cons for now

10.Old TownSportsman 120 Pedal Kayak

Old TownSportsman 120 Pedal Kayak

Whether you agree with me or not, this kayak will surely take your fly fishing experience to the next level. 

Stunningly designed the Old Town Sportsman is 12 feet long which makes it good enough for fly and ultimate bass fishing experience. The longer length provides good deck space at the front for standing which gives you enough opportunity for fly fishing. At 37.2 kgs, the weight of this kayak is a bit high, but its fishing features compensate for it.

The seats of the kayak are very cushy and made with layers of 3D mesh which keeps your back cool and calm even if you plan to take it for all-day paddling. As usual, the deck floor is made with EVA foam to give you the ultimate stiffness and traction while standing on the deck and floor.

If you are carrying a digital device or any electronic gadgets, you can use the stern hatch and dry storage box that will keep your gear safe and secure.

Since this kayak comes with a transducer mounting system, you don’t need to damage it by drilling the holes. You can simply use the transducer mounting system to keep your rod, fish finder and other equipment or tools

To simply put, The Old Town Sportsman 120 is designed to maximize your visibility on the water. 


  • Can carry 2 person
  • Adjustable seat
  • Rod holders
  • Dry storage option
  • Non-EVA foam deck


  • Heavy to carry
  • Tracking is not good
  • Slow speed

11.Riot Escape Duo Deluxe Sit-on-Top Kayak

Riot Escape Duo Deluxe Sit-on-Top Kayak

Here’s another masterpiece from Riot which is a 2 person fly fishing kayak . If you buy this kayak there will always be more room for storage of gears and accessories. All thanks to its good height of 14.1 feet. This kayak is a great example of comfort, style and stability. If you don’t believe me, then buy this beast and feel the real experience.

Although this kayak was designed and launched in 2019, the Riot keeps on updating them each and every year with new features and addons. It can easily take fast-moving water, windy conditions and slow-moving lakes as well. 

One of the best features of the kayak that I personally loved is 4-rod holders. Most fly fishing kayaks come with 1 or 2-rod holders, but that is not the case with Riot Escape Due. These rod holders allow you to keep your fishing gears and tools close to you.

Also, keeping in mind the demands of new paddlers and fishermen in mind, the Riot has updated this kayak for 2022. The new model features more room, carrying capacity, and is designed for any kind of water or challenging situation

So, if you want to enjoy the enhanced stability, speed, and ultimate fly fishing experience, this kayak is waiting for you. 


  • 5 year hull integrity guarantee
  • 4 fish rod holders
  • Weights only 55.11 lbs 
  • Includes two raised seats
  • Ergonomic front and rear handles
  • Overlapping footwells


  • No cons as of now

12.Hobie Mirage Compass Sit-On-Top Kayak with Paddle

Hobie Mirage Compass Sit-On-Top Kayak with Paddle

If you personally ask me which is my personal favourite fly fishing kayak, then I would say it’s Hobie Mirage Compass Sit-On-Top Kayak with the Pedal system.  Just look at the image and you’ll surely fall in love with this kayak. In fact, there’s not a single reason why you shouldn’t be loving this amazing piece. 

I would call Hobie Mirage Compass “King of all kayaks” because of its good looks, high performance, superior features, technological advancements and many more reasons. 

Among the core features of this kayak include MirageDrive 180 pedal system and Kick-Up Fins. With the pedal drive system, you get hands free fishing as well as paddling experience, while the kick up fins will take you to cut through the varieties of water. 

With this kayak, you can move in forwarding and backward directions at ease. 

That’s not all. The Hobie Mirage Compass has also taken the comfort benchmark to a whole new level with aluminium alloy frame seats that are not only durable but breathable as well. 


  • Mirage Drive 180 Pedal system
  • Kick Up fins. Huge deck space
  • Amazing hull performance Seal hatch
  • Accessory ready track system
  • Lowrance Ready
  • Sail mount and more


  • No cons at all

13.3 Waters Kayaks Big Fish 105 Fishing Kayak

3 Waters Kayaks Big Fish 105 Fishing Kayak

With a height of 10 feet and a carrying capacity of 172.37 kg, 3 Waters Kayaks Big Fish 105 is next on my list. Designed for varieties of water, this kayak has the performance, speed, comfort and features that you are looking into your dream fly fishing kayak.

Don’t go on its size. This kayak offers certain add-on features that will blow up your mind, while you take it for a spin. Features like cathedral tri-hull, moulded handles, rod holders and rod tip protectors give it an edge over other kayaks.

Performance-wise it is suitable for a variety of waterways and scenarios. Its adjustable rudder system gives you additional control and directional flow when paddling in fast-moving water and high waves. 

For the ultimate stability, this kayak features a tri-hull design which is made with two outer pontoons and a central pontoon. This will not only enhance the stability but also the speed of this kayak. 

The only drawback associated with this kayak is that it is a bit heavy to carry. 


  • Superior stability
  • Rod holders
  • Good tracking and speed
  • Comfortable
  • Adjustable seats


  • Heavy to carry

14.Riot Mako 9 Air Inflatable Pedal Drive Kayak

Riot Mako 9 Air Inflatable Pedal Drive Kayak

If you are still struggling to find the best fly fishing kayak for 2022, then your search will surely end with Riot Mako 9 Air Inflatable kayak. One of the best-performing kayaks in the short, bass and fly fishing category, the Mako is compact and light in weight.  

Within the maximum inflation of time of fewer than 10 minutes, you can easily set this kayak and take it for a spin anytime and anywhere. 

To speed up the inflation and deflation process, this kayak features 3 air chambers with a pump. It also comes with a carry bag and rod holders so that you can manage your fly fishing gears and tools easily.

It also features a pedal drive system that makes the movement of the kayak in water smooth and efficient. Also, you don’t need to give much trouble to your hands for paddling. You can take it front and back with pedal drive system at ease. 


  • Comfortable seats
  • D rings for attachment
  • Rudder system
  • Quick inflation
  • Easy to carry
  • 3 air chambers
  • Easy to carry


  • No cons

15.Feelfree Moken 10 Lite Kayak

Riot Mako 9 Air Inflatable Pedal Drive Kayak

For those who are looking for cheap and affordable fly fishing kayaks, this is your answer. The Feelfree Moken 10 will only cost you $699 which is quite cheap as compared to the other kayaks mentioned on this list. 

Being cheap doesn’t mean it lacks features. In fact, it comes with cutting edge and modern-day features for fishing. For example, it has got wheels in the keel so that you can easily carry and transport it, side carry handles, 2-rod holders and tons of outfittings options, Delux seating arrangements, lures and a large hatch for storage. 

My personal favourite feature of the kayak is the Uni-Track accessory system that will take your fishing to a whole new level. You can also customize it with any Scotty or mount products as per your wish, but I would recommend not to do as the kayak would become heavier.

To sum it up, this is a go-to kayak for paddlers of small and medium-size who are looking for taking their fishing experience to the level of awesomeness.  


  • Wheel in the keel
  • Sharp hull design
  • Made with durable materials
  • Easy to carry
  • 2-rod holders
  • Accessories mount
  • Deluxe seating system


  • No cons

16.Wilderness Systems Tarpon 105 Kayak For Fly Fishing

Wilderness Systems Tarpon 105 Kayak For Fly Fishing

For wilderness, innovation is key and that is the reason why they are one of the best kayak manufacturing companies in the world. Stunning design and start-studded with features, their kayaks enjoy a good authority and credibility in the market for speed, performance, durability and stability altogether. 

And this Wilderness system Tarpon 105 is a great example of comfort, stability, speed and deck interface. By 2022, it has been upgraded with addons that make it suitable for rivers, lakes, seas and oceans as well. 

Each and every detail from stern to bow of this kayak is engineered carefully and executed with acute precision so that you can enjoy the ultimate fishing experience. 

Whether you agree with me or not, this kayak is fast, durable, strong and comes with straight tracking. That’s because of its hull design that offers excellent stability in all water conditions.

The game-changing feature of this kayak is the AirPro seating system that will keep you cool+calm+compose through your journey. Sitting in this kayak would feel not going home. 


  • Rear storage space
  • Hatch
  • Mesh cover for storage
  • Storage try
  • Easy to use paddle interface
  • Slide trax
  • Good speed and performance 


  • No cons

17.Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-Person Fly Fishing Kayak 

Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-Person Fly Fishing Kayak 

Take your home the best catches along with your partner in this Sevylor Coleman Colorado military color kayak. Made with 18-gauge PVC material this is strong and durable enough to be on any kind of water all day long. Backed with multiple air chambers, this kayak will take you to your ideal fishing spot and back home safely.

What’s more? The adjustable seats will keep you in a comfortable position for a long trip or camping. A set of rod holders are present so that you can store your tools and accessories at ease.

There’s also a mesh storage pocket and D rings that you can use to store and attach your additional accessories, gears and tools. The maximum inflation time of this kayak is 8-9 minutes and for newbies, it might take 10 minutes to set this kayak up. 

The floor and deck space of the kayak are rigid and high enough to give you the best fly fishing experience.


  • Super portable
  • Easy to carry
  • Clips and pockets
  • Good stability
  • High and dry
  • Lightweight


  • Tracking issues
  • Instruction manual not clear

18.Elkton Outdoors Steelhead Inflatable Fly Fishing Kayak

Elkton Outdoors Steelhead Inflatable Fly Fishing Kayak

When talking about the best fly fishing kayaks for 2022, this list cannot be over without mentioning Elkton Outdoors Steelhead. This kayak perfectly balances the quality of speed, performance, durability and comfort together. Starting from the bow, this kayak has got storage space and bungee lacing. The floor is rigid and made with drop stitch technology, while the Hi-Rise EVA seats are adjustable for all-day comfort.

Just back at the seat, there’s a modular equipment mount that you can adjust and use to store your fishing rods, tools, accessories and other hunting equipment. 


  • Spray shield
  • 5+ mounting points
  • Open and close valves
  • Front and back storage space
  • Carry handles
  • Good inflation time
  • Easy to carry and store


  • Speed is slow
  • Tracking is poor
  • Deck space could be more

19.Driftsun Almanor Inflatable Fly Fishing Kayak

Driftsun Almanor Inflatable Fly Fishing Kayak

Ending this list with Driftsun Almanor which is yet another kayak loaded with fishing features. The hull of the kayak is made with 600d polyester material which proves the fact that this kayak is built to last. Take it out of your cupboard after 10 years and it will still perform the same. 

Yes, it is UV protection too and strong enough to take any challenge on and off the water as well. You can also use it for distance paddling, flatwater, saltwater, and deep-sea paddling adventures. Although it is suitable for 1 person, you can carry your dog or small teen with you. 

Just make sure that you don’t overload the kayak with too many tools, accessories and gear. Even if you carry, you won’t tip off or sink, but precaution is always better than cure. 


  • Adjustable EVA Padded Seats  
  • Child Seat
  • Deluxe Dual Action Pump
  • Quick-Release Fin
  • Foot Rests
  • Travel Bag


  • Track issues
  • Stability could be better
  • No skeg
  • No spray skirts

FAQs About Fly Fishing Kayaks

What are fly fishing kayaks?

Fly fishing kayaks are special type of kayak made for fishing and duck hunting activities. They have wide deck space and large in size for enough mobility and offers exceptional movement

Are fly fishing kayaks worth buying?

Yes, fly fishing kayaks are worth buying as they comes with advanced fishing features

Which is the best fly fishing kayak?

Hobie Mirage is the best and most advanced fly fishing kayak. It is a pedal kayak loaded with unmatched fishing features

What are top fly fishing kayak brands?

Sea Eagle, Bonafide, Hobie, Jackson are some of the top fly fishing kayak brands

How much does fly fishing kayak cost?

Fly fishing kayak cost anywhere between $1000 to $2000 or more

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