25 Types Of Fishing Styles & Techniques Explained In 2023

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What is fishing?

What is fishing?

Fishing is a type of activity which involves catching or fishing either for personal use, sports use or commercial purposes with the help of fishing accessories, kayaks, boats, paddle boards and advanced watercraft resources. The activity of fishing is generally carried out on stocked bodies of water like canals, reservoirs, ponds and shorelines. In today’s world, fishing is also done on lakes, oceans, rivers and beaches with the help of the latest fishing gear and tools.

Although the activity of fishing includes caching of aquatic animals like fishing, sometimes it can also be termed as catching of other sea creatures which include crustaceans (shrimp/lobsters/crabs), shellfish, cephalopods (octopus/squid) and echinoderms (starfish/sea urchins)

This activity has a prominent place in human culture since the stone age days and also one of the few food production activities that have been persisted from prehistory to the modern age. 

Which are the most popular types of fishing?

Which are the most popular types of fishing?

Although there are many different types of fishing techniques and styles, the most popular and widely used are: kayaking fishing, stand-up fishing, bass fishing, commercial fishing, paddle board fishing, shoreline fishing, trout fishing and lake fishing. Each of these types of fishing techniques and style has been discussed below. 

Do you need fishing gear and accessories?

Of course, yes. In order to get the best catches of your life, you need some fishing gear and accessories. Following are some important fishing gears and tools you need. 

1. Rod and reel: A rod is the most important fishing gear that is long and used by anglers to catch the fish by using a line and hook attached to the rod. 

2. Line: A fishing line is also called a spinning reel which is made with different materials and available in various diameters. Large-diameter lines are stronger and will allow you to catch the big fish as well. 

3. Tackle: Fishing tackle is a group of gear and accessories that is used by anglers for fishing. In short, any gear that is used for fishing can be called fishing tackle. For example, fishing hooks, rods and reels are considered to be part of fishing tackle.

4. Bait: The next important gear is bait which is used to attract fish in a fishing hook. Bait items are selected from and placed with the water body to achieve enhanced prey capture success. Baits include night crawlers, insects, worms, small fish, bait fish and a lot more.

5. Lures: A fishing lure is an artificially designed angling boat that is a replica of real prey animals created to attract the attention of predatory fish by using appearance, flashy colours and bright reflections.

6. Fishing finder: A Fishfinder is a tool used to find the depth of water and where your ideal catch is hiding. It works with a GPS system as well. 

7. Watercraft: A watercraft can be a fishing kayak, inflatable boat, paddle board for fishing, or large-size ship or vessel. 

Which type of fishing is suited for beginners and kids?

Which type of fishing is suited for beginners and kids?

Kayak fishing is the best type of fishing for beginners and kids. There are many small fishing kayaks or kids’ fishing kayaks available in the market. You can opt for one and kickstart your journey towards the best catches of your life. 

What is the difference between kayak fishing, paddle board fishing, pontoon boat fishing and boat fishing?

All these types of fishing activities are done to get the best catch with the only difference with their watercraft. In kayak fishing, you use a stand-up fishing kayak or bass fishing kayak, for paddle board fishing you can use a stand-up paddle board with seat or rod holders.

Pontoon boat fishing includes mini pontoon boats or fishing pontoon boats and normal boat fishing involves normal boat fishing or fishing ship. 

25 Types Of Fishing Styles Explained In 2023

1. Stand up fishing

Stand Up Fishing

As you could conclude by its name, stand-up fishing is an activity that requires anglers to step a bit backward and apply force with both hands to get the best catch. You can carry out this activity either with the help of a stand-up fishing kayak, stand-up paddle board for fishing, boats, pontoon boats or on the seashore as well. 

In order to excel in stand-up fishing, you need to have the right kayak and fishing accessories which include stand-up gear, stand-up shoulder, back harness and the right fishing belt with the tackle to match. Also, you need to make sure all these accessories work in tandem and are in alignment with one another to get the maximum output. 

If you are trying your hands with stand-up fishing with a kayak, you must be always ready in the cockpit and put yourself centred on the deck slightly behind. I would say you can stand up on the tankwell and then apply the maximum pressure.

Stand-up fishing is an activity that can be carried out only by professional and experienced anglers and not beginner or newbie anglers. 

Accessories Required: 

Carry Handles | Scupper Holes | Sea | Deck Pads | Skid Plates | Steering | Hook Stern Tankwell And More

2. Kayak fishing

Kayak Fishing

Now here comes my personal favourite type of fishing activity which I love the most. In fact, most of the anglers love kayak fishing because of the comfort and ease of paddling. Also, this is a type of fishing activity that anyone can carry out from beginner to expert-level paddlers. 

In the market, there are different types of kayaks for fishing available which includes: inflatable fishing kayaks, bass fishing kayaks, cheap fishing kayaks, beginners fishing kayak, pedal drive fishing kayak, fishing kayak with motor and a lot more. 

Each fishing kayak is designed with different features, characteristics and updates. Some are great at speed, while some excel in stability, balance and cruise control. Depending on your preferences, you can choose the best kayak for you. 

Accessories Required: 

Rod Holders | Mounting Systems | Bow Hatch| Deck Pads | Stern And More

3. Boat fishing

Boat Fishing

This is one of the most traditional types of fishing which is carried out even today in Asian, American and European countries. Boat fishing is a laborious task and involves loads of hard work, time and effort. Also, this type of fishing can be done only with teamwork. If you don’t have a team, boating fishing is useless. 

Also, the success of such fishing depends on the type of boat you have. With more advanced and big-sized boats, you can get the best catches in bulk. Bass fish, Salmon fish, Tuna fish, big-size Sharks and many other species of fish can be easily caught with boat fishing. 

Yes, boat fishing is not suited for beginner and newbie-level paddlers as they might be less experienced in driving a boat. You also need to have relevant fishing accessories and safety gear in order to carry out boat fishing activities with confidence. 

Accessories Required: 

Rod Holders | Motormount | Bag| Foot Pump | Bow Stow Bag | Repair Kit| 7″ Pedestal And More

4. Bass fishing

Bass Fishing

Bass fishing is an activity that falls under recreational fishing activity and is done typically via a fishing rod. This type of fishing activity is dominating in North America where it is known as black bass fishing. There are loads of black bass fishing species available in North American Lakes and Rivers.

Back then bass fishing was only done for fun and recreational purpose. Today, this type of fishing has drastically evolved and now become a billion-dollar industry with the black bass being the most common type of fish. Modern-day bass fishing is done with kayaks, paddle boards, boats and pontoon boats as well. 

In several states of the USA, bass fishing competition is also conducted. The most famous bass fishing competition is Major League Fishing which started in the year 2019 with a new format, rules and more entertainment. The world’s leading and professional anglers take part in this tournament and enjoy winning prize money in cash and kindness. 

Accessories Required: 

SUP Pump | Paddle | Skeg | Repair Kit | FlexBrace | Bag 

5. Fly fishing

Fly Fishing

Fly fishing is a type of fishing in which a weighted lure is used to catch the fish. This activity can be either carried out via fly fishing kayak, fly fishing boat, small pontoon boats, paddle boards and canoe as well. You can carry out this activity in both freshwater and saltwater where fly fishing species are found.

Following are some of the fly fishing species: trout, grayling, salmon, panfish, carp and pike are also included in fly fishing. Apart from this, some marine species including redfish, striped fish, snook, and bonefish are also involved in fly fishing. Besides, many fly anglers catch unintended species which included bream and rudd.

The most popular fly fishing casting technique is called Spey casting which requires a longer, heavier and two-handed fly fishing rod. They are used to catch large species of fish like salmon, trout and sea trout. 

Accessories Required: 

Carry Handles | Rod Holders | Paddle Lock | Printed Instruction | Foot Pump | Seat | Backpack

6. Paddle board fishing

Paddle Board Fishing

You must have heard about stand-up paddle boards and its type like: yoga paddle boards, stand-up paddle boards for dogs, beginner paddle boards and much more. Just like that, we have one more type of paddle board, which is suited for fishing and advanced water sports activities. 

Fishing paddle boards are backed by some ultimate fish ability features and include rod holders, deck space, bungee lacing for accessories and gears, tracking fins for better manoeuvrability and tracking, a motor mounting option, a paddle holder and a lot more. 

Also, such type of paddle board is made with a planing hull design which makes them more stable and allows the paddler to enjoy effortless riding and smooth paddling. The only drawback of such type of paddle boards is that they are slightly on the heavier side and difficult to carry because of heavy-duty features and accessories. 

For storage and transportation, you can use a kayak rack or trailer to carry such paddle boards from one spot to another. Although they come fully accessorized, you can still consider buying a few extra bells and whistles. 

Accessories Required: 

Seat | Backpack | Paddle | Storage Box | Repair Kit | Electric Motor

7. Ice fishing

Ice Fishing

This type of fishing technique is generally done in the winter season and on the ice. They are also done of the frozen water bodies in open or heated enclosures with some advanced fishing gear and accessories. Ice fishing generally involves fish hooks, spears, waders and other gear as well. 

In recent times, the game of ice fishing has changed a lot and mobility has become a more important factor for modern ice anglers. Gone are the days of drilling holes and hoping that fish will come by. With advanced fish finders and sonar tools, modern-day ice-fishing anglers can drill and check hundreds of holes in a day.

Ice fishing experts also leverage available maps and surveys to help pinpoint the location and areas within the lakes and rivers basis where they try to catch a specific type of fishing. Such maps are backed by latitude and longitude coordinates. 

What’s more? There are ice fishing contests also held that offer large prize money to the angler who catches a large number of fish within a quick time. Such types of contests are prominent in North America, especially in the northern part of Canada, Ottawa and Vancouver.

Accessories Required:  

Rod Holers | Fish Ruler | Mounting Points | Paddle Lock | Carry Handle | Adjustable Seats | Inflation Pump | Scooty Accessories | 

8. Deep water fishing

Deep Fishing

Our next type of fishing technique is deep-sea fishing which is mostly carried out in the deep sea or ocean. It is generally done far from the land and required a more specialized boat or kayak to reach the fishing spot. If you are travelling by boat for deep sea fishing, make sure to be well equipped with the gears, tools and accessories, especially food, clothing, safety gear and a GPS system.

Deep-sea fishing also requires a special kind of boat which is built for long-distance paddling and boating.  Such boats should also be backed with a motor system to give you a fast ride and hands-free boating experience. Apart from that, such boats should be safety ropes, mounting options, rod holders, wide deck space and adjustable seats. 

If you are a beginner or newbie, I would recommend you to have someone on board for your deep-sea fishing adventure. This will keep you safe and ensure that you reach home safely by enjoying the deep sea fishing experience. If you cannot afford a guide or expert, you can also opt for deep-sea fishing with friends and family. 

Accessories Required: 

Backpack | Ruler | Carry Handle | Rod Holders | Hand Pump | Drain Plugs | Oad Lock And More

9. Ocean fishing

Ocean Fishing

The next type of fishing is ocean fishing which is mostly carried out in larger water bodies including oceans and large seas. In order to carry out ocean fishing very well, you need a large-size fishing boat or ship with an advanced motor system and technologies as you need to get in the middle of the ocean. 

Also, ocean fishing is not a one-man task. It’s a group activity and can be done only when your team of an experienced fishermen. Nowadays such type of fishing is generally done for commercial purposes and not for personal usage. 

Dawn or dusk is the best time for ocean fishing. Also, when there is a slight tide in your favor, you can carry out ocean fishing. 

Accessories Required: 

Stadium Seat | Deck Traction Pads | Skid Plates | Rod Holders | Stern Bulkhead | 

10. Recreational fishing

Recreational Fishing

Recreational fishing is also called game fishing or sports fishing. It is not carried out for profit or commercial purposes but for personal fun, leisure and competition. The most common form of recreational fishing is kayak fishing, paddle board fishing and angling, which is done with rod, reel, line and hooks. 

Anyone can carry out recreational fishing activities with relevant accesses. Even newbies, kids, beginners and youth can carry out recreational fishing or hone their existing fishing skills.  

Some other forms of recreational fishing include spearfishing, which is done by speargun while diving and bow fishing, which is done above the water with the help of bow fishing gears and types of equipment. There is also a recreational fishing style that leverages the use of net traps and other tools like snag hooks. 

I mostly prefer doing recreational fishing either on a pontoon fishing boat or an inflatable boat for fishing which is specially created for duck hunting and advanced fishing adventures on the water. 

Accessories Required: 

Seat | Molded footrests | Rod Holders Mount | Paddle | Molded Handles | Storage Platform

11. Commercial fishing

Commercial fishing

Now here comes the type of fishing that is done for profit and commercial usage. Such type of fishing provides large quantities of food to many countries where fish are a staple food. Commercial fishing is also called industrial fishing and is mostly done with the help of large ships, and boats and with an experienced group of people.

Commercial fishermen catch a wide variety of fishing and animals which includes, herring, tuna, bass, salmon, oyster, shrimps, anchovy, myllet, squids, scallops and a lot more. The demand for such types of fish and aquatic animals is very high internationally. Hence, the profit made in commercial fishing is quite good. 

There are many different methods of commercial fishing to catch large numbers of fishing which includes the use of poles and lines, trolling lines, large nets, traps or pots. However, fish methods vary from region to region. Also, a commercial fishing firm can use one man with a small pontoon boat or a group of individuals with a large size boat.

The only drawback of such types of fishing is that they are life-threatening and cause severe damage to the environment.

Accessories Required: 

Adjustable Seat | Adjustable Foot Braces | Rod Holders | Large Cockpit | Pedal Drive | Rudder | Open Storage

12. Bowfishing 


This is one of the hardest and most advanced types of fishing which requires an advanced skill set, aiming technique and proper use of bow and arrow. Archery is equipment that plays a huge role in the success of bow fishing. Fish are shot using a bow and arrow that is attached to a special line or reel. This type of fishing is very prominent in the USA and American countries. 

You can also do bow fishing directly from the shoreline or you can take a tandem kayak, fishing tube or boat, or canoe if you want to go deep in the sea and try modern-day blowfishing. If you want to carry additional gear or kayaking accessories, then I would recommend opting for large-size boats.

Most of the bowfishing boats are customized with a shooting platform, wide deck space, anti-traction deck padding materials, generators, fish finder, pedal drive or motor system, and lights for bow fishing at night, allowing you to carry out this activity hassle-free.  

In dense marshlands that are unfriendly to boat propellers, airboats, which incorporate top-mounted fan propulsion for operating in very shallow waters, are usually used.

Accessories Required:  

Hybrid Reel Combo | Muzzy Gar Point  | Sunglasses | Gut Bucket | Fishing Biscuit | Rod Holder

13. Boat fishing

Boat Fishing

As the name says, this type of fishing is done with the help of a boat. With the help of an inflatable boat or a kayak, you can carry out this fishing activity on sea, lake, river rapids, ocean and many other types of water. Beginners, newbies and less skilled anglers can also carry out this fishing adventure and enjoy getting the best catches. 

Such type of fishing large depends on the type of fishing boat you have. If your boat is specially crafted for fishing and duck hunting purposes, you can surely get the best catches of your life. 

Fishing boats generally cost anywhere between $1000 or more. So, if you are running tight on the budget you can also opt for cheap fishing boats which are relatively less expensive. 

Another great benefit of a boat for fishing is that you can also use it for camping, touring, recreational rides, tandem tours, normal paddling and lot more activities. 

Accessories Required:  

Rod Holders | Tankwell | Wide Deck Space | Fishability Features | Tools | Storage Space 

14. Pontoon boat fishing

Pontoon boat fishing

The next type of fishing is done with the help of pontoon boats for fishing, which are considered to be the most advanced type of fishing boat available in the market. Its a complete fisherman’s boat with ample of spacing on deck, a wide platform area, the capability to hold a large number of accessories and gears, humongous carrying capacity and much more. 

There are many different types of pontoon boats available in the market and you can opt for the best boat as per demand, need and wish. Another benefit of buying a pontoon boat is that it is multi-purpose in nature, meaning you can use them for a variety of activities including luxury rides, party with friends and family, recreational and camping rides, long day touring and a lot more. 

If you are buying a fishing pontoon boat then I would recommend you to opt for an inflatable pontoon boat as they are lightweight, easy to carry and transport, and you can also store them anywhere. 

You can also attach the following accessories on a pontoon boat to take your fishing next level. Captains boat seat, rod holders, outboard motor, trolling motor, cooler for keeping your food and beverages, anchor system, AC, grillers, tables and a lot more. 

Accessories Required: 

Aluminum Oars | Oar locks | Steel Tube Frame | Storage | Molded Plastic seat | Foot Rests | Armrest Pockets

15. Belly boat fishing

Belly boat fishing

If you have a knack for fishing on the lakes or on shore, then belly boat fishing is surely made for you. This type of fishing is done with the help of belly boats or fishing tubes, which are generally small and compact size inflatable boats. They are suited for still water and come in U shape hull format, making them extremely stable and easy to maneuver.

Belly boat fishing is also a great way to escape from the crowded shore and reach tight spots on water that other large-size kayaks or boats can’t reach. With belly boats, you can reach spots like underwater drop-offs, sheer cliff areas and a lot more. Additionally, belly boats can be deflated and kept easily anywhere in the home or in the garage. 

If you think buying a belly boat would break your bank account let me tell you that belly boats aren’t expensive, especially compared to fly fishing boats or kayaks. A basic belly boat can cost of anywhere between $200 to $500 and advanced versions might go upto $600 or $1000. 

Accessories Required: 

Trolling Motor | Storage Bag | Fishing Rod Holder | Trolling Motor | Fishing Finder Plate | Fishing Ruler | Paddles | Inflatable Seat   

16. Senie fishing

Senie fishing

This is a type of fishing which is done with the help of a large fishing net called seine that is hung vertically in the water with the bottom edge held down to catch the fish. This is the traditional type of fishing and can also be done with the help of a boat. Boats used for seine fishing are called as seniors. 

This type of fishing is used since the stone age days when people also used a small watercraft-type boat to deploy seine nets which could be over a kilometre long. These nets were made with durable construction material which is used to catch 100+ fish at a time.

Accessories Required: 

Adjustable Seat | Electric Motor | Battery-Box | Scotty Anchor Lock | Pelican Bass Raider

17. Bait fishing

Bait fishing

The next type of fishing is called bait fishing or still fishing which is one of the oldest types of fishing. A bait is applied on the hook, which is set by the angler at the tip of the fishing rod. Because of the bait, the fish comes to swallow it and gets caught.

The most common type of bait include worms, maggots, small fish, bread paste, cheeses and small pieces of chicken or vegetables. In this type of fishing, an angler usually holds the rod or lays it down the water and waits for the elite tug of the fish to be caught by the line. Bait fishing can be done both from the shoreline and also from the kayak, boat or paddle board, provided that you can the right gear and accessories. 

The rods used for bait fishing are usually 10-12 feet long and come with a spinning reel made with a monofilament line. Some of the most common fish taken by this method are bluegills, crappies, perch, carp, and catfish as well as bass and salmon. 

Bait fishing is mostly done in rivers, streams, flatwater types, saltwater and beneath stream cover to entice fish that station themselves in those locations. 

Accessories Required: 

Mesh Seat | Rod Holders | Kick Up Fins | Pedal Drive | Sail Mount | Storage Space 

18. Saltwater fishing

Saltwater fishing

Of all the methods and different types of fishing, saltwater fishing is the easiest and most common one. This type of fishing become very popular in the early 20th century and it is usually done from the beach, off the rocks, or from a kayak that can be paddled on saltwater. 

People who carry out fishing activities on the shore usually catch bass, bluefish, tarpon, permit and bonefish, while the ones who carry out saltwater fishing on kayak or boat catch for flounder, snapper, mackerel and many other species by trolling or bottom fishing.

According to some research, more than 40 million American spend one day per year trying their luck with fly fishing and their combined expenditure to carry out fly fishing activities contributes $45 billion annually to the US economy. Also, the greeted availability of kayaks, sea points, shores, and boats has prominently increased the saltwater fishing exercise. 

Saltwater fishing from the shores is generally of no use because most of the fish habit near the deep sea, ocean and lakeside which can only be reached by kayak or a boat. 

Accessories Required:  

Element air seat | Foot Brace | EVA Deck | Rod Holders | Transducer | Skeg

19. Shore fishing

If you are looking for the best beginner type of fishing, shore fishing has got your back covered. Shore fishing offers many opportunities to beginner-level anglers with less experience in fishing. You can fish from the shoreside of lakes, rivers, beaches and streams. You can also carry out shore fishing from manmade structures like piers, jetties, walkways and bridges.

If you want to excel in fly fishing, you need to learn a few techniques. Once you learn simple tips and tricks on how to do shore fishing, you can get towards your local pond, river or lake and start catching fish. The main benefit of shore fishing is that everyone has access to the fishing spot that’s close to home. Plus, you can also bring your friends and family for shore fishing. 

Some of the most common type shore fishing species are largemouth bass, rainbow trout, bluegill, crappie, and catfish. Spotted seatrout, snook, croaker, bluefish, founder, and striped bass. 

Accessories Required: 

Rod Holder | Fishing Bait | Tools | Motor | Paddles | D-ring

20. Freshwater fishing

Freshwater fishing

As the name says, freshwater fishing is a type of fishing that is mostly done in freshwater types which include rivers, and lakes with a salinity of less than 1%. These environmental conditions are best suited for freshwater fish species which are mostly bass, salmon and tench. You can carry out freshwater fishing from he shoreline as well as from the deep sea or river, provided that you have the right gear and watercraft. 

Freshwater fishing is further classified into three different categories which are as follows: 

Coldwater: This type of freshwater fishing is done in the coldest area where the water temperature is 50 to 60 °F (10–16 °C). Common coldwater fish species are brook trout, rainbow trout and brown trout.

Coolwater : Coolwater fishing is done is where the temperature of the water is 60 to 80 °F (16–27 °C). This is mostly done in north America and south America. Common type of cool water fish species is muskellunge, northern pike, walleye and more.

Warmwater:  Warmwater fish can survive in any condition where the water temperature is around 80 °F (27 °C). Such fish can serve cold winters as well as warm summers. Some most common types of warm water fish are catfish, largemouth bass, crappies and many others. 

Accessories Required: 

Adjustable Seat | Autopilot Navigation | Rod Holders | Large Cockpit | Pedal Drive | Rudder | Storage Hatch

21. Rock fishing

Rock fishing

This is one of the riskiest types of fishing as it is done when there is a bit of high tide. It can be dangerous and many people have died while trying their hands at rock fishing. So, make sure you are equipped with safety gear and accessories while doing rock fishing. Rock fishing is mostly done from cliffs, sea rocks and elevated shorelines on the seaside. It can be done using a reel, line or fishing rod. You can also use artificial lures if budget is your constraint.

Another method of rock fishing is by using a fishing bait that can be purchased online or at a fishing store near you. You can also use insects as a boat or fish food and cut them into pieces to attach it to the fishing reel or rod. 

Accessories Required:  

Fishing Bait | Adjustable Seat  | Rod Holders | Large Cockpit | Pedal Drive | Rudder | Storage Hatch | Fishing Reel

22. Kite fishing

The next type of fishing technique is Kite fishing which involves a kite along with drop line hangs which are attached to a lure or bait. The kite is generally flown on the water body and bait floats on the waterline till fish are caught in the net. When the kite drops or tilts a bit, it gives a signal to the fisherman that bait has been taken and the fish can be hauled in.

Today, kite fishing is widely carried out in New Zealand where kitesurfing is a popular sport along with the fishing from the beaches. This sport or type of fishing technique is also very popular in Australia where sledge kites are used both off beaches and off boats in freshwater and saltwater areas. 

Accessories Required: 

Kit  Rod | Stern | Seat | Adjustable Brace | Kite Line | Kite Reels | Rings

23. Spearfishing 

Spearfishing is an ancient method of fishing that involves impaling a fish with a sharpened object, such as a spear, gig or harpoon. It has been used by fishermen around the world for millennia. Early civilizations were aware of the custom of fishing with sharpened sticks in rivers and streams.

Most spearfishing today uses some type of swimming gear and either a slingshot-like spear gun powered by elastic or a compressed gas-powered pneumatic spear gun. The tethered underwater projectile is used to strike the target fish. Various techniques and equipment have been designed for different types of water and target fish.

Accessories Required: 

Lionfish | Spearguns | Pole Spears | Hawaiian Slings | Reels | Speartips | Float Lines 

24. Sport fishing

Sport fishing is a water sport in which anglers use various types of equipment to catch different types of fish. The sport originated from recreational fishing. The equipment used in the sport includes rods, reels, lines, hooks and baits. Most competitions are conducted in deep waters, so a fishing boat is required.

There are two major classifications of the sport: freshwater fishing and saltwater fishing. The most popular fish targeted in saltwater competitions are marlin, tuna, and Chinook.

Accessories Required: 

Carry Bag | Repair Kit | Rod | Reels | Tackle | Fish Finder | Skeg | Pump | Two seat

25. Surfcasting 

Surf fishing is a type of fishing that is done from the shoreline or in the surf zone. It can be done with or without casting a lure or bait and refers to all types of fishing from the shore – including sandy and rocky beaches, rock jetties, and even fishing piers. The terms surfcasting or beach casting refer more specifically to surf fishing where you cast your line into the surf near the shoreline.

Accessories Required: 

Carry Bag | Repair Kit | Rod | Reels | Tackle | Fish Finder | Skeg | Pump | Two seat

FAQs About Types Of Fishing Styles

What are the 3 types of fishing?

The three main types of fishing are fly fishing, spin fishing, and subsistence fishing. Decide on the type of fishing you plan to do before starting your next trip. Make use of these tools to find your ideal fit.

What is the most common type of fishing?

The most common and famous type of fishing is bait fishing. Bait fishing is also known as bottom fishing or still fishing. It is the oldest and most globally used method.

What type of fishing is easiest?

The easiest type of fishing for a beginner is pole and whip fishing with the least amount of gear. It perfect fishing style for a beginner who likes to do fishing.

What are the most popular types of fishing?

There are five basic and popular types of fishing such as bait fishing, fly-fishing, bait casting, spinning, and trolling. All angling methods are used in both freshwater and saltwater angling.

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