About Us

As the name says it all, My Kayak Guide is a leading destination where paddlers and anglers all across the globe will find some of the best information on kayaks, boats, paddleboards and kayak accessories. All the information mentioned on the blog are backed by research and one can surely trust the information we offer. 

In fact, no other kayak blog out there offers such genuine, credible and authentic information on the topic. 

Currently, this blog is run and managed by True Kayak Lovers and a community of like-minded people are keen on sharing the information with regards to kayaks and boats to the world. 

As a blog and team, we wish to keep on contributing top-quality content and most genuine information to the paddlers, kayakers and anglers that help them in buying their dream kayak without any hesitations. 

Talking about the quality of our articles, then each of our content is written 3000+ words that include information about kaya, pros, cons and whether you should buy any kayak or not. And trust us, you won’t find such kind of information elsewhere on the web. 

Here’s our process for creating content for this blog.

Step 1: Check product availability 

Step 2:  Research about the product (Check price, its benefits, disadvantages, affordability, construction material used, type of kayak, accessories included, )

Step 3: Content creation process (Product alignment, writing blog post, creating images, editing and publishing)

Step 4: Updating content if the information gets outdated.

So, that was a short and subtle description of our kayak blog. Hope you’ll enjoy reading it and keep visiting it again and again.