A Guide To Camping Paddle Board In 2023

Camping Paddle Board- Guide Should You Go Or not

Why plan a camping paddle board? There is so much to love about paddle boarding camping. Fresh air, tranquil water, the sounds of nature, greenery and escape from the hustle and bustle of digital devices and the city are some of the reasons to go for a paddle-boarding camping adventure along with your friends and … Read more

17 Types Of Paddle Board For 2023

17 Types Of Paddle Board

What is a paddle board? A paddle board is a type of watercraft, which is also known as SUP and is propelled forward and backwards on water using a paddle system. The rider needs to stand up on the paddle board using a paddle to make the way through the water. You can use your … Read more

Cost Of Paddle Board & Pricing In 2023

Cost Of Paddle Board & Pricing

Stand-up paddle boarding is fast growing activity in American and European countries that offer a fun way to explore and play on the water along with added benefits of body exercise. Not only for recreational and fitness purposes but paddle boards can also be used for fishing, river rafting surfing and many other water sports … Read more