Aqua Marina Vapor Review With Real Images

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Aqua Marina Vapor Review

If we talk about the best paddleboard brands in the world, Aqua Marina is the name which has done some breathtaking work in the paddleboard industry. Since their inception, they have crafted some top-notch paddle boards, kayaks and many other water sports gears for aqua lovers and enthusiasts. 

They started their operations in the year 1991 and since then have launched some top-rated and affordable paddle boards for adventure skeers and paddlers of all skill levels. All their paddle board and SUPs are seaworthy and built to last. Especially the Aqua Marina Vapor, which they’re a top-selling paddle board for beginners and professional paddlers alike. 

The designing and manufacturing team at Aqua Marina knows how important it is for paddle boarder to be independent. Keeping this attribute in mind, they have crafted most of their hard paddle board lightweight and easy to carry anywhere along with you. Each of their paddle board including Aqua Marina Vapor will give you the ability to navigate the water and discover mystical places through a world of wonder.

So, today, in this blog post, I am going to review the Aqua Marina Vapor paddle board, which is one of the top-selling SUP of this brand. I’ll be sharing my personal experince and let you know about this wonderful SUP.

At the end of the blog, you’ll come to know whether you should be buying Aqua Marina Vapor or not. 

Carrying capacity: 

Aqua Marina Vapor Carrying Capacity Review

Carrying capacity is one of the most important attributes of a paddle board to look into, especially if you have got plenty of extras. The Aqua Marina Vapor is pretty good when it comes to carrying capacity. It can carry a load up to 308 lbs, which makes it a suited paddle board for 1 fully grown adult, 1 big size guy, 1 guy along with a dog or small child. 

If you are taking this paddle board for a solo ride, you’ll have ample deck space for carrying your extras and mobility. For example, you can carry small gear and accessories, a paddle board cooler, a dry kayak bag and much more. 

I personally feel that the carrying capacity of the Aqua Marina Vapour could have been more. It could have been a tandem paddle board with a carrying capacity of at least 350 lbs or more. But in order to make the SUP lightweight and easy to carry makers have kept it to 308 lbs. 

At this carrying capacity, 2 kids, 2 teens and 1 adult can easily take this SUP for a fun adventure on the water. 

Hull design: 

Aqua Marina Vapor Hull Design Review

The hull of this kayak is a game-changing feature and it will surely give you better tracking, manoeuvrability, stability and speed as well. The designing as well as the craftsmanship at Aqua Maria have worked in tandem to make the hull the best in the world. They have given all their blood sweat and tears to make a perfect paddle board hull. 

Planing hull design which makes this paddle board wider, thick in shape and offers tremendous stability in any type of water. Yes, heard that right. The hull of Aqua Marina Vapor makes it seaworthy and you can take it for any type of water including fast-moving rapids, whitewater, roaring oceans and flatwater as well. 

With such a hull design,  you can take Aqua Marina Vapor for camping on the lakeside, recreational activities on the beach, exploring the wilderness on the ocean blues and many other water sports activities. 


The Aqua Marina Vapor is surely designed to give you high performance and a stunning gliding experience on the water. With triple fins at the bottom of the hull, this SUP gives amazing tracking, navigation and directional stability on any type of water. 

In fact, the new Vapor comes with more added volume and a generous payload for those looking for an easy-peasy ride on the water. Additionally, the comfortable diamond deck pad of the SUP will give you extra grip, while you are gliding on whitewater or fast-moving rapids.

The shape is the size of the paddle board is also optimized for this year in order to give you a stunning gliding experience. From lazy rivers to calm ocean bays, from the deep blue sea to tranquil lake, you can take this SUP on any type of water body and enjoy carrying your favourite water sport activity. 

Guess what?

You can also convert this paddle board into a kayak by purchasing a kayak seat separately. There are multiple D rings attached to the top of the kayak and bungee lacing, allowing you to convert the SUP into watercraft. 


Aqua Marina Vapor Stability Review

Did you know? Width is the single largest factor that affects the stability and balance of the paddle board. Wider board = more stability and vice-versa. Surprisingly, the wide of the Aqua Marina is made extra wide at 33 inches which makes it one of the most stable paddle boards in the market.

This paddle board is so stable that you can even carry out your yoga or fitness session on it without fear of tipping or changing the course of the SUP. You can also stand on it, lay on it, ride it in chariot style, or kneel on it, this SUP won’t compromise its stability ever. 

Apart from its wider width, the paddle board also features a sharper, pointer and narrow nose and tail that makes it faster and more stable in most water bodies. However, if you are paddling against the waves, you might need to put more effort to maintain your stability and balance. 

Yes, there are triple-tracking fins at the bottom, but they might not help you tackle those mighty long and big waves. 


Manoeuvrability simply means how easily you can change the direction of your paddle board and row it in a straightforward direction with less effort. 

Aqua Marina Vapor features a very sharp body and 10 feet in lenght, which makes it lighweight and easy to manoeuvre. Generally, lighweight paddle boards are easy to manoeuvre as compared to traditional fishing SUPs and other hard SUP boards.

Apart from this, the dimension and construction of the paddle board also contribute toward manoeuvrability. 

For example, this Aqua Marina Vapor paddle board is made with quality construction material which includes: a double wall fabric drop stitching core, light and printed tarpaulin layer, first PVC rail layer, second PVC rail layer and EVA footpad for better rigidity and traction.

A combination of such construction materials surely adds up to the manoeuvrability of paddle boards. 


With a sharp nose and bow design and golden dimension ratio, this Aqua Marna Vapor has an average speed of 5-6 knots which is more than enough. Although this speed is not suited for paddle boarding competition, you can surely have a blast of a ride with this. 

Apart from good speed, this SUP excels in giving better stability, balance and manoeuvrability as well. 

If you feel the speed of your Aqua Marina Vapor is not upto the mark, you can also use a paddle board motor and take the speed of this SUP to the level of awesomeness. 


Do you want to carry all your paddle board accessories and gear? Are you looking for SUP that can hold your extras? If yes, Aqua Marina Vapor has got your back covered. 

With the stunning dimension of 10.4″ lenght, 31″ width and 6″ thickness, this SUP will surely give you ample space on the deck to carry your gadgets and accessories, provided that you are riding the paddle board all alone. 

For example; you can carry a paddle board cooler, small fish or depth finder, kayak or paddle board speaker, large size backpack and a lot more. 

On the front side, this paddle board also features a bungee lacing system that will allow you to carry additional gear and tools. You can also attach your paddle over there and enjoy a hands-free paddling experience. 

On top of everything, this SUP also comes with a large-size carry backpack with storage pockets. You can use this backpack to keep your paddle board and many other small-sized accessories. 


Everyone wishes to buy a paddle board which is highly seaworthy and built to last. However, this is next to impossible as every paddle board comes with certain restrictions and drawbacks just like Aqua Marina Vapor. 

This Aqua Marina SUP is made seaworthy for sure. You can take it for gliding and surfing on flatwater, saltwater and small choppy waves. However, the SUP is not built strong enough to tackle the fast-moving rapids or whitewater. 

Although it can glide on whitewater it won’t give you smooth surfing and gliding experince. You’ll need to put extra effort in order to cut it through the big waves. 

Suited for: 

The beauty of this Aqua Marina Vapor paddle board is that it is multi-purpose in nature. This means any skill-level paddler can use it. From newbies to senior-level paddlers, anyone can take it for a spin and enjoy spending some time of the water. 

Following are the activities that you can do with this paddle board: camping on lake water, touring and recreational activities, yoga and fitness session on the beach side, surfing on small choppy waves, learning paddle boarding and lot more. 

If you are not using this SUP for your personal use, you can also gift it to your family member or friend with a knack for water sports activities. 

Construction material:

Aqua Marina Vapor Construction Material Review

The construction material of the paddle board is as important as its overall look and design. Having a paddle board with good construction material ensures longevity, long-serving in life and durability. 

This Aqua Marina Vapor is made with exclusive Drop Stitch Light Technology, making it extremely lighweight and super stiff. Coming with our new design and shape for this year, this SUP is classic and highly portable whilst packing everything inside.

Here are the top5 construction material used for making this paddle board: 

  • Double Wall Fabric drop stitch core 
  • Light and printed tarpaulin layer 
  • First PVC rail layer 
  • Second PVC rail layer 
  • EVA footpad

All these construction material together ensures a high-performance ride and makes it compatible to withstand any daunting condition on the water. 


Buying a paddle board with accessories is just like eating food without salt. To give paddlers the best possible ride, this Aqua Marina Paddle board comes fully accessorized with relevant gears and tools to make paddling hassle-free and easy-peasy for you.

Following are the accessories that come along with this piece. 

  1. Rowing paddle

This paddle board is made with aliminium materials and you can fold it into three parts, which makes it compact and portable just like the Aqua marina Vapor paddle board. Within a few strokes of this paddle, you can take your ride to long distances and enjoy gliding at a lightning-fast speed.

  1. Ankle safety leash

To give you a safe, secured and smooth ride, this Aqua Marina Vapor paddle board comes with an ankle safety leash which you can attach it on the board and tie around your ankle. This will safeguard you against any kind of damage or accidents while surfing. 

  1. Backpack

This is one of the best accessories that comes with Aqua Marina Vapor. Having a large-size carry backpack along with a paddleboard makes life easier for both newbies and expert-level paddlers. With this backpack, you can carry your paddle board from one spot to another without having a kayak rack or carrier

You also don’t need a kayak outdoor storage rack to store and keep it. You can simply fold the SUP, stuff it inside the backpack and keep it anywhere in your home without worrying about having any dent or ring to your board. 

  1. Hand pump for inflation 

How will you pump the air in Aqua Marina Vapor? With the help of a quick inflation hand pump that comes along. First the first time, it might take around 15 minutes to fully inflate this paddle board. Once you are used to it, you can fully inflate the board in less than 10 minutes For quick inflation, you can opt for an electric paddle board pump. 

  1. Tracking fin

Aqua Marina Vapor is a highly stable paddle board that gives good tracking and manoeuvrability experience on the water. You can also make trunks easily without much effort. All thanks to its triple-tracking fins at the bottom. One large-size fin is removable while the other two small-size fins remain intact. 


Your warranty period for AQUA MARINA inflatable SUP board is valid for one (1) year (except the rental board “NUTS”) from the date of the original purchase from the dealer/shop and is valid provided the product is only used in accordance with published guidelines from AQUA MARINA, including the product’s user manuals and technical specifications.

Cost And Pricing: 

The price of the Aqua Marina Vapor Paddle Board is around $450 to $520. Pricing depends on dealers to dealers, shipping charges, discounts running on online stores and a lot more. 

The technology used In Aqua Marina Vapor Paddle Board

Besides drop stitching technology, Aqua Marina Vapor is also made using high-frequency welding technology that creates a strong bond between the PVC layers to make the paddle board more airtight and give a high level of rigidity to it. No other paddle board apart from Aqua Marina has used such high-tech and advanced technology to give the best ride for the users. 

Moreover, this paddle board has also leveraged heat fusion technology which adjoins two reinforced PVC into a single solid unit.  This makes the paddle board more long-lasting in nature and durable for years to come. 

FAQs About Aqua Marina Vapor

Is Aqua Marina Vapor  Stable?

Yes, Aqua Marina Vapor is one of the most stable paddle boards and SUP. The overall construction of this paddle board is done to give paddlers stunning stability, control and balance while riding on water. 

Can we use Aqua Marina Vapor for a tandem ride?

Of course, Aqua Marina Vapor can also be used for tandem and 2-person rides. The amazing dimension of this paddle board and golden ratio makes it suited to carry 2 fully grown adults. 

Can we use Aqua Marina Vapor for fishing?

Yes, Aqua Marina Vapor can also be used for fishing and many other activities on the water. 

Can I convert Aqua Marina Vapor into a kayak?

There are loads of D rings attached on the deck of this paddle board that will allow you to convert this SUP into a full-stack kayak. But you need to purchase a kayak seat separately. 

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