20 Best Fishing Kayaks For 2023 [Updated List]

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Do you have a knack for fishing? Are you looking for the best fishing kayaks for this year? If yes, let me tell you that you have landed on the right blog post. Today, I will walk you through 20 top fishing kayaks that will take your fishing or hunting adventures next level. 

If you want to make the most out of your kayak fishing, you need the right watercraft that is loaded with a bunch of accessories and gears like a tank well, storage hatch, accessory mounting system and a lot more. Such kayaks can help you with getting the best catches of your life. 

So, without further ado, let’s get started. 

What is a fishing kayak?

As the name says it all, a fishing kayak is a meticulously crafted water ride that is suited for carrying out fishing and duck hunting adventures on the water. These types of kayaks are loaded with loads of features like large-size tank well, rod holders, mounting accessories, storage hatches, pedal drive system (only some of them), bungee cargo and a lot more.

What are the different types of fishing kayaks?

There are many different types of fishing kayaks available in the market today. Some of them are as follows: sit-in fishing kayaks, sit-on-top fishing kayaks, cheap fishing kayaks, beginners fishing, kids & youth fishing kayak, inflatable fishing kayak, pedal fishing kayaks and a lot more. 

Depending on your budget, need and choice you can opt for any type of fishing kayak. 

Who should buy a fishing kayak?

If you want to take your fishing next level and get those big catches, you should opt for a fishing kayak for sure. Additionally, they are loaded with loads of accessories and gears that make them apart from recreational and touring kayaks. 

What is the difference between fishing kayaks, camping kayaks and recreational kayaks?

Fishing kayaks are loaded with fishability features that will help you to effortless cast and get close to your fishing spot in quick time, while camping and recreational kayaks are more suited for long-distance paddling, touring and other water sport adventures apart from fishing. 

Recreational and camping kayaks may or may not feature fishing tools, features and mounting points. 

Best Fishing Kayaks 

1.Jackson Best Fishing Kayak

Jackson Best Fishing Kayak

This is the top-rated fishing kayak that comes loaded with all the features, upgrades and add-ons that you need for fishing. From its stable hull shape design to a smooth and comfortable seat, this kayak has got it all. It is designed to tackle any challenges either on the ocean or on large lakes so you can enjoy a fishing experience. 

The deck space of the kayak is made very spacious so you can also try your luck with stand-up or fly fishing. Plus, there is ample of space to carry and load all your fishing accessories and gears. 

For example, there are two storage hatch one at the back and the other at the front. Plus, you can also leverage its large-size tank well to keep a cooler, backpack, or any other large-size kayaking gear. 

The latest version of this fishing kayak comes with a Flex Pedal Drive system which makes it even faster. With this kayak, you can reach your fishing spot quicker and hassle-free with less effort.  

Therefore, you can consider buying this piece with confidence and thank me later. 


  • Accessory mount
  • Pedal drive
  • Tankwell
  • 2 storage hatch
  • Good speed
  • Stable kayak
  • Comfortable seat


  • Heavy to carry
  • Not for beginner level 

2.Old Town Sports Man Best Fishing Kayak

Old Town Sports Man Best Fishing Kayak

If you seriously want to take your fishing acitivtes the next level, this is the best fishing kayak that you should be buying. This kayak is a great combination of speed, stability, agility, flexibility and cruise control. 

It will take you to your favourite fishing spot quickly and effortlessly The Sports Man Big Water is also backed by an award-winning pedal drive system which is one of the easiest to use and comes with great precise control.

In addition to being easy to navigate and pedal, this kayak is also designed for comfort. With a superior adjustable, ventilated and breathable seat, this kayak will give you the top-notch comfort that you deserve. The seat can also be converted into a beach chair when a kayak is not in use.

Not to forget its rudder system that will allow smooth navigation and help you to maintain the course on water. 

Plus, the rod holder mounting system, accessory mounting system, storage hatch and tank well will allow you to carry additional gears and tools for fishing.


  • PDL drive
  • Tankwell
  • Storage hatches
  • Smooth ride
  • Storage hatch
  • Rod holders
  • rudder


  • Not for beginners

3.Old Town Top Water Best Fishing Kayak

Old Town Top Water Best Fishing Kayak

Whether you agree or not, a top-rated fishing kayak surely comes for a price. So, if you are running tight on the budget and looking for an affordable fishing kayak, this is it. This Old Town fishing kayak comes at an affordable pricing point and includes all the relevant features to take your fishing new level. 

The sit-on-top design of the kayak will allow you to stay on top and away from the splash of water. It will also help you with bass fishing, fly fishing and stand-up fishing. The deck pads are also made with EVA foam material that will give you a good amount of stiffness and rigidity while standing.

The elementary air seat is fully adjustable in both low and low positions, so you can get the best casing or paddling position. There is also a centred strap between foot braces making standing up and sitting down in the kayak more easy peasy. 

Three-rod holders let you bring along plenty of options, and integrated storage options hold our tackle and other gear. The universal transducer mounting system makes mounting almost any fishfinder or casting reel more easy. 


  • Sit-on-top kayak for fun days of fishing
  • DoubleU Hull 
  • ElementAir seat  
  • EVA deck pad  
  • Universal transducer  
  • Three-rod holders 


  • No cons

4.Old Town Top Water PDL Kayak

Old Town Top Water PDL Kayak

Here’s another Old Town best fishing kayak which is slightly on the heavier side and will by your best casting experince. This is also a 100% pedal drive kayak that will allow you to use your larger muscle groups to travel. 

With the Double U shape hull design, this kayak gives utmost stability and makes manoeuvrability even easier. 

The deck platform features a pedal drive system, a secure standing platform, a tankwell at the back, a storage hatch at the front, an adjustable seat, and an accessory mount to keep all your fishing gear and equipment.

For fishing, this kayak has got a universal transducer mount that’s compatible with most fish finders, 3-rod holders, and a front hatch that secures your fly box and other gear.


  • Sit-on-top kayak for fun days of fishing
  • DoubleU Hull 
  • Elementary seat  
  • EVA deck pad  
  • Universal transducer  
  • Three-rod holders 


  • Not for beginners
  • Heavy to carry

5.Wilderness System Tarpon 105

Wilderness System Tarpon 105

If you personally ask me which is the best fishing kayak for under $1000, I would go with this piece from Old Town Top Water Tarpon 105 Kayak. This is a combination of recreational and fishing kayaks. You can take it out for lakes, rivers, beaches and ocean bays. 

The top-rated feature of this kayak is the 3D foam seat and foot braces system that will allow you to stay on the water for hours, while you can use its dry storage bag and open storage system for carrying your extras and ample other accessories.

Besides its stunning fishability features, this kayak has got slide Trax system and lets you attach the best fishing gear and accessories. On top of that, the well-balanced design of this kayak gives solid tracking, stability and response for effortless paddling.

Although the kayak is slightly on the heavier side, but you can surely consider buying a kayak rack or trailer for easy transportion and carrying. 


  • Multipurpose kayak
  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable seat
  • Tankwell
  • Storage pockets
  • Bungee lacing
  • Accessory mount


  • Limited in stock
  • Heavy to carry

6.Old Town Top Water 120 PDL

Old Town Top Water 120 PDL

The next best fishing kayak is the Old Town Topwater 120 PDL kayak which is backed by 5 years of manufacturer warranty and comes with easy-to-use angling features. It is compact in size, easy to manoeuvre, lighweight, and built to take you to the best fishing spots quick and easy.

The pedal drive system that comes along with this kayak is suited for saltwater, freshwater, seawater and small choppy waves which gives it an upper hand over others.  Also, it is maintenance-free and gives you hands-free angling convenience that can pedal backwards and forward. 

To give you the ultimate fishing experince, this kayak has got on-board tackle and rod storage, three flush mount rod holds, a transducer mount, paddle storage, and a non-slip EVA foam deck pad that will give you enough confidence to stand on the kayak and try bass fishing stand up fishing or fly fishing. 


  • Versatile pedal  
  • Double U hull 
  • Durable easy-to-pedal drive  
  • Fully adjustable ergonomic  
  • Rudder control trucker  
  • Scupper holes  
  • Built-in carry handles  


  • Very heavy
  • Not for beginners

7.Old Town Dirigo 106 

Old Town Dirigo 106 

If you are hunting for the best sit-in fishing kayak this Old Town Dirigo 106 should be on your list. This is a multiple-purpose kayak with added features and upgrades for fishing and hunting. You can take it on a lake, river or even on the fast-moving rapids which makes it sea-worthy. And of course, it can tackle whitewater adventures as well as choppy waves. 

This kayak also excels in manoeuvrability and tracking control which makes it also suited for beginners and newbie paddlers. With a click stern hatch, you can also stuff in your kayaking gear and paddling accessories like a dry storage bag, bottle, watch, camera and other small accessories.

What’s more? This kayak has also got cup holders, thigh pads, paddle keepers, glove box hatch for keys, phones and other valuables so that you can enjoy your kayaking experince to the fullest.

Overall this is a great kayak which is a combination of stability, good tracking and stunning cruise control. 


  • Easy manoeuvrability  
  • Stabil-form hull design  
  • Contoured seat  
  • Adjustable foot brace  
  • Thigh braces 
  • Click storage hatch


  • No cons at all

8.Old Town Top Water Best Fishing Kayak

Old Town Top Water Best Fishing Kayak

Here’s another Old Town Topwater 120 kayak which is upgraded for this year. The manufacturers and designers have kept all the features intact that were loved by anglers and added a few more extra bells and whistles to it. Its famous Double U shape hull is more optimized for cruising across the water instead of spooking the fish.

The new element air seat will allow you to make high and low adjustments that will give you the best fishing posting from comfortable EVA deck pads that are designed to give you better traction. The top water 120 is also designed for long-distance paddling and camping.

To take your fishing next level this kayak has got three-rod holders, storage boxes, cup holders, bungee lacing, a tankwell at the back and multiple mounting points.


  • Emphasizes stability and storage
  • DoubleU hull 
  • ElementAir seat  
  • Universal transducer i 
  • EVA deck pad t
  • Oversized stern tank 
  • Three-rod holders


  • Heavy to carry
  • Cost is high 
  • Not for beginners

9.Old Town Loon Best Angler Kayak 

Old Town Loon Best Angler Kayak 

This Old Town best fishing kayak is a combination of comfort, stability and tracking. It is suited for all types of fishing and seaworthy, meaning you can take it on any type of water and enjoy fishing. It’s active comfort system 2.0 seat will take care of your comfort needs and flush mount rod holders will give you the best fishing experince.

It is a fully rigged kayak for long days paddling on water with rod holders, bungee lacing, storage hatches, adjustable seats, added gear, footrest and thigh pads for a more comfortable and responsive kayaking experince. Plus, it has also got a USB port and storage that makes it a more fishing-friendly kayak. 

The keel line of the kayak is made sharper which makes it track well across wide open lakes and easy to manoeuvre on tight spots where other big-size kayaks can’t reach. Plus the kayak comes with added anchor trolly system, making it easy to deploy and retrieve the kayak anchor.


  • A comfortable and stable kayak  
  • Active Comfort System 2.0 seat  
  • New workdeck
  • USB port and storage
  • Flush-mount rod holders 
  • Anchor system 
  • Sharp keel line


  • No cons

10.Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 Best Fishing Kayak

Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 Best Fishing Kayak

With 12 feet in lenght, 29-inch width, deck height of 13 inches and carrying capacity of 300 lbs, this is yet another best fishing kayak by Wilderness System. This is a combination of recreational and fishing kayaks. 

With stability, tracking and cruise control as its core attribute, this Pungo 120 kayak will make you feel stable from the outset and give a better tracking experince to pro paddlers. 

There is a centre console in the spaciously designed cockpit that comes with cup holders so that you can carry and place your favourite beverage. You can also keep your snacks, food items, fish finder, clothes and other essentials. 

The fully adjustable seating system and foot brace system will give a tremendous amount of comfort to your back and legs for an upright paddling stance.


  • Multipurpose kayak
  • Modified-V  
  • Wide outset for stability  
  • Day and stern latching hatches  
  • Spacious cockpit  boat
  • Removable console 
  • Supportive seating system  
  • Foot brace and thigh pads


  • Heavy to carry

11.Elkton Outdoors Steelhead Best Fishing Kayak

Elkton Outdoors Steelhead Best Fishing Kayak

Bow down your heads as the best inflatable fishing kayak is here. The Elkton Outdoors is designed solely for one purpose, which is to take your fishing and duck hunting acitivtes the next level. At an affordable pricing point, this kayak includes extra features and add-ons that other expensive fishing kayak lacks. 

From shallow waters to the deep sea, this kayak is made to tackle and withstand all water types and conditions. In fact, it also glides like a charm on class III rapids and gives great stability on black water and saltwater as well. 

With top-grade drop stitching material, this kayak is also made durable, long-lasting and lightweight to carry. You don’t need kayak wheels or a cart to carry and transport it. 

There is also extra storage space at the bow and stern of the kayak as well as large bungee Crago lacing. At the proper inflation, the rigid drop stitching floor of the kayak offers unmatched rigidity and stiffness on the deck. Plus, the high-rise EVA seats are adjustable and can be moved backwards and forward.


  • Rigid Dropstitch Floor
  • Front Bow Spray Shield
  • Five Hard Mounting Points
  • Halkey Roberts Locking Valves
  • Ample Bow and Stern Storage
  • Bow, Stern and Side Carry Handles


  • No cons

12.Intex Best Fishing Kayak

Intex Best Fishing Kayak

When speaking about the best kayaks for fishing, how can we forget about the Intex excursion Pro series kayak? This kayak is a purpose kayak that can be used for fishing, touring, camping, tandem rides and for many other purposes on water. 

Speaking about its construction, this kayak is made with tough laminate PVC with polyester core: Lightweight and highly resistant to damage from abrasion, impact and sunlight. Its high inflation technology provides extra rigidity and stability, while the spring-loaded valve ensures quick inflation and fast delfation.

It comes fully accessorized with kayaking essentials like: two seats, two paddles for rowing, a quick inflation hand pump, a carrying backpack, a repair kit, an adjustable mounting bracket and lot more. 


  • Rod holders
  • I beam floor
  • Drop stitching technology
  • Quick inflation time
  • Fully accessorized
  • Easy to carry


  • No cons

13.Sevylor Colmen Best Fishing Kayak

Sevylor Colmen Best Fishing Kayak

With 18 gauge PVC construction, this is surely one of the best fishing kayaks on the list. The Sevylor Coleman is easy to inflate and deflate with 2 main tubes and a 1-floor chamber. It features durable reinforced Boston air valves and drains that ensure water remains out of the kayak so you can stay afloat all the time. 

There are loads of storage pockets, latch points and paddle plus rod holders to give you the ultimate fishing experience.

The overall construction of this kayak is done as per the US kayaking standards which makes it apart from others. Also, the military green color of the kayak will allow it to adjust to the surroundings so you can do fishing quitely and hassle-free.

The speed of this kayak is very good and it will take you to your ideal fishing spot on a quick time. 


  • Boston valves
  • Air chambers
  • Rigid kayak
  • Quick inflation 
  • Drop stitching floor


  • No cons at all

14.Elkton Outdoors Best Fishing Kayak

Elkton Outdoors Best Fishing Kayak

Take it either for fishing adventures or for camping on whitewater, this Eolton Outdoors kayak is suited for all skill levels kayakers and anglers. Within 5 minutes, you’ll be able to completely set up this kayak and take it for a ride on a variety of water types.

It is constructed with 18-Gauge rip-resistant 1000D PVC making it tear and HOOK-resistant, durable and long-lasting. The average life span of this kayak is 10 years, provided that you use it with care and safety. 

it comes with all the accessories like: 2 Adjustable Seats, Rod Holders(2 Vertical & 4 Trolling), Double Sided Oars, Double Action Pump & Carry Bag!


  • Comfort Gell Interior
  • No Inflation Needed
  • Easy to Connect
  • Adjustable seats
  • Rod holders
  • Storage space


  • No cons

15.Bonafide Top Fishing Kayak

Bonafide Top Fishing Kayak

Loaded with state-of-the-art fishing features, this Bonafide P127 is surely one of the best fishing kayaks on this list. It is a pedal drive kayak with a YakAttack gear track system that offers you to affix your fishing gear and other equipment. It is also compatible with the sidekick onboard wheel system. 

The Hy Cat hull design of the kayak offers extra stability that is practically unheard of in fishing kayaks. 

The P127 is one incredible fishing kayak! Its platform is 12′ 7″ long x 15 1/2″ deep x 34″ wide, and it is still easily manoeuvrable with the hands-free Propel Pedal Drive system.

Some other notable features of the Bonafide P127 are Hi Rise seat, rod stagers, Omni hook stent tank well, bungee lacing system, retractable stern handle, rudder system for better tracking and bow hatch for more storage space.


  • SpringBlade Rudder System
  • YakAttack Aluminum GearTrac
  • Hi Rise XL width seat
  • Integrated transducer  
  • Quick Draw rod stagers
  • Dual rod tip covers
  • Rod holders
  • Bow hatch with DoubleHeader hinges
  • Drop-in bow storage bin


  • Heavy to carry

16.Bonafide SS127 Best Fishing Kayak

Bonafide SS127 Best Fishing Kayak

The next best fishing kayak is the Bonafide SS127 sit-on-top kayak that offers ultimate stability and fishing experince. With the hybrid cat hull design, this kayak can be used for sit or stand-up fishing. It is also outfitted with many storage options and rod management systems, allowing you to enjoy the best fishing ride.

Stability is one of the top-rated attributes of this kayak that set’s it apart from others. The moment you step in this kayak, you’ll surely feel the utmost stability and comfort. 

You can also stand on the deck and move around to get the best fishing angle. Along with stability, the kayak also tracks smoothly and effortlessly with its dimension of 33 1/2″ wide, 12’7″ long kayak.

Plus, the ultra-high HiRise seat will give you a comfortable seating position with your knees bent.  


  • Hybrid Cat Hull design
  • Sliding under seat  
  • DryPod with transducer 
  • Bow hatch  
  • Multi-rod points
  • HiRise seating 


  • Price is high
  • Heavy to carry

17.Hobie Mirage Fishing Kayak

Hobie Mirage Fishing Kayak

According to me, this Hobie is the best fishing kayak of all time. Here’s why? It is powered by Hobie’s 360 Drive Technology which will help you to reach your fishing spot quickly. This pedal drive system also enhances the speed of the kayak making it easy to navigate. With this kayak, Hobie has also taken maneuverability and tracking to next level. 

With minimal effort, you can take this kayak to your ideal location. The standing platform is designed wide, leaving you extra space to carry essentials like a fish finder, paddle board coolers and many other accessories.

The deck pads are made with EVA padding material that not only gives you more grip but also reduces the noise from you moving, which can startle fish. 

Hobie has also added an ultra-comfortable Vantage seat so you can comfortably put in the miles to find those hidden spots with easy and comfort. 


  • Large carrying handle
  • Large front hatch with removable liner
  • Forward accessory mount
  • Horizontal rod storage
  • Miragedrive 360
  • Grip pads


  • Limited in stock

18.Jackson Bite Angler Fishing Kayak

Jackson Bite Angler Fishing Kayak

Before buying your first kayak, you should think about where you will go out fishing. You will not need the same kayak to fish in open water as you should in swift-moving rivers.

Fortunately, The Jackson Bite angler fishing kayak is very versatile and beginner-friendly. You can use it in every type of water. This kayak is made with high-density polyethylene.

The Jackson Bite is not the fastest kayak on the market due to its short length of 11 feet 6 inches. These kayaks are known for their superior comfort, and the Bite Angler is no exception. 


  • Molded-In Bow
  • Hull Design
  • Smooth tracking
  • Comfort Seat
  • Easily transport
  • Gear Tracks
  • 3-year Manufacturer’s  warranty


  • No cons

19.Lifetime Yukon Angler Fishing Kayak

Lifetime Yukon Angler Fishing Kayak

Lifetime Yukon is an evolved fishing kayak that arrives with all the fishing qualities that a pro angler looks into a kayak. It is best appropriate for lakes, reservoirs, rivers, and seas. Even novices and beginner paddlers can think of taking it for a spin without the worry of tipping it off.

For every advantage of yours, it will give you a secure and comfy ride without sacrificing stability, performance, and speed. Its narrow structure at the bow makes it easy to turn, while the wide deck provides enough space to allow you to stand and cast.

From bow to stern, each and every element and feature of this kayak is created by taking utmost care, so that the end result could be good. Plus, it has gone through several hours of rigorous testing and quality checks to deliver to the best that you deserve. 


  • Drain plug
  • Rudder ready
  • Foam reinforced deck
  • Adjustable seats
  • Drainage system
  • Rod holders


  • No cons at all

20.Lifetime Yukon Angler 11 ft 6 in Fishing Kayak

Lifetime Yukon Angler 11 ft 6 in Fishing Kayak

The last product in best fishing kayaks is the Lifetime Yukon Angler is suitable for lakes, reservoirs, and rivers. The kayak comes with plenty of features and extras to assure you have a comfortable, successful trip.

The Yukon Angler is one incredible fishing kayak! Its platform is 11′ 6″ long x 12.9″ deep x 32″ wide, and it is still smoothly manoeuvrable with the hands-free Propel Pedal Drive system.

Some other unique features of the Yukon Angler are quick dry foam back mesh seat, water resistant oval storage hatch, high initial stability hull, adjustable foot braces, side drain plug, and stability strap to assist with stand-up casting.


  • Water resistant oval storage hatch
  • Adjustable Foot Braces
  • Quick-Dry Foam-Back Mesh Seat
  • High Initial Stability Hull
  • Side Drain Plug


  • No cons

FAQs About Best Fishing Kayaks

What is a fishing kayak?

As the name says it all, a fishing kayak is a meticulously crafted water ride that is suited for carrying out fishing and duck hunting adventures on the water. These types of kayaks are loaded with loads of features like large-size tank well, rod holders, mounting accessories, storage hatches, pedal drive system (only some of them), bungee cargo and a lot more.

Which is the best fishing kayak brand?

Hobie, Bonafide, Lifetime, Jackson and Old Twon are the best fishing kayak brands. 

What is the cost of a fishing kayak?

The cost of a fishing kayak depends of various factors. A simple fishing kayak might cost anywhere between $500 while a full-stack fishing kayak might cost you anywhere between $1000 to $4000 or even more. 

What are various types of fishing kayaks?

Following are the various types of fishing kayaks: sit-in fishing kayaks, sit-on-top fishing kayaks, cheap fishing kayaks, beginners fishing, kids & youth fishing kayak, inflatable fishing kayak, pedal fishing kayaks and a lot more. 

Which fishing kayak should I buy?

Depending on your need you can buy various types of fishing kayaks. If you are looking for a pedal drive fishing kayak, Old Town is a good option. If you are hunting for a stand-up fishing kayak, Bonafide is a good option. 

Are fishing kayaks stable?

Yes, fishing kayaks are very stable. 

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