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Body Glove needs no introduction. They are one of the leading paddle board manufacturing brands and company which is known for making the best fishing, touring and all-purpose SUPs and paddle boards. With years of experience and hard work, they have crafted their niche as being the best paddle board brand in the market. 

From beginner-level paddlers to professional surfers, anyone who can use their paddle board can enjoy a range of water sports activities without fear of tipping off. 

Although Body Glove has a wide range of paddle board under their arm, their top-selling Body Glove Performer 11 is something that every paddler wish to buy. 

So if you are looking for a detailed and in-depth Body Glove Performer 11 review, then I have got your back covered. In this blog post, I will walk you through each and every aspect of this SUP and make your buying process easy. 

Body Glove Performer 11 Review

Body Glove Performer 11 Review


Body Glove Performer 11 is a top-selling paddle board and is the best know for its core attributes like stability, cruise control and stunning balance that it offers. This paddle board and SUP look very stylish with stunning artwork and designs on the deck that also makes it look highly visible on and off the water. 

The paddle board is 100% inflatable in nature and makes it easy for newbies and kids paddlers to set up the SUP in less than 10 minutes. On average, an ideal SUP takes around 10-15 minutes to set up. However, Body Glove Performer 10 is an exception. Anyone can set up this paddle board in less than 10 minutes using an electric SUP pump that comes along. 

And, of course, it has additional bells and whistles which are discussed below. 


Body glove capacity review

The carrying capacity of this paddle board is tremendous, which is around 320 lbs making the paddle board suited for 2 fully grown adults easily. You can also take it for the solo ride along with your paddling essentials including a paddle board cooler, large-size backpack, kayak dry bag, flood, clothing and a lot more. 

This carrying capacity backed by stunning dimensions makes this SUP a tandem paddle board as well. Even pets love this paddle board a lot as they get enough space for mobility and free movement on the deck. Dogs and cats can be easily carried on the deck of this SUP. 

In fact, you can also carry your small child and give them a stunning gliding experience on the water. 

Hull design:

Whether you agree with me or not, the hull of the Body Glove Performer 11 is designed by keeping the need and requirements of modern as well as traditional paddlers in mind. That’s the reason why the hull of this SUP is designed to give utmost stability, tracking, stunning cruise control and unmatched balance on a variety of water types. 

Starting from the front, the nose of this SUP is a bit made narrower, sharper and sleeker so that it can slice through any water type and give you stunning speed. 

On the back side, it is slightly wider as compared to the nose. This will give you more room for storage and ample of free space on the deck for mobility and stress-free paddling. You can also sit on the deck, lay down, practice yoga and fitness session or try your hands on stand-up fishing as well. 

Apart from stunning hull design, the deck of the paddle board is also decorated with eye-captivating design and stunning visual artwork that will grab loads of eyeballs of other paddlers on the water. 


On coming to the most important part, which is the performance of Body Glove Performer 11. Performance-wise, this paddle board excels in three core attributes which are stability, balance and cruise control as stated above in the beginning. 

You can easily take it for a ride on rivers, lakes, ocean bays, small ponds, and small choppy waves without the fear of tipping off into the water. For better tracking and directional flow, this paddle board has got triple tracking fins at the bottom.

One fin is large in size and removable while the other two small-size fins remain intact. You can use all three fins while moving against the wind or gliding on small choppy waves and remove one of them while surfing on flat water-moving waters. 


Body glove stability review

With the golden dimension of 11′ x 34″ x 5.4″, the Body Glove Performer 11 offers stability like no other paddle board out on the market. It narrow and curved design at the nose and wide shape on the back gives a very consistent feeling of stability and also allow you to carry additional gear and equipment along with your paddling or touring journey. On the edge, the Body Glove Performer 11 can slightly be unstable as compared to other small-size paddle boards. However, the lightweight construction and state-of-the-art technology make it easier to carry and transport it from one place to another. 

Larger paddlers, or those wanting to load their iSUP with more weight, should consider the Bodoy Glove Performer 11”. The extra foot of length does translate to noticeably more stability. Overall this SUP does have good primary stability (how it feels when flat on the water) and is a good option for smaller beginner paddlers on a budget.


Body Glove manoeuvrability review

Speed and manoeuvrability are the other important thing that makes Body Glove Performer 11 stand apart from others on the list. Because of its long length and lightweight construction, this paddle board gives a responsive paddling experience. Plus, it has got triple tracking fins at the bottom that will further enhance the manoeuvrability of the SUP.

The tail and nose have been very well optimized for better performance and unmatched stability and paddling experience. It will allow you to easily change the direction of the paddle board and also try forward and backwards paddling. 


As there are triple tracking fins at the bottom of this paddle board, tracking won’t be an issue with it. You’ll experience superior tracking and navigation on a variety of water types including: rivers, seas, lakes, choppy water, ocean bays and a lot more. 

With all three fins, the Body Glove Performer 11 remains on the course and gives straight forward tracking experience without compromising on speed, stability and balance. 

Also, the lightweight construction, narrow nose and tail design allow it to cut through a variety of water types like a charm. 


Body glove speed review

To be honest, the speed of Body Glove Performer 11 is not that great because of the length and construction of the board. This SUP is slightly on the heavier side which requires more paddling effort for better speed. The average speed of this SUP is 3-4 knots or about 4 miles per hour, which is more than enough for enjoying touring and sightseeing activities on the water. 

If you are paddling on it with your friend you can easily double its speed by getting more hands for paddling. 

When cruising with moderate intensity and focusing on gliding the board, the Body Glove Performer 11 does paddle at a very reasonable pace. Paddlers who like to focus on distance but are budget conscious should consider a longer iSUP like Body glove Performer 11. 


No, Body Glove Performer 11 does not comes with a kayaking seat, but is a hybrid paddle board SUP that has D rings attached to it. With the help of D rings and bungee lacing points, you can easily convert this SUP into a kayak. However, you need to purchase a sit-in-style kayak seat separately. 

Apart from converting this SUP into a kayak you can enjoy a more comfortable ride and take it for long-distance paddling as well. While converting it into a kayak, you need to be sure of purchasing a kayak seat that supports ventilation and gives breathability so you can get superior comfort for the back. 


Speaking about its storage, the Body Glove Performer 11 will give you ample storage space so you can carry all the gears, accessories and tools for paddling along with you. Because of the stunning length and wide width of this SUP, you’ll enjoy good storage space. 

You can also carry a paddle board cooler on the back side for long-distance camping and touring adventures of yours. 


Of course, this Body Glove Performer 11 is made seaworthy so you can enjoy taking it on all water types. From the deep sea to fast-moving rapids, from ocean bays to saltwater and everything in between this SUP is compatible with all water types. 

To experience the full potential of this paddle board I would recommend you to take it on flatwater types and sea where it will perform the best. 

The seaworthiness of this SUP is further enhanced by triple tracking fins that come along with this SUP. 

Suited for:

The Body Glove Performer 11 is suited for a wide range of paddling activities on water including: recreational rides, camping on lakes, day touring, night paddling, fishing, sightseeing and many other water sports activities. It is designed for those with a knack for adventure and fun on the water.

Newbies, beginners and all skill-level paddlers can take it for the ride and enjoy their day or night on the water. If you are a newbie paddler then make sure to take the paddling life jacket and other essentials while gliding on water. 

For safety, this SUP comes only with an ankle leash.

Construction Material:

Construction is what makes the paddle board long-lasting, rock solid and durable in nature. If your SUP is not rock solid there is no point in spending $500 or $1000 on it. 

Body Glove Performer 11 paddle board is made with triple layer stronger and side rails that enrich the durability and safety of this paddle board.  Also, the reinforced nose bumper and two points on the nose enhance the long serving life of the board. 

If you use this paddle board safely and with care, it can last more than 10 years. 

Warranty :

Yes, Body Glove Performer 11 does come with a year’s manufacturer’s warranty on the materials, and workmanship from the date of original purchase from an authorized Body Glove dealer or directly from their website. Also, there is a 90-day warranty on the accessories that come along with the paddle board. 

You can also return the SUP within 30 days if you are not satisfied with its performance.

So, buy this SUP with confidence and say goodbye to all your worries. 


Body Glove Performer 11 does come with all sorts of accessories that you need for setting it up. From a quick inflation hand pump to a large-size storage bag for keeping the SUP anywhere in your home or in the garage. 

Some of the notable accessories that come along with this paddle board are: an ankle safety leash that will keep you protected from accidents, a hand pump, D rings for converting the SUP into a kayak, bungee lacing points, large size carry bag with pockets, repair kit, warranty card and lot more. 

All the accessories of this paddle board are covered by 90-days of the manufacturer’s warranty. 

What Is The Cost Of Body Glove Performer 11?

The cost of Body Glove Performer 11 is $999 which is completely high as compared to other advanced level paddle board that comes within $400. However,  Body Glove Performer 11 is jam-packed with features and loaded with all the accessories that make it worthy to buy at this pricing point. 

Apart from that, this SUP is also backed by 1 year of warranty on construction and workmanship and 9 months of warranty on the accessories that come along with it.  

In my opinion, you can surely think of buying this board as it will stay with you for the long term. 

Who Should Buy Body Glove Performer 11?

Body Glove Performer 11 is a perfect paddle board and SUP for all-purpose usage. You can take it for touring on whitewater, rafting on the lake, surfing on the sea and also for fishing and racing adventures on the beachside. 

Beginners, newbies and expert-level paddlers can also take it for a spin and enjoy exploring the unexplored water. Even female paddlers can ride it with confidence without the fear of tipping off into the water. 

Can You Take Body Glove Performer 11 For Fishing?

Yes, you can take Body Glove Performer 11 for fishing and hunting activities. It comes with a 6-point bungee lacing system that will allow you to keep your fishing reels and gears. 

With the D rings attached, you can also convert this SUP into a full-flagged kayak and enjoy a more relaxed and comfortable fishing adventure. Plus, you can also try your hands with stand-up or fly fishing because of the stunning dimension of this SUP. 

What Activities Can I Do With Body Glove Performer 11?

As mentioned earlier, this Body Glove Performer 11 is suited for a wide range of activities on the water. From surfing to gliding, from fishing to touring, from camping to racing, from sightseeing on beaches to yoga and fitness session, this SUP is compatible with all kinds of water sports activities. 

Is Body Glove Performer 11 Durable Paddle Board?

Of course, Body Glove Performer 11 is a durable paddle board made with top-quality construction material. It is 100% resistant to UV rays, dings, dents and any kind of damage. Drop stitching construction has been used to make this SUP more rigid, stable, and stiff at the deck. 

Plus, its anti-slip deck will give you good hold and superior traction at the bottom. 

FAQs About Body Glove Performer 11

Is body Glove Performer 11 Stable?

Yes, Body Glove Performer 11 is one of the most stable paddle boards and SUP. The overall construction of this paddle board is done to give paddlers stunning stability, control and balance while riding on water. 

Can we use Body Glove Performer 11 for a tandem ride?

Of course, Body Glove performer 11 can also be used for tandem and 2-person rides. The amazing dimension of this paddle board and golden ratio makes it suited to carry 2 fully grown adults. 

Can we use Body Glove Performer 11 for fishing?

Yes, Body Glove Performer 11 can also be used for fishing and many other activities on the water. 

Can I convert Body Glove performer 11 into a kayak?

There are loads of D rings attached on the deck of this paddle board that will allow you to convert this SUP into a full-stack kayak. But you need to purchase a kayak seat separately. 

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