20 Kayak Storage Ideas & DIY Storage Tips For 2023 & Beyond

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Whether you agree with me or not, storing a kayak is undoubtedly the most difficult task for kayak owners out there. The kayak storage process becomes even more complex if you own a hardshell kayak without a proper backpack and storage accessories. 

Inflatable kayaks can be kept and stored easily as they come with a carry backpack and becomes small and compact when deflated. So, their storage becomes quite easy-peasy. 

However, plastic-made kayaks and hardshell kayaks are heavy, and bulky and occupy more space, which makes it daunting to keep them in your home, garage or store.  People living in small size homes or apartments can surely understand what I am trying to say over here. 

So, to make the life of anglers and kayakers easier, I have come up with 20 kayak storage ideas outdoors and indoors. From inflatable kayaks to fishing kayaks, from tandem kayaks to hardshell kayaks – these ideas for kayak storage will help you keep any kind of watercraft. 

Here’s a quick summary of the article.

  • What is the best way to store a kayak?
  • What type of kayak is easy to store?
  • Can you store the kayak in the garage?
  • Types of kayak storage rack
  • Can you store a kayak under a deck?
  • Kayak storage ideas for the garage and more

What is the best way to store a kayak?

There are loads of ways to store a kayak. If you are looking for a paid way to store your then you must get a kayak storage rack that will make things more easy and quick for you.

An outdoor kayak storage rack can easily hold up to 2 big-size kayaks and make your life easy. You can keep this rack either outdoors or indoors as well. Apart from keeping the kayak, the outdoor rack can also be used for keeping canoes, boats, surfboards, wakeboards and paddle boards.

Opt for a rack that is built with heavy-duty construction material with powder coated steel frame and comes with multiple straps to store your kayak. 

This is paid idea to store a kayak. 

If you are running tight on the budget and looking for free kayak storage, then make a rack yourself with DIY materials at your home. For making a free rack, you use PVC pipes, connectors, ropes and glue to make this rack. All these materials will cost you around $100 or less. 

What type of kayak is easy to store?

Of course, inflatable kayaks are easy to store because of their ability to get deflated anytime. Once the kayak is deflated, it becomes small, compact and easy to store anywhere in your home, store, car trunk or garage without causing any damage or occupying much space at your home. 

Many inflatable kayaks come with large-size storage backpack that makes storage and transition both very easy. 

Besides inflatable kayaks, small-size kayaks are also easy to store and keep anywhere. Small-size kayaks are 10 feet in height or less, which makes them very compact and hassle-free to store. Such kayaks can also be stored by making a DIY rack. 

Can you store the kayak in the garage?

Yes, you can store a kayak in the garage. Here are the tips to store a kayak in the garage. 

1. Ceiling rack:  

Ceiling rack

If you want free space in your garage and still store your kayak, use a ceiling rack. This kayak storage idea will cost you a bit, but it will be worth investing in and buying the ceiling rack. These racks are supported by padded arms to protect your kayak from causing dings or dents. You can either mount them parallel or vertically as you wish. 

2. Pulling system:  

Pulling system

This is a slightly affordable kayak storage tip for those running tight on their budget. A pulling system is a type of kayak storage idea that comes with a safety lock system that makes it easy to lift the kayak upside and prevents it from falling and causing accidents. It comes with to hoists with each giving a carrying capacity of 125 lbs, allowing you to store a small-size kayak on each arm. 

Yes, the arms are made with rubber material to hold up your kayak tightly without causing any dings or dents. 

3. Freestanding rack: 

Freestanding rack: 

This is one of my personal favourite kayak storage idea because a freestanding rack can be placed anywhere and moved easily. Such racks can also be dismantled and kept anywhere when they are not in use. Free-standing racks are generally made with heavy-duty construction materials and they can load up to 2 big-size kayaks easily. 

The average carrying capacity of such a kayak rack is anywhere between 200 lbs and more. 

Can you store a kayak under a deck?

Of course, yes. Storing the kayak under the deck is 100% possible, provided that the size of the deck is twice the size of your kayak. This will allow you to store your deck inside deck hassle-free. Moreover, if you are owning an inflatable kayak, then you can store it, even more, easier inside the deck as compared to rigid kayaks

Kayak storage ideas for garage, home and store.

1. Wall mounting 

Wall mounting 

Designed to store your kayak inside as well as outside, a kayak wall mount is an amazing kayak storage idea if you want to keep your floor space free. The wall mount system for kayaks is made with nylon strapping, metal hooks and heavy-duty construction material, making them capable enough to hold big and medium size kayaks. 

Apart from a kayak, you can also store your solid paddle board, wakeboards, capes, surfing boards for beginners and other watersport or outdoor gear within the permissible weight limit. 

Also, keeping your kayak upside will safeguard its hull from getting damaged and causing a dent. When you keep your kayak on the floor, there is the possibility that the hull of the kayak might bend or cause a dent. Once your kayak hull has wrapped it won’t give you similar performance, high stability and manoeuvrability experience. 

So, with the help of a kayak wall mounting system, you can easily store your kayak upside. 

Features: Good storage capacity | Corrosion Resistant | Heavy Duty Construction | Durable and Multipurpose.


  • Convenient 
  • Safe and secure 
  • Versatile 
  • Durable 
  • Affordable 


  • Suited for one kayak only 

2. Folding stands

Folding stands

If you are looking for a mounting free kayak storage idea, get a folding stand rack for your kayak right now. This is a pretty good way to store your kayak and keep its hull protected from the rough surface below. With this storage idea for kayak, you can prevent the hull from deformation for your next ride. 

You can consider keeping your stand-up fishing kayaks, touring kayaks, camping kayaks and recreational kayaks as well. The payload capacity of such racks is less, but they ensure total protection to the hull and entire watercraft. 

The stands are tubes are made with powder-coated aluminium construction material, making them durable enough to carry up to 150 pounds. Also, the folding design makes them easy to carry anywhere along your kayak. 

You also use this storage kayak storage tip for 2 personal canoes, wakeboards, longboards, surfing boards, paddle boards for windsurfing and lot more. 

Features: Foldable Design | Easy To Carry | Lighweight | Durable Construction 


  • Warranty included
  • Stable structure
  • Suited for large kayak
  • Built to last
  • Foam on handle


  • Suited for one kayak only

3. Freespace stands

Freespace stands

This is my personal favourite kayak storage idea that I mostly used for multiple kayaks of mine. Freespace stands or free-standing racks are not only durable but they are backed with humongous carrying capacity, which makes them suited for 2-3 kayaks of various sizes. 

The average carrying capacity of the free-standing rack is 250 lbs, making them suited for multiple kayaks and other watersports gliding equipment and tools. 

One of the best things about this kayak storage idea is that it offers a high level of performance and stability that will keep your kayak intact for years to come. It won’t topple even under the heaviest loads and conditions. 

Features: Good Carrying Capacity |  Rusting Proof | UV Resistant | Warranty Included 


  • Suited for 2 kayaks
  • Built to last
  • Foam arms
  • Very stable


  • Price is bit high

4. Wall hooks

Wall hooks

If budget is your constraint and you are looking for cheap and affordable ways to store your kayak upside, this is it. The wall hooks are a great idea to keep your canoe, surfboard, kayak and paddle board for recreational rides handled on the wall. 

These wall hooks systems are made with heavy-duty materials with top-level tubular low carbon steel, which s very sturdy and makes the hook durable for giving a strong grip to your kayak. They come loaded with all the mounting accessories making them easy-peasy to install. 

Kayak wall mounts for indoor or outdoor use. It can be installed on the wood wall, drywall, cement wall, and any other wall, just use it in your garage, living room, garden, or courtyard to store your stuff or tools.

Features: Space Saving | Easy To Install | EVA Arms | Guaranteed Hull Protection


  • Affordable 
  • Easy to install
  • Mounting gears included
  • Suited for 2 kayaks


  • Mourning takes time

5. Rack with wheels

Rack with wheels

This kayak storage technique is suited for those who don’t want to invest in storage racks and looking for a hassle-free way to store their kayaks and other water sports gear. A kayak cart with wheels can be used not only for transporting your ride but also to store it in your home, garage or store. 

Of course, they won’t give much protection to your kayak but from a storage perspective, they’ll protect the hull of your kayak. The total weight carrying capacity of wheels is 200 lbs more or less. They are constructed with high-strength steel material to ensure durability, while also being lighweight in weight. 

Features: Universal Carrier | Simple And Convenient | Easy To Carry | Very Lightweight 


  • Affordable
  • Easy to carry
  • Built to last
  • Transportation + storage


  • Suited for one kayak only

6. Trailer


If you want to carry your kayak to your favourite destination + store it without causing any damage, a kayak trailer will help you out. These trailers are easy to extend and assemble, making it easy to store your kayak and transport them as well. 

The carrying capacity of such trailers is anywhere between 100lbs to 150lbs, which makes it ideal to carry and load 1 big-size kayak. 

Buy a durable and indestructible trailer made with a steel frame, sturdy material and that can pull any type of kayak.

Features: Extendable | Multipurpose | Built Tough | Padded Contact Points | 


  • Strong enough to carry
  • Built to last
  • Suited for all watersport gear
  • Lighweight 


  • No cons

7. Kayak cover

Kayak cover

Whether you agree or not, storing your kayak will extend its life and protect your investment. So, if you are looking for the best kayak storage tips for the off-season, there is no better way than using a kayak cover. An appropriate kayak cover will protect your ride for outside elements. 

Kayak covers are not only from the environmental point of view but are also great for your pocket and are budget-friendly. The above-mentioned kayak storage ideas won’t protect your ride from UV rays, dust and other outside particles like the kayak cover will do. 

Bag style covers are best suited to keep your kayak protected outside. Also, they are the best option to keep your kayak protected while transportion. These covers work like charm and are easy to use. You need to slide you into the bag and close it up. 

Features: UV Resistant | Dust Protection | Rusting Proof | All Weather Suited |


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Multipurpose 


  • No cons

8. Strapping system

Strapping system

Another cool and convenient kayak storage idea is to use a kayak pulling system or strapping system that will hold your kayak upwards tightly without falling it apart on the ground. You can also use this idea to clean your kayak or paint the hull which is at the bottom. 

Since your kayak will be located upward, cleaning and painting it becomes easy. You can also make changes in the height with the help of adjustable straps that comes along. 

If you opt for a heavy-duty pulling system made with robust engineering and durable material, you can keep the kayak upto the weight of 125 lbs. There are safety locks as well to prevent accidental release of the kayak. 

Features: Rubber Coated Hooks | Adjustable | Safety Locks | Robust Engineering | Quick Set Up 


  • No mounting needed
  • Compact and subtle
  • Affordable
  • Flor space saving 


  • Only for indoor usage

9. Kayak hanger

Kayak hanger

The next kayak storage idea is to use a kayak hanger or cargo ceiling system. This idea is more suited for those looking to store their watercraft outside either in the garage or store. A simple yet powerful tie system can hold up to 150 lbs, making it suited for small-size kayaks. 

Most of the hanger comes with a tieing system allowing you to lower and raise your kayak without powered hoists, making it easy to use by beginner kayakers or paddlers

The only drawback of this kayak storage idea is that it is time-consuming, however, once your hanger is ready, you can use it multiple times without setting it again and again. 

Features: Lighweight | Strong | Durable Construction | Compact In Size | Beginner Friendly 


  • Affordable 
  • Good carrying capacity
  • Easy to use


  • Time-consuming 

10. Kayak Wrap 

Kayak Wrap 

This is the most simple and cheapest kayak storage idea that you’ll ever come across. Suited for both indoor and outdoor kayak storage, this wrap system works like a genius tool and protects your kayak from abrasion, UV rays and external weather conditions. 

This method is also easy and convenient to use. You don’t need any mounting tool or third-party accessory to use this system. Simply cover your kayak in the wrap and it will stay protected. 

However, this system won’t protect the hull of your kayak, or won’t safeguard it from causing dings or dents. That’s because your kayak will be laying down o the ground and not uplifting. 

Features: Easy To Use | External Protection | Cheap and Affordable | Quick Processing 


  • Simple
  • Beginner friendly
  • Suited for any size kayak
  • Multiple usages


  • Not durable
  • Can cause damage to the kayak

So, the above-mentioned 10 kayak storage ideas, tips and DIY techniques were paid for. Now, let us look for some free kayak storage tips and ideas. 

Free Kayak DIY Storage Ideas and Tips

1. DIY Wall Hanger Storage Idea

If you have a long lenght wall at your home or at the garage, this DIY kayak storage idea is perfect for you. With the help of a few materials like PVC pipe, glue, sticks and a saw, you can easily make a kayak DIY wall hanger for storage. 

With the help of one single long PVC pipe rack, you can easily make a mount for two medium and big-size kayaks. The total cost of making this do-it-yourself storage rack for a kayak is not more than $100. You can also make it zero-cost if you have all the accessories and gear with you. 

The following things are needed to make this rack: PVC Pipe, Glue, a Saw for cutting and measurement tape. 

2. DIY PVC Storage Idea For Kayak  

As the name says, this type of kayak storage idea just involves basic duck tape, tee joints and a PVC to make the rack that can store up to three mid-size kayaks. This types of rack are easy to make within 1-2 hour without many issues. 

The following things are needed to make this rack: PVC Pipe, Glue, a Saw for cutting, duk tape and measurement tape. 

3. DIY Indoor Storage Rack  With Straps 

If you have got some long straps on your home which is of no use, you can use them for making a kayak indoor storage rack. 

The benefit of this DIV storage idea is that the weight of your kayak will get evenly distributed and there is less chance of getting your kayak damaged. On top of that, this type of DIY storage idea for kayaks can be made at zero cost, provided that you have relevant accessories at home.

You can also use such racks for paddle boards, small canoes, lighweight surfboards and other gear as well.

The following things are needed to make this rack: Long straps, Glue, a Saw for cutting and measurement tape. 

4. DIY Simple Storage Rack

This type of kayak storage idea needs a little investment in purchasing plywood, PVC pipe, bolts and some screws. If you have all these accessories at your home, you can make a such rack for free of cost. 

This rack is made with a combination of PVC and plywood material by squeezing them together, which can result in collapse. 

The advantage of this rack is that you can save upto several kayaks and you can also design it as per your wish. 

The following things are needed to make this rack: PVC Pipe, Glue, a Saw for cutting and measurement tape. 

5. DIY Kayak Wooden Storage Idea

If you have got some furniture-making skills, then making a wooden kayak rack or cart out of wood can be easy-peasy for you. However, making this type of rack requires time and a skill set, which everyone might not be having. 

So, if you don’t want to waste time and un-necessary money, I would recommend you opt for paid racks only. 

However, you’ll have one benefit for making a customized wooden rack, which is keeping the length, width and carrying capacity under your control and customizing it to the next level. 

The following things are needed to make this rack:  Wood material, Glue, a screw, a driller, a Saw for cutting and measurement tape. 

6. Steel DIY Kayak Storage Idea

Similar to the DIY wooden kayak storage rack idea, you can also make a rack with steel materials in your home. You can either use a steel material, which is not in use and in the shape of PVC and make a rack out of it. For example, you can steel curtain rods and any other steel rod to make this type of rack. 

Yes, making this type of rack is slightly complicated and you must have relevant skill and time to do it. 

The following things are needed to make this rack: A steel rod, Glue, a screw, a driller, a steel rod cutter for cutting and measurement tape. 

7. Store your kayak in the cupboard

If you are having a useless cupboard in your home or elsewhere at your friends’ or family members’ homes, then you can leverage this opportunity and keep your kayak inside it. However, your kayak should be in a smaller size as compared to the size of the cupboard. 

8. Rent a place nearby 

Just like people can rent a place for their vehicle, you can also rent a place for your kayak. Look for nearby your kayaking destination so that you don’t have to carry the burden of carrying a kayak everywhere you go. Contact nearby kayaking stores or rentals and they’ll surely help you with loads of options. 

If you are kayaking on the beach side, then you can obviously opt for boathouse services 

FAQs About Kayak Storage

Why it is important to store a kayak?

It is important to store your kayak nicely to protect them from getting damaged by UV rays, heat, weather conditions and other sorts of abrasion in the form of dings, dents and more. 

How to store a kayak in the garage?

You can store a kayak in the garage with the help of a wall mounting system, kayaking roof rack, pulling system and folding kayak racks. 

How to store a kayak on the wall?

To store a  kayak on the wall, you need to use a wall mounting rack system or place the kayak vertically leaning towards the wall. I would prefer the first option as it is safer. 

Is it okay to hang kayaks on walls? 

Yes, it is okay to hang the kayak on the walls, provided that you can good safety rack and ropes to hold the kayak tightly for a long duration. 

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