21 Best Recreational Kayaks [Best In The World]

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A recreational kayak is a special type of kayak that is solely designed for fun and leisure activities on flat water, choppy water, sea, lakes and rivers. Such kayaks are also wider and a bit shorter as compared to touring kayaks, making them more stable and versatile.

While there are tons of recreational kayaks available in the market, it might get confusing for you to select anyone. Therefore, I have curated a list of the best recreational kayaks that are worth buying this year. 

These kayaks are from a range of top-rated brands in the market including Sea Eagle, Riot, Jackson, Lifetime, Wilderness, Pelican, Aqualgide and a lot more. 

So, without wasting much time let’s get started with the main content. 

21 Best Recreational Kayaks

1.Azul Recreational Kayaks Sun 11

Azul Recreational Kayaks Sun 11

The first on this list of best recreational kayaks is by Azul Sun 11 which is suited for 2 people. This kayak boasts an easy to carry design and enough deck room space for carrying your essentials and other accessories. This kayak would be your great choice if looking for recreational activities on the water during summer.

It comes with 2 paddles for easy rowing and gliding on water. Using these paddles, you can move ahead within a few strokes of the water. 

The seat of this kayak is adjustable and comfortable that features a T grip handlebar to help you in bringing your little ones or your pet. Both the seats features backrest support and a good ventilation system to keep your back cool and calm. 

On the backside, there’s a large tank well where you can keep your backpack, kayak cooler, or any other gear. 


  • Adjustable backband seats 
  • Rear storage platform  
  • Bungee lacing 
  • Cup holder  
  • Molded footrests  
  • 2 flush-mount rod holders  


  • No cons at all

2.Azul Recreational Kayak Sun 9 Deluxe 

Azul Recreational Kayak Sun 9 Deluxe 

This is yet another recreational kayak by Azul that is suited for 1 person. It comes with an adjustable seat to give you superior comfort and backrest support. You can make the directional changes in the seat as per your wish and comfort level. 

Right at the front of the seat, there’s a small dry storage box to keep your small tools, essentials and digital devices like cell phones, kayak watches, binoculars and a lot more. In case you have a knack for fishing, there’s also a fishing rod holder to keep your gear close to your hand. 

Talking about its design, the front row is very narrowly constructed to allow you to cut through the water and glide smoothly against the winds. The keel is sharp and hull wide which ensures maximum stability and effortless rowing experience. 

Coming back, you’ll find a large tankwell with bungee lacing to store your essentials and gears. There’s a bungee lacing and a small tankwell at the bow as well. 

Overall this is a good kayak to buy for recreational purposes this year. 


  • Lightweight 
  • Easy to carry
  • Dry storage box
  • Fully accessorized 
  • Good speed


  • No cons at all

3.Eddyline Skylark Kayak For Recreational

Eddyline Skylark Kayak For Recreational

When talking about the best recreational kayaks for 2022, Eddlyline has to be on this list. This is one of the best entry-level recreational kayaks that is loaded with many features to reward you as you grow as a paddler. From top to bottom this kayak is made with Carbonlite ABS plastic material that makes it rigid, hard and rock solid.

The shape offers a clean performance, while and wide cockpit gives you a sharp entry and exit from a kayak. This kayak is very narrow and gives good speed on any type of water condition. 

A padded seat with cushions and thigh support in the cockpit will help you in reducing hip and back fatigue and will enhance your efficiency while paddling. Yes, it also includes an adjustable footrest system to give you proper paddling posture and control while moving against the wind.

This kayak stands at 12 feet, 26 inches in width, 13 inches in depth, weighs around 41 pounds, carrying a capacity of 295 pounds. The cockpit size is 35 x 18.5 inches. 


  • Bungee lacing
  • Carry handles
  • Made in the USA
  • ABS laminate construction
  • Padded seats
  • Easy to use


  • No cons at all

4.AdvancedFrame Ultralite Inflatable Kayak

AdvancedFrame Ultralite Inflatable Kayak

If you are looking for a lightweight recreational kayak, here it is. This advanced element kayak comes in a hybrid design framework, allowing you to fold the kayak easily. It is equipped with a built-in aluminium rib at the bow and stern to slice through the waves and give you a smooth gliding experience.

Tracking and navigation are excellent with this kayak as the stern acts at Skeg itself. Speaking about its construction, this kayak is made with extremely durable materials in a 3 layer construction, making it tough and durable.

There is plenty of onboard storage room for keeping your accessories, kayaking gears and other tools. Also, it sets up in just a few minutes and is compact enough to take along on a weekend adventure.


  • Bungee deck lacing  
  • Rubber moulded handles  
  • Hard-edge bow and stern
  • Storage compartment
  • Neoprene paddle guard
  • Adjustable back support


  • Slow in speed

5.Ocean RecreationalKayak Malibu 

Ocean RecreationalKayak Malibu 

According to me, a recreational kayak should have enough deck room space to carry a child, dog, and other essentials. If you are hunting for such type of kayak, Ocean Kayak Malibu XL has got your back.

This sits on the top recreational kayak for 2 and offers greater stability for paddlers looking to explore the lakes, ponds, sea and fast-moving rivers. It is made with highly durable liner polyethene construction that offers it good life and years of service.

Since it is situated in a recreational kayak, the rocker will enhance the directional flow and turning as you paddle in a straight line. Both the seats that come along are padded and offers extreme comfort to help you with proper paddling posture.

Last but not the least, there are self-bailing scupper holes to keep the water out, so that you can stay afloat all the time.


  • Bungee deck
  • Skid plate
  • Self-bailing
  • Accessories eyelets
  • Drain plug


  • Heavy to carry
  • Tracing issues

6.Advanced Elements FireFly  Recreational Kayak

Advanced Elements FireFly  Recreational Kayak

This is another sit in a recreational kayak by the Advance Element brand. The FireFly kayak is 100% inflatable with an average inflation time of less than 10 minutes. It will not only save your precious time but also give you an awesome ride and experience worth remembering. 

It has several unique features that make it a complete family type kayak and seaworthy. 

For example, it has a rigid bow and stern pattern for enhanced tracking and improve directional flow. It is easy to set up and Tiwstlok valves allow the quick flow of air. The hull features a landing plate and tracking fin for better performance.

When the kayak is not in use, you can simply store it in your cupboard, garage or at your store. 


  • Rubber moulded handle
  • Bungee deck lacing
  • Mesh pocket
  • Advanced Elements Spring Valve
  • Heavy-duty PVC main chamber


  • No cons at all

7.Aquaglide Deschutes 145 Recreational Inflatable Kayak

Aquaglide Deschutes 145 Recreational Inflatable Kayak

This is a full-size tandem recreational kayak by Aquaglide, a brand that is known to be making the best inflatable kayaks. The overall weight of this kayak is only 27lbs and it’s carrying capacity is 600lbs. You can also convert this kayak into a single personal boat by simply removing the backside or front seat. 

Aquaglide Deschutes 145 is best suited for the long waterline, lakes, shores and is great for camping as well. The open cockpit design makes it easy for paddlers to enter and exit, while the simple setup gets you on the water in minutes.

Even if you don’t know how to set the kayak, you can read the instruction manual and get carried on. 

Along with this kayak, you also get comfortable Core 2.0 seats that have thick padded cushions and high, supportive backrests; on warm days, the breathable backrests help keep you cool.


  • Lightweight 
  • Good carrying capacity
  • Comfortable
  • PVC construction 
  • Open cockpit


  • Not that durable 

8.Riot Edge 14.5 Kayak For Recreational Kayak

Riot Edge 14.5 Kayak For Recreational Kayak

If you are looking for a long and lengthy sit-in recreational kayak, this is it. With a stunning lenght of 14” feet and 32” width, the Riot Edge 14.5 is surely one of the longest lenght kayaks on this list. Its impeccable height and narrow design offer a smart and sufficient ride. 

It has the right amount of chines and keel designed so it tracks well and remains swift and versatile in all types of water conditions. The cockpit is oval and features enough space beneath for leg movement and comfort experience.

The Riot 14.5 also features Flex 4 comfort seats that are fully adjustable to ensure comfortable, efficient paddling. The seats are backed by foam material which is 2 times thicker as compared to ordinary kayak seats. 

Some of the other notable features of the riot are the rudder system, rescue straps, deck lines, bungee lacing and 2 storage hatches with seals.


  • Large in size
  • Oval cockpit
  • 2 hatches
  • Dry storage 
  • 100% safe and secure


  •  Very heavy to carry

9.Riot Edge 11 Kayak For Recreational

Riot Edge 11 Kayak For Recreational

This is yet another sit in a recreational kayak by Riot that remains low on the water. Once you take it for a spin, you’ll feel like shrunk down with its progressive chine and generous sleek outline that makes it ideal for effortless paddling on a variety of water.

For your comfort, this kayak is loaded with a fully adjustable backrest and seat that is made with thick foam padding that makes it optimized breathable and an excellent ventilation system.

You can easily take this kayak for a spin on a lake, tranquil water, deep sea, fast-moving rapids, ocean bays and a lot more. Since it has a narrow bow, you can also take it in tight spots and unexplored destinations on water. 

Tracking in this kayak will be simple as it features a track rite skeg system for easy steering and control.


  • Rudder ready
  • Dry storage
  • Bulkhead
  • Rod holder
  • Safety straps
  • Comes with a paddle


  • Heavy to carry
  • Small in size

10.Riot Enduro 12 Kayak For Recreational

Riot Enduro 12 Kayak For Recreational

Here’s another exceptional piece from Riot kayak. The wide and stable, Riot 12 is all about safety, speed, agility and amazing carrying capacity. With a gently designed hull and integrated skeg, this kayak is a perfect mixture of durability, tracking and good speed. 

It also features a large cockpit with thigh braces and a comfortable seat to make your paddling more effortless and coozy. From simply cruising on the lake to taking it for next level fishing, this kayak is ready for your adventures.

Talking about its seat, the Riot 12 has got Flex 4 seat that is fully adjustable and comes with backrest support that lowers and raises to ensure comfort on the water. The seat is made with high quality cushioning material that ensures optimum ventilation and airflow. 


  • Flex seat
  • Dry storage
  • 15″ rubber bow & stern 
  • Track-rite Skeg system
  • Self Rescue Safety Straps
  • Flushmount rod holder


  • No con at all

11.Delta Kayaks Delta 17 Kayak

Delta Kayaks Delta 17 Kayak

Made for small, medium and large size paddlers, the Delta 17 kayak for recreational purposes comes with a V-shaped hull, sharp keel, narrow design and moderate rocker profile for smooth gliding and impressive tracking on water.

This entire kayak has been constructed with Thermoform ABS plastic which makes it durable and hard enough to tackle any condition on the water. This construction also makes it low in maintenance and ensures the stunning longevity of the kayak.

The key USP of this kayak is deck fittings with recesses and hatches so that you can carry all your essentials and kayaking gear with you. The cockpit also offers enclosed fittings without being too rookie.


  • Padded seat
  • Bungee deck
  • Rudder system
  • 100% safe and secure
  • Made in Canada


  • Not beginner-friendly 

12.Oru Kayak Inlet Recreational Kayak

Oru Kayak Inlet Recreational Kayak

If you are looking for a foldable recreational kayak, this is it. The Oru Bay St is a 100% foldable kayak that is suited for any paddlers. You can easily store this kayak in the deck of your car and take it to your ideal paddling destination. 

Trust me, this is not your average recreational kayak or inflatable fishing kayak. The Beach LT is built smart and sturdy, and it can be assembled within 5 minutes. It will help you in turning spontaneous outings on the water into lifelong memories with the Beach LT.

This kayak is also made to last with the help of double-layered custom polypropylene, so sand, sticks, and stones won’t break your boat. The kayak went through thousands of manufacturing tests and fold cycles and came out as a winner in all tests. 

Along with this kayak, you get a full range of accessories like paddles, protective kayak packs, and outdoor adventure tips to make your next outdoor expedition unforgettable.


  • Made from custom polypropylene 
  • Foldable 
  • Kayak option for any skill level
  • Treated with 10 years of UV protection
  • Rated with a lifetime of 20,000 folds


  • The price is bit high

13.Boreal Baltic 120 Kayak

Boreal Baltic 120 Kayak

Backed by Swede from the hull, the Boreal Baltic 120 recreational kayak is super fast and best known for its smooth ride and stunning looks. It comes with a large size cockpit that allows ample room to move and get yourself comfortable for long hours.

The hull of the kayak is made with Rotomolded high-density polyethylene plastic for amazing durability, strength and easy care. The keel line is sharpened and the deck is made sturdy for you to move around with confidence. 

To ensure paddlers’ safety, the Boreal has included safety straps and with a large cockpit, there is ample room for leg and knee. Plus, the bulkhead improves buoyancy, while skeg takes care of tracking.


  • Deck safety line
  • Wide hull
  • Exceptionally fast
  • Backrest
  • Durability
  •  Skeg


  • Storage issues
  • Large in size

14.Pelican Mist 100XP Sit-On-Top Recreational Kayak

Pelican Mist 100XP Sit-On-Top Recreational Kayak

Here’s introducing the best beginner-level sit on a top recreational kayak made with High-density polyethylene plastic material that makes it rock solid and rigid. 

If going anywhere without your cell phone makes you cringe, there is a smartphone holder allowing you to carry a cell phone. Apart from the phone holder, it has also got a rod holder so that you can also take fishing activities on the water. 

The kayak might look heavy to carry but it weighs only 47 pounds and has a carrying capacity of 300 pounds. Additionally, there are carrying handles, making the transportion work easy for you. 

On the backside, you can keep the kayak cooler or crate and make your small expeditions into a long adventure. 


  • Ergocoast XP Seating system 
  • Smartphone holder  
  • Robust carrying handles  
  • Rod holders
  • Drain plug
  • Easy yo carry


  • No cons at all

15.Oru Recreational Kayak Bay ST  

Oru Recreational Kayak Bay ST  

The Oru kayak Bay is a lightweight folding kayak, that can take you on wonderful day trips or epic overnight adventures. 

This kayak has a 12-ft long hull and is 25 in wide, so it can show a good combination of speed and stability, making it an excellent option for both novices and more proficient paddlers. It might be great for lakes, ocean bays, flatwater, and slow-moving rivers.

The main advantage of an Oru Kayak Bay is that you don’t require to be concerned about carrying a foot pump with you. It can be effortlessly unfolded and assembled and then folded back up when you’re prepared to go home.


  • Easy to Assembly
  • Deck Rigging
  • Portability
  • Sit-Inside Cockpit
  • Lightweight


  • No cons

16.Aquaglide Chinook 90 Inflatable Kayak

Aquaglide Chinook 90 Inflatable Kayak

Aqualglide is a company that has an immense passion for making kayaks and inflatable boats. That’s the reason why I have included Chinook 90, an inflatable recreational kayak on this list. It manoeuvres easily through tight spaces and takes you to your ideal fishing destination effortlessly.

The kayak is very compact in size and offers quick inflation time so that you can get into the water within minutes. 

The Thermoformed ABS construction protects it from any kind of abrasion and makes it impact-resistance coupled with superior ultraviolet technology. When not in use, the kayak rolls up into its bag, making it easy to store in a car, SUV, truck, home cupboard or garage. 


  • Padded seats
  • Tracking fin
  • UV protection
  • 100% durable
  • Made in the USA
  • D rings


  • No cons at all

17.Old town loon 106 Angler Kayak – 2022

Old town loon 106 Angler Kayak - 2022

Old Town needs no introduction. They have been making kayaks and water sport accessories for more than a decade now. This OldTown106 is a perfect mixture of customizable work decks with a sharp keel line for smooth gliding and an effortless paddling experience.

This kayak excels in comfort with the active system 2.0 seats and easy gripping thigh pads to create a stunning cockpit space. It is also loaded with features including fishing Rod holders, an anchor system, a Click Seal hatch with bulkhead for storage, 2 carry handles, 2  bungee, a paddle clip, a drain plug, and more.

All these features make Old Twon Loon 106 an ideal recreational kayak for newbies, beginners and expert paddlers alike. 


  • Multipurpose kayak
  • Suited for all
  • Removable work deck
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to store
  • Flexible and versatile


  • No cons at all

18.Jackson Kayak Big Rig 

Jackson Kayak Big Rig 

The Jackson Big Rig Kayak needs no introduction. As the name says, this is a large size kayak that is versatile and boasts stability like no other kayak. Whether you take it for fishing on the lake or on the river, this kayak will surely give you a stunning experience on the water.

For this year, Jackson has upgraded its design and included a new Ergo seat that gives you a more comfortable and sturdy ride and features MOLLE compatible webbing on the rear of the seat for attachment of on-hand equipment and tackle boxes.

It also features truly universal rod holder that works with rods of all disciplines and sizes, with multiple modes to help you stage and lock rods to fit your fishing style.


  • Big and stable 
  • Double-layered standing pad  
  • Ergonomic seat 
  • Versatile rod holder  
  • Compatible with SeaLect 
  • Gear tracks 


  • Very heavy to carry

19.PerceptionPescador Pro 12 Kayak 

PerceptionPescador Pro 12 Kayak 

There is no shortage in the marketing for kayaks, but it is very difficult to choose reliable and durable fishing kayaks.  

The Pescador Pro is a sit-on-top kayak, which is the most popular recreational and angler kayak set-up. It has a wide cockpit that’s comfortable to get in and out of with a bunch of room to stretch out. 

This kayak is a little narrower than most kayaks of similar length. Along with the smooth, tapered hull design gives top speed when compared with other fishing models and recreational. 

For long keel means the Pro 12 takes a little more time to react to your paddle strokes.


  • Solid top speed
  • Lots of ways to customize
  • Good for calm coastal settings


  • No rudder
  • Lack of dry storage space
  • Maneuverability suffers in rough water

20.Wilderness SystemsAtak 120

Wilderness SystemsAtak 120

The ATAK is an advanced tactical angling kayak. This boat is designed for anglers who want a faster kayak that keeps the features and stability of the previous model. 

The A.T.A.K. 120 comes in at 12ft 3in and has a width of 35in, providing a lot of room for the user. Its deck height is 16in and is still low enough to oppose the consequences of strong wind. The boat weighs 86 lbs. So it’s quite heavy.

The weight capacity of this kayak is 400lbs, so you can load any kind of gear and still feel safe on the water.


  • Very comfortable
  • Ample dry storage
  • Handles well
  • Decent speed
  • Molded side carry handles


  • Very heavy

21.Itiwit Decathlon Inflatable Recreational Kayak

Itiwit Decathlon Inflatable Recreational Kayak

The Itiwit Touring kayak has become a classic among kayaks for newbies. The kayak is available as a 1-, 2- or 3-seater. 

Decathlon Itiwit Touring kayak pledges more stability and better performance on the water. furthermore, it has thicker boat skin and doesn’t need the polyester cover anymore.

With Double paddle and life jackets must be purchased separately. The backpack is good for short transport to the water. It can easily disassemble and fold.

With V-shaped front of the kayak enables smooth entry into the water. 


  • Stability
  • User comfort
  • Easy assemble and dismantling
  • Glide performance
  • Volume


  • No cons

FAQs About recreational Kayaks

What is a recreational kayak?

A recreational kayak is a type of kayak that is especially used for pleasure and leisure activities on the water. You can use it for sightseeing, moving across the lake and or another purpose

Is it worth buying a recreational kayak?

Yes, it is worth buying recreational kayaks because they are highly stable, affordable and can be used by beginners as well

Which is the best recreational kayak?

Although there are multiple recreational kayaks, but Azul Recreational Kayak Sun 9 Deluxe is the best

How much does the recreational kayak costs?

The average cost of a recreational kayak is around $500 to $1000

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