18 Best Rigid Kayaks, 2 Person, 3 Person, For Fishing

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So, you have been paddling and kayaking for a while now and you want to invest in rigid kayaks but you find yourself confused to opt for any 1 single rigid kayak as there are tons of models out there. With the increasing popularity of rigid kayaks made of hard and durable materials, it is hard to get started with.

Keeping all your needs and wants in mind, I have curated a list of the best rigid kayaks made with ultra-durable material and built to last. These kayaks can be used for day touring, recreational activities and fishing as well. 

So, make sure that you read this blog post till the end and get to know the best rigid kayaks out there in the market. 

18 Best Rigid Kayaks

1.Old TownLoon 120 Rigid Kayak – 2022

Old TownLoon 120 Rigid Kayak - 2022

Old Town has been making some of the best rigid kayaks for a while and Loon 120 is one of their top-selling models. With an implacable height of 12″ this is a big size kayak that stands out from the rest in the market. Its sport looks and highly visible red color will surely make you fall in love with it at first sight. 

The maximum carrying capacity of this kayak is 170kgs which is more than enough for a single person. Since the cockpit space is humongous, you can also carry your dog or small child along with you. However, make sure you follow all the safety procedures. 

In addition to the large size cockpit, Loon 120 comes with a comfort system 2.0 seat which is one of the most advanced kayaking seats in the market. Such a seat will give you comfort and back support when paddling for long-distance. 

The game-changing feature of this kayak is a USB supported work deck that will allow you to carry all your digital devices along with you. So, if going anywhere without your cell phone makes you cringle, Old Toon Loon 120 is the kayak waiting for you. 


  • Feature-rich recreational kayak 
  • Durable construction  
  • USB-ready  work deck 
  • Generous cockpit  
  • Stern hatch  
  • Drain plug


  • Suited for 1 person only
  • Fewer features for fishing 
  • No rod holders

2.Ocean Malibu Tandem Rigid Kayak 

Ocean Malibu Tandem Rigid Kayak 

Looking for a 2 person rigid kayak? Ocean Malibu Tandem has got your back. The sit on the top design of this kayak makes it perfect for all your family adventures. It will not only keep you high and dry but also safe throughout your paddling journey.

It comes along with a pair of adjustable seats to ensure the comfort and safety of both the paddlers. You can also make more deck space by removing one of the seats and taking it for a solo ride. More deck space would give you better storage options, manoeuvrability and control over the kayak. 

The sit on top hull design makes it easy for both the paddlers to enter and exit from the kayak, while the footwells allow centre-seated paddlers to settle in and brace their feet comfortably.

In my opinion, you should take this kayak for a recreational ride along with your friends and family and enjoy the sun in the summer with multiple seating positions. 

As of now, this kayak is also available in 3 different colors to give you enough options. 


  • Compact, lightweight 
  • Two Comfort Plus seats 
  • Overlapping foot wells 
  • Skid plate  
  • Screw-in drain plug  
  • Molded-in side carry handles  
  • Gear straps for storage


  • No rod holders
  • Not for fishing 

3.Jackson Bite Rec Rigid Kayak 

Jackson Bite Rec Rigid Kayak 

This is one of the most sought-after fishing kayaks at the pricing point of $704.65. It features a top-quality hull design, performance, gear management and superior comfort with sit on top design to keep the paddlers away from the splash of water. 

New for this year, the Bite has upgraded its seating system and thought of adding more comfort with the frame seat which is the perfect combination of breathability, drainage and comfort.

The deck space of the kayak is very wide and gives you ample space either for storage or mobility. It’s gear track has also been upgraded to give you more mounting options, so that you can carry the best fishing gears and equipment for those big catches. 

From fishing activities to day touring adventures, the Bite family offers a full-featured, premium kayak experience with something for quite nearly any outdoor enthusiast at a very attractive price point.


  • Open-concept deck
  • Ample storage fore and aft
  • Updated bungee
  • Four recessed areas 
  • Included flush mount 
  • rod holders and cup holders
  • Four moulded-in inserts


  • No cons

4.Old TownCastine 140 Rigid Kayak

Old TownCastine 140 Rigid Kayak

Offering you a range of benefits and features in a user-friendly package, the Old Town Castine is one of the most stable, comfortable and high optimized for performance rigid kayaks. It comes in 3 different sizes, allowing you to find the best fit for you.

This kayak is very narrow, long and fast enough to take you to your ideal destination with a few strokes of the paddle. It also features a comfortable and adjustable ASCII seat, adjustable foot braces for better control and to give you an amazing paddling experience. 

It is also supported by thigh braces to give you comfortable all-day rides. For storage, you’ll find a quick seal hatch front and back to keep your gears and small accessories safe and dry.

So, whether you want to go fishing, sea kayaking, canoe tripping, or want to enjoy a relaxing paddling experience on the lake, Old Town Castline 145 is a watercraft for every type of adventurer.


  • Innovative seating
  • Loads of storage
  • Packed with features
  • 14 feet long
  • Narrow design
  • Good speed


  • Slightly heavy to carry

5.Old TownSportsman Big Water Pedal Kayak

Old TownSportsman Big Water Pedal Kayak

Now here comes the big daddy of the rigid fishing kayaks. It is the best-suited kayak for open water anglers, fishing pro and duck hunting experience on a wide variety of water. It comes with a reverse and removable pedal drive system. 

It is jam-packed with some of the most stunning features: including customizable accessory tracks, cushioned floor for better mobility and unmatched comfort, a custom tackle box to keep small tools and gears, and plenty of rod holders.

Right at the front of your seat, there’s a universal transducer mounting system that will allow you to attach your favourite fish finder (sold separately), and a side-mounted hull paddle clip keeps your backup paddle secure and out of the way while you fish.

Also, this 13-foot, 2-inch kayak has a maximum carrying capacity of 500 pounds and a usable capacity for people and gear of 383-pounds.


  • Advanced fishing features
  • Rod holders
  • Removable pedal system
  • Adjustable seats
  • Tankwell
  • Custom tackle box


  • Very heavy to carry

6.Old TownSportsman Autopilot 136 Kayak

Old TownSportsman Autopilot 136 Kayak

As you could conclude by its name this is an autopilot rigid kayak that comes with a 12V Minn Kota motor with 45-pound thrust and Spot-Lock technology, allowing you to place your kayak in one spot and get hands free fishing experience. 

By far, this is one of the most advanced kayaks in this list with a hull designed to tackle bigger water, high tides and waves as well. This is a high tech kayak and ultimate fishing beast with a range of features that will help you safely on the water and keep all your fishing gears at close reach.

The cockpit size is very large and spacious. Also, the tankwell will give you a stunning platform that is easy to organize with ample of room space. This kayak also includes four accessory tracks and four flush-mount rod holders.

The seats are comfortable and perfect for all-day paddling. They are durable, UV resistant and perfectly balances comfort and breathability. You can position it either high or low. 

There’s also a Non-slip EVA foam deck pad that provides traction when standing.


  • Easy to customize
  • Comfortable sitting
  • Stable standing
  • Loads of storage
  • Breathable seat
  • 12V Minn Kota motor


  • Price is high
  • Heavy to carry and transport
  • High maintenance 

7.Jackson KayakTake Two Rigid Kayak

Jackson KayakTake Two Rigid Kayak

As the name says it, this is a 2 person rigid kayak for fishing and recreational adventures on the water. It offers a large carrying capacity and wide deck space for storage or better movement. Both the front and back seats are easily adjustable, allowing you to convert this tandem kayak into a solo ride. 

With a cutting edge hull design, this kayak will take you to your ideal fishing destination within a quick time. You can also take it to the unexplored places on the water where other kayaks find it hard to reach. 

The comfortable seats will give you endless options for sitting and adjusting position to make it great watercraft for fishing, recreational paddling or even for longer trips.

Although the kayak lacks storage hatches on bow and stern, there’s a tankwell at the back, allowing you to carry your large size cooler, backpack or kayak crate as well. 


  • Versatile  kayak
  • Rotatable seats
  • Tri-Trak multi-loading  
  • Spacious open cockpit 
  • Day hatch 
  • Hull space 
  • Rear tank 


  • No cons

8.Old TownVapor 12XT Kayak

Old TownVapor 12XT Kayak

Here’s introducing a rigid kayak that is built for utmost stability, stunning cruise control and perfect for anglers, sportsmen and bird watchers. The Old Town Vapor 12XT is loaded with features that will make you fall in love for. From its click seal stern hatch to molded in cockpit try, it has everything that you need for an awesome paddling experience.

Although the kayak is not suited for fishing, you can surely enjoy a stable and efficient ride with the added cruise control of the Vapor 12 XT’s.

Since this beast features a stable hull design and narrow shape at the bow, maneuverability in this kayak will be easy peasy for you. You can also easily turn it in any direction swiftly without fear of tipping off. 

Overall this twelve-foot kayak has an exceptional 375-pound maximum load capacity and features a limited lifetime warranty. Paddles sold separately.


  • Storage hatch
  • Carry handles
  • Bungee lacing 
  • Good speed 
  • Amazing tracking
  • Enhanced directional flow


  • Small in size
  • Low carrying capacity 

9.Ocean Caper Sit-On-Top  Rigid Kayak

Ocean Caper Sit-On-Top  Rigid Kayak

If you are searching for a rigid kayak with amazing primary and secondary stability, this is it. This Ocean Caper Sit-On-Top  Rigid Kayak is made with Polyethylene material that makes it long-lasting and high in performance. The hull shape is very stable, while the sharp keel line will give you an enhanced gliding experience. 

The cockpit is very roomy and there’s enough space to keep your extras, while the front storage hatch can be used to keep your digital devices dry and away from the splash of water.

Coming back, there’s a small size tankwell that can be used to carry a kayak cooler or a small size crate. Backpacks and other essentials can also be carried. 

Along with that, there’s also a built-in rod holder at the bow and stern grab handles and side-mounted carrying handles make the boat easy to handle off the water.


  • Lightweight kayak
  • Easy to carry
  • Built to last
  • Good stability
  • Better cruise control
  • More speed


  • Not for fishing 

10.Jackson Yupik Rigid Kayak 

Jackson Yupik Rigid Kayak 

Jackson Yupik Rigid Kayak has taken the paddling and kayaking industry by storm. It is designed by keeping all the needs of modern-day fishermen in mind and gives the paddler utmost stability and comfort while gliding on water. You can take it on a variety of waterways without facing any stability and tracking issues. 

Talking about its specification, the Yupik has a carrying capacity of 452 lbs, which is pretty good to carry a fully grown adult and small child as well. But don’t overload the kayak and go beyond 75% of its total weight carrying capacity.

The kayak is also backed with second seat capabilities and specialized accessories to improve the experience for everyone. 

Yupik offers an open deck cockpit system with non-slip padding and a gear track in the middle that goes all the way from front to back. You can also stand on the deck and try your hands with a stand or fly fishing. 

There’s so much space that Jackson says you can put another seat and carry a dog or child along with you. 


  • Very versatile
  • Space for a child or dog
  • Large standing platform
  • Tons of gear tracks
  • Lots of cargo space


  • Very heavy to carry 

11.Jackson Rigid Kayak Bite Angler

Jackson Rigid Kayak Bite Angler

Jack Bite Angler will take your fishing experience to the next level. It will cut through the water and take you to your fishing spot without compromising stability, control and balance. The hull quality is optimized for performance, gear management and comfort. 

It also comes with an upgraded comfort seat to give you unmatched breathability, comfort and drainage in the framed seat at this pricing point. On the deck, you’ll find plenty of room for storage, or to stand and fish.

Also, the open cockpit design along with bungee lancing will give you additional storage space. Plus, you get tackle boxes and spots for rod and cup holders on either side of the comfort seat.

Overall look and feel of the kayak is great and comes with loads of features that make it a perfect buy for this year. 


  • Advanced features
  • Amazing speed
  • Optimized hull design
  • Comfort seat
  • Sharp keel
  • Wide cockpit 
  • Loads of storage


  • Price is high 
  • Heavy to carry

12.Old TownNext Kayak 

Old TownNext Kayak 

Combining the features of both canoe as well as kayak, this watercraft by Old Town will take your paddling journey to the next level. It will give you a natural and easy paddling experience. Even newbies and beginners can take it for a spin and try their hands at paddling. 

It features a lower profile, making it easy to ride, especially for the amateur paddler. However, the lower profile may not keep you high and dry when paddling on fast-moving rapids or high waves as you’ll close to the water. 

So, I would recommend you to opt for a spray skirt for protection. 

The hull of the kayak is backed with 3 layer rocker for straight, smooth and better tracking, while the removable seating system will take care of your comfort when out for all-day paddling or long distances. 

The narrow shape of the kayak at the bow makes it easy to reach tight spots and gives better directional flow to the paddler. Also, it will cut through the water very fast and high. 


  • Adjustable seats
  • Footbrace system
  • Easy to use
  • Made for all
  • Low deck profile
  • Good speed
  • 3 layer hull construction 


  • No storage space’
  • Not accessorized
  • No paddles

13.Old TownLooksha T Tandem  Rigid Kayak

Old TownLooksha T Tandem  Rigid Kayak

Here’s introducing the longest size paddle rigid kayak in this list. The Looksha 17 is 17feet long and 23 inches wide with a weight of 65 pounds. Its large height and narrow design make it best for recreational and day paddling on whitewater, saltwater, river, sea, lakes and ocean as well. 

The interior space is 33 x 17.25 inches which is slightly less, but enough for one person to sit comfortably. Plus the foam padded seat will give you extra support and keep your back cool and calm.

The hull is constructed with Super-linear polyethylene, which makes it tough and rock-solid for any condition on the water. Plus, the multichine design and extra profile allow the kayak to move easily in rough water conditions as well. 

Along with the adjustable seats, you’ll also come across adjustable foot pedals that accommodate different size paddlers; controls in the cockpit deploy a foot-pedal-controlled rudder. 


  • ACS seat
  • Cross lock system
  • Bungee deck
  • Made in the USA
  • Very comfortable
  • Optimized for speed
  • V hull design 


  • Too large
  • Heavy to carry
  • Storage issues

14.Perception Outlaw 11.5 Sit-On-Top Kayak

Perception Outlaw 11.5 Sit-On-Top Kayak

Having a wide-open deck on a kayak will always give you the upper hand when fishing or duck hunting. The Perception Outlaw 11.5 rigid kayak comes with a wide standing platform with elevated seating arrangement and intuitive features that will make you fall in love with it. 

From top to bottom and front to back, this kayak is solely made for the purpose of fishing. It is supported by a removable pro seat with a mesh seating area and versatile seating position. It also features a double-barrel rod holder to allow you quick access to your fishing gears and get those big catches.

It’s dimensions are 11″.6″ in height, 35″ in width, the weight of 77 lbs and a total carrying capacity of 425 lbs. This is the ultimate affordable fishing kayak that everyone dreams to buy. 

In the footwell, there are self-draining scupper holes that will keep the water out of the kayak and keep you high and dry 24*7. You can take it on lakes, ponds, slow-moving rivers, calm coastal, sea and whitewater as well.


  • Adjustable seats
  • Rod holders
  • Self-draining
  • Configurable storage
  • Replaceable skid plate
  • Cup holders


  • No cons

15.Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 Kayak 

Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 Kayak 

Here’s another top-selling fishing kayak by Wilderness System. This kayak is known for its Phase 3 air pro seat that is fully adjustable and gives you tons of adjusting options. Also, its renowned hull design offers the utmost stability without sacrificing performance.

Along with the adjustable seat, there are adjustable footrests to give a comfy cockpit for paddlers of all shapes and sizes, and thigh pads provide a more comfortable fit. 

The key USP of this kayak is its dashboard that is backed by a removable Dry box, 2 cup holders, sidetrack for accessories and a recess designed for the Wilderness systems battery to keep your digital devices charged up 24*7. 

What’s more?

This entire kayak has gone through rigorous engineering and testing and assures you of stability without sacrificing performance. Plus, its incredible speed makes the Pungo the easiest to paddle and most efficient kayak in its class.


  • Deck pouches
  • Bungee lacing
  • Advanced dashboard
  • Stability guaranteed
  • Comfortable 
  • Good speed


  • No cons

16.Boreal Baltic 120 Rigid Kayak

Boreal Baltic 120 Rigid Kayak

I always recommend people to buy a kayak made with rotomolded high-density polyethene plastic material. Such kayaks are exceptionally fast, smooth at every stroke of paddle and come with wide cockpit space. And Boreal Baltic 120 is such a kayak. 

This kayak comes in bring yellow colour that makes it look visible on and off the water. There’s a bungee lancing system on the back as well as front to help you with attaching your gears, tools and backpack. 

For storage, there are 2 hatches one at the back and one in the front. The front hatch is small and can be used for small gears and tools, while the back hatch can be leveraged for keeping large accessories and equipment for fishing. 

Flex 4 seat has a fully adjustable backrest support. You can move it as per your need and wants and enjoy a comfortable kayaking experience. 


  • Secure and safe
  • Good storage space
  • Adjustable backrest
  • Flex seat
  • 2 hatches
  • Bungee lacing 


  • Heavy to carry
  • No rod holders

17.Eddyline Skylark Kayak

Eddyline Skylark Kayak

This is the most rating and highest buyer product in Rigid kayaks. The Two important things you can never miss are the beauty of this kayak and its outstanding quality. I am 100% sure you will love it!

It is the best for flat waters like brooks, rivers, lakes, and the coastal areas and on the water, the cockpit is roomy enough to easily get in and out of the boat. It is easy to prop up your knees or you can straighten them under the deck.

With outstanding stability and ease to maneuver the REI customer service is quick. If you want beauty and lightweight this product is perfect for you.

DON’T wait just buy it! 


  • Lightweight kayak
  • Good stability
  • Carry handles
  • Made in The USA
  • Comfortable


  • Higher Price
  • No tracking system

18.Azul Kayaks Expedition 10 Deluxe Kayak 

Azul Kayaks Expedition 10 Deluxe Kayak 

Still, you are looking for the best kayak. So I think this kayak is a perfect match with your requirements. Azul Kayaks Expedition is lightweight, stiff, and also very responsive when you put a stoke in and out. This one is the lightest boat you ever picked up.

There is plenty of storage capacity available and it is too comfortable and stable. Azul kayak is the perfect boat for small/medium size paddlers at all skill levels on a day trip to the lakes and flat rivers.

If you plan to mae a one-day trip, this one is the best pick-up option for you.


  • Lightweight Kayak
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to transport
  • Easy to paddle
  • Easy to love


  • No tracking system

FAQs About Best Rigid Kayaks

What are rigid kayaks?

Rigid kayaks are types of kayaks that are constructed with hard materials like plastic or wooden construction material

Are rigid kayaks good for fishing?

Yes, the majority of fishing kayaks are made with rigid construction materials and they are the most popular choice of the majority of padders

What are rigid kayaks made of?

Rigid kayaks are made of plastic or wooden construction materials

How much do rigid kayaks cost?

The average cost of rigid kayaks are between $200 to $600

What are the benefits of rigid kayaks?

Rigid kayaks come with advanced fishing features, better stability, highly durable and long-lasting

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