13+Paddle Board For River 2023 [River SUP]

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Choosing a river paddle board is surely one of the most daunting tasks, especially if there are too many options avlabiel in the market. With a wide range of types, sizes, color options, features and brands, it might not be and easy to opt for the best river SUP this year. 

So, to make things bit easy for you, I have created this blog post on 13+ best river SUP to buy this year. These SUPs are from top-rated brands like DAMA, FunWater, Sea Eagle, Roc, GoPlus, Atoll and a lot more. 

You can surely think of buying any one or two of these SUP and enjoy paddling on the river. 

What is river paddle boarding?

You can select any paddle board with peace of mind, but when it comes to buying a stand-up paddle board for the river, you need to play your cards wisely. River paddle boarding is an activity that you carry out along with SUP on fast-moving river rapids. Since the river water flows at great speed with gentle currents, you must select an appropriate river SUP for the best performance. 

What type of paddle boards are perfect for river rides?

River SUPs that are backed by triple-tracking fins at the bottom are best suited for this activity. Such paddle boards will offer a superior tracking experience and smooth gliding experience on river rapids. Also, the size of the board should not exceed 11 feet and 33 inches in width. 

The lightweight paddle board are always recommended by experts to opt for river paddle boarding adventures. 

How to buy a river paddle board?

When buying a river paddle board you must look for the following attributes in your paddle board. 

  1. Length of the board: I already mentioned that the length of your river paddle board should not be more than 11 feet. Your board should be between 10-11 feet in height. Also, it should be pointed at the nose and stern so that you can easily cut through it on any type of water. 
  1. Width of the board: The width of your river SUP should be around 33”. Wide with will give you free deck mobility and simple of space you can step around easy and also carry some paddling accessories and gears. 
  1. Carrying capacity: The carrying capacity of the river SUP should be anywhere between 300 and more or less. However, the carrying capacity should be more than 350 lbs. 
  1. Construction material: Buy a river paddle board that is made with drop stitching construction material, military-grade construction material or PVC construction material. Many river stand-up paddle boards are made with a combination of all these materials and you can consider buying such SUPs. 
  1. Tracking fins: The river paddle board must have triple tracking fins at the bottom without fail. Triple fins will help you with tacking the fast-moving rapids and moving against the wind. 

What are some essentials to take for river paddle boarding?

River paddle boarding is not everyone’s cup of tea. Even when you are planning for river SUP activity, make sure that you are loaded with all the relevant gear and tools to keep you safe and sound. 

Following are the essentials to take along with you for river paddle boarding.

  • Take a paddling life jacket that will protect you in case of an accident. This is must-have gear for those who don’t know swimming
  • Take a whistle and you can blow it in case of emergency or when you are lost. 
  • Use sunglasses and sunscreen if gliding on hot summer days.
  • Paddle boarding wet suit is also a must-have gear.
  • Don’t forget a watch, GPS system and dry storage cover to keep your digital devices safe. 

13+River Paddle Board

1.ADVENOR River Paddle Board

ADVENOR River Paddle Board

Length 11 FT | Width 33 | Thickness 6  | Weight 18.7 lbs | Carrying Capacity  330 lbs

Not every day you’ll come across a river paddle board that is made with non Slip EVA deck pad and high-quality materials that can withstand high pressure and makes the board resistant to UV rays and any kind of damage. 

This is an ultra-light paddle board designed for beginners, newbie, and male and female paddlers alike. You can use this paddle board for fishing, yoga, fitness exercise, duck hunting, river rafting and for a lot more water sports adventures. 

To improve its overall speed, stability, security, handling, and control there are 3 fins at the bottom. The board also comes with a double-action hand pump for rapid inflation and deflation. Plus, it is also compatible with an electric paddle board pump as well. 

Performance review

This Advenor stand-up SUP for the river is purposely made extra long and wide so that it can tackle the daunting river condition. Plus, the pointed nose and sharp design allow to move at great speed and give you a stunning surfing experience on the water. Also, this is one of the few paddle boards with triple tracking fins at the bottom that enhances its overall speed and cruising control on river rapids.

Real Customer review

ADVENOR Paddle Board Rating and review

Why should you buy it?

The best thing about this SUP is its manufacturer’s warranty of 1 year and 30-days of hassle-free return policy if you are not satisfied with the performance of the paddle board. Also, the customer support team at Advenor works around to clock to satisfy your query. 


  • Suited for all activity 
  • EVA deck pad
  • UV rays
  • 100% safety
  • Good speed


  • Lacks some features

2.Roc Inflatable River Paddle Board

Roc Inflatable River Paddle Board

Length 10 FT | Width 33 | Thickness 6  | Weight  17.5 lbs | Carrying Capacity  350 lbs

When talking about the best river paddle boards, this piece by ROC has to be on my list. With zero leakage issues, this paddle board works great and glides like a charm on any type of water. Since it is 100% inflatable and foldable, it is convenient to transport and store it anywhere.

The stability is great as well and the board comes loaded with all the accessories that you need for spending quality time on the water. I would recommend buying an automatic inflation pump, as the hand pump that comes along takes time to inflate the board. 

Speed of the SUP is amazing as well and within a few strokes of a paddle you can take it to your ideal location on the water. 

This board is constructed with ease and fun in mind. Whether this is your first ride or you’re a paddle pro, this is the board that you’ll love.

Performance review

The performance is the top-notch of this ROC stand-up SUP for the river. Glide it at any speed, it won’t ever compromise on its stability, tracking and navigation. At 33 inches, the deck of this SUP is made extra wide to give you ample mobility and space for movement.

Real Customer review

Roc Inflatable River Paddle Board rating and review

Why should you buy it?

Weighing at just 17 lbs, this ROC SUP for the river is one of the lighweight paddle boards on the market. Beginners, teens, newbies and kids paddlers alike can carry it with ease and without causing much burden to their back or shoulder.


  • Portable
  • Easy to carry
  • Good speed
  • 100% safe
  • Amazing stiffness


  • Not for beginners
  • Not seaworthy

3.PORTAL SUP Inflatable Paddle Board For River

PORTAL SUP Inflatable Paddle Board For River

Length 10.6 FT | Width 33 | Thickness 6  | Weight  17.8 lbs | Carrying Capacity  300 lbs

If you can’t go anywhere without leaving your cell phone, even while paddle boarding, this SUP for the river is surely made for people like you. What’s great about this paddle board is its dry storage bag that comes along to keep your phone and other digital devices. 

The paddle board is not only suited for professionals but it has got something for everyone. With this board, you can head out for relaxing paddle on a calm lake or catch the fish in the ocean.

It is also loaded with three grab handles (2 on the side and 1 in the middle) offer multiple ways to drag or lift the SUP, depending on personal preference. You can also use a kayak trailer for hassle-free carrying and transposition. 

Performance review

This portal SUP is perfectly crafted with anti-slip-resistant material and includes safety ropes to protect you from river rapids. The deck offers extra grip so that you can tackle those mighty river waves with ease and comfort. Also, changing the direction or course of this SUP won’t be an issue because of its lightweight design and compact size. 

Apart from river rapids, this SUP can also glide on other water types and conditions. 

Real Customer review

PORTAL SUP Inflatable Paddle Board For River Review and Rating

Why should you buy it?

Portal SUP stands by its quality. They also offer 1 year of customer warranty with no additional cost. Also, they are always on their toes to solve any of their customer’s queries, doubts or clarifications.  All these add-on services make Portal SUP apart from others. 


  • Detachable Fin
  • Ankle Safety Leash
  • Carry Backpack
  • Hand Pump W/Gauge
  • Repair Kit&User Manual
  • Phone waterproof bag


  • Less carrying capacity 

4.Vilano Journey Inflatable River SUP

Vilano Journey Inflatable River SUP

Length 10 FT | Width 31.5 | Thickness 6  | Weight  25 lbs | Carrying Capacity  200 lbs

If you are looking for a cheap stand up paddle board that can perform on all types of water, this piece of Vilani is waiting for you. With the extra advantage of being lighweight, portable and easy to carry, this paddle board is one of the best in the market. 

You can easily roll it up and stuff it inside a large backpack that comes along with other accessories. There is no need to have a car kayak rack or pontoon boat trailer. Simply deflate this board and carry it anywhere you go. 

The board stands 10 feet long, 31.5 inches wide and 6 inches thick and is made with durable PVC/Korean drop stitch construction material that makes it rigid, sturdy and stable. 

The only drawback of this board is its small size and very limited carrying capacity of 200 lbs. 

Performance review

If you are seriously looking for a high-performance river paddle board, this Vilano SUP should be on top of your list. With dual-layer rails for durability and drop stitching technology to maintain its shape, this SUP is built to tackle fast-moving river rapids only.  It tracks in a straightforward direction without causing much trouble to the rider.  The average speed of this paddle board is anywhere between 4-5 knots KPH. 

Real Customer review 

Vilano Journey Inflatable River SUP Review and Rating

Why should you buy it?

This paddle board comes in a complete package which includes a paddle, river stand-up paddle board, pump with air pressure, centre tracking fin, shoulder strap, large backpack, camera mount and mini dry storage bag. Buy it with confidence and thank me later. 


  • D rings.
  • Carry back pack
  • Adjustable paddle
  • Bungee lacing
  • Easy to carry


  • Less carrying capacity 

5.Paddle Board For River FATORK 

Paddle Board For River FATORK Review and Rating

Length 10.6 FT | Width 32 | Thickness 6  | Weight 18.7 lbs | Carrying Capacity  440 lbs

By looking at the image, you might have concluded this to be one of the most advanced river paddle board. If you did so, you are 100% correct. This is 100% safe and sound to use paddle board by FATORK that comes with a double-action pump, which will help you to quickly set this board in a short time. 

There are 3 tracking fins. One is large in size and the other two are small fins that enhance the stability of the SUP and escort you forward. For your safety, please use the ankle leash that will connect your leg and SUP to give you superior comfort.

The paddle that comes along with this board for rowing is detachable, meaning you can fold it into 3 pieces when not in use. This paddle is made with premium material, blade, shaft and handle. You can use the bungees of the SUP to store your gear and essentials. 

Performance review

When it comes to river SUPs, you must keep an eye on tracking and straightforward gliding of your paddle board. This FATORK SUP is constructed entirely in the USA with hand-picked material from pro riders which makes it compatible with river rapids. The paddle board glides and moves very smoothly without sacrificing its stability, performance and overall speed. 

You can glide anywhere between 5-6 knots KPH which makes it one of the fastest SUP on this list. 

Real Customer review 

Why should you buy it?

I am totally in love with the design, colour combination and stunning artwork on the paddle board. It really looks amazing and is visible on the water, which will not only attract eyeballs but also keep you safe during an accident. Plus, the dual bungee lacing is just like icing on the cake. 


  • Angle safety leash
  • Adjustable paddle
  • Wide deck
  • UV resistant
  • Damage proof


  • No cons at all

6.FBSPORT Premium Inflatable Paddle Board For River

FBSPORT Premium Inflatable Paddle Board For River

Length 10.6 FT | Width 31 | Thickness 6  | Weight 22 lbs | Carrying Capacity  280 lbs

If you are looking for a paddle board that is compatible in all weather conditions and can get you through any water type, this FBSPORT SUP should be on your list. It is super fast and agile and beginner-friendly which makes it flexible to use.

No matter how good or bad, you are at paddling, FB SPORT river SUP has got something for everyone. From its anti-slip deck design to narrow bow and nose construction, this SUP is jam-packed and loaded with loads of features. 

Activities like yoga, fitness, sunbathing, fishing and recreational touring will be easy peasy with this paddle board. The constriction is also made very sturdy so that the board gets installed quick and rolls up easy. 

Overall, this is a stunning stand-up paddle board for the river that is worth buying this year. 

Performance review

The unique design and foldable design of this FBsport river paddle board make it compatible with river rapids. It will give you a joyous ride and durable performance no matter how big or small the waves are. Because of the ligiwehgt construction material, this river SUP will float for long hours and give you a hassle-free ride. 

Real Customer review

FBSPORT Premium Inflatable Paddle Board For River Review and Rating

Why should you buy it?

This is an affordable paddle board which makes it suited for all types of riders. Paddlers from all economic backgrounds opt for it and enjoy gliding on river water. Yes, the premium accessories are also included along with the board. 


  • Sturdy 
  • Durable construction
  • Quick inflation time
  • Built to last 
  • Beginner-friendly


  • Small in size
  • Less carrying capacity 

7.FunWater Inflatable River SUP

FunWater Inflatable River SUP

Length 10.6 FT | Width 33 | Thickness 6  | Weight 17.6 lbs | Carrying Capacity  330 lbs

If you are not having big pockets and running tight on the budget, this cheap stand up paddle board is for you. It is supported by 30 days of the money-back guarantee, 60-days of guarantee on board and 1-year warranty on accessories. 

The stunning design and top-quality artwork on the deck will catch the eye of other paddlers on the water. Once it is out on the water it will perform to its maximum capacity without compromising on speed, quality and stability.

This entire paddle board has been designed by keeping the needs, requirement and demands of modern and old school paddlers in mind. That’s why it cant be used for paddlers of all skill levels and age. 

The only drawback associated with this paddle board is the heavy size that makes it daunting to carry. 

Performance review

What if I tell you this is a high-performance river stand-up paddleboard? I know you won’t believe me. So, buy this SUP and experince its true potential yourself. Smooth gliding, comfortable tracking and high-level rigidity are what you’ll experince with this SUP. The speed of this paddle board is anywhere between 3-4 knots KPH. 

Real Customer review

7.FunWater Inflatable River SUP review and rating

Why should you buy it?

This Fun water paddle board is not only suited for river rapids but compatible on all types of water. From ocean bays to flatwater, you can take it on any type of water and enjoy your day. 


  • Amazing design
  • Seaworthy
  • Suited for all riders
  • Unisex board
  • Repair kit included
  • affordable


  • Heavy to carry

8.Aqua Plus  Inflatable SUP For River

Aqua Plus  Inflatable SUP For River

Length 11 FT | Width 33 | Thickness 6  | Weight  20.3lbs | Carrying Capacity  350 lbs

The next river paddle board is best known for its stability and fast forward tracking which gives it an upper hand over other paddle boards on this list. It has been designed and constructed by taking the opinion of expert and professional paddlers so you don’t miss out on anything. 

When fully inflated this board stands at 11’x33″x6″ and weighs around 20.3 lbs with a carrying capacity of 350 lbs, meaning this is also a tandem paddle board that can be used by 2 adults. Take it out on any type of water, it remains stable and rigid.

At a great pricing point, this paddle board gives you everything that you need for spending an awesome day paddling, touring, camping, fishing on water or practicing yoga and fitness exercise.

So what are you waiting for?

Hop on the Amazon website right now and order this SUP right away. 

Performance review

The Aqua Plus paddle board is very sturdy and tracks like a charm on river rapids. It actually goes faster as compared to hardshell river stand-up paddle boards and is much easier to change the course and direction as well. With the triple tracking fins at the bottom, it will take your navigation and gliding experience to the level of awesomeness. 

Real Customer review

Aqua Plus Inflatable SUP For River Review and rating

Why should you buy it?

This is a complete package paddle board that comes fully loaded with relevant accessories like: a quick inflation pump, paddle for rowing, dry storage bag for cell phone, large size carry backpack, one large removable fin and a reader’s manual.


  • Small and compact
  • Tandem paddle board
  • Good storage space
  • Seaworthy
  • Beginner-friendly


  • Not comfortable on deck

9.DRIFT Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board For River

DRIFT Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board For River

Length 10.8 FT | Width 33 | Thickness 6  | Weight 19lbs | Carrying Capacity  250 lbs

With Amazing customer reviews from all across the world, this DRIFT river paddle board is not only one of the best, but the only the best river SUP on this list. Buy it with confidence and thank me later. 

The paddle board also looks very beautiful on the deck and made with high quality construction materials. You’ll also get a large size carrying bag with large buckles, zippers, and thick padding on the straps.

The overall construction of the SUP is very sturdy, solid and yet lightweight which makes the board easy to carry and transport. It takes less than 10 minutes to inflate the SUP. On the water, it remains stable and stiff to give you a smooth and comfortable paddling experince. You can inflate it upto 14-15 PSI and take it for a spin. 

Performance review

As you could conclude by its name, this paddle board will give you a drifting performance on river rapids. It moves very fast and tracks on the water like a charm. With its capability of drifting, you can also take it for paddle boarding competitions and racing on river rapids. Yes, stability is also a paramount feature of this paddle board, which makes it seaworthy and the best option to buy for river rapids. 

Real Customer review

DRIFT Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board For River review and rating

Why should you buy it?

You can set up this Drift paddle board in less than 10 minutes with the accessories that come along with it. Plus, it has also got a camera mount on the nose, allowing you to capture all your memories and wonderful pictures of rafting on the river. 


  • Rigid deck
  • Stunning design
  • Quick inflation time
  • Backpack with zippers
  • Bungee lacing


  • Less durable
  • Wear and tear issues

10.Underice Inflatable River Paddle Board

Underice Inflatable River Paddle Board

Length 10.6/11 FT | Width 33 | Thickness 6  | Weight 25 lbs | Carrying Capacity  370 lbs

This river paddle board by Underice can open up loads of fun and entertaining activities for you to enjoy the water. It is multi-purpose in nature so you, your pets, and friends and have fun on the water. It is also a great alternative to the traditional wooden surfing board and an interesting way to catch high waves on the ocean. 

You can take this paddle board for exploring lakes, slow-moving rivers, or coastal water in the most popular way of enjoying stand up paddle boarding. Plus, this SUP allows you to move around as close to the water as possible.

What’s more?

This paddle board has also gone through several quality testing procedures and examinations so that you get the best that you deserve. 

Performance review

This paddle board is built narrow, sharper at the nose and sleek to give you stunning performance on river water. The excellent drop stitching technology and reinforced with an additional layer make the board more thicker and capable to tackle high waves on the river. Not only on rivers, but you can also take it for surfing on other types of water including freshwater, saltwater and whitewater as well. 

Real Customer review

Underice Inflatable River Paddle Board Review and rating

Why should you buy it?

The black color design and visually appealing artwork on the deck make this SUP for river look amazing and beautiful. When you’ll take it out on the water, there will be loads of eyeballs on the SUP. 


  • Certified paddle board
  • Good design
  • Seaworthy
  • All rounded SUP
  • Smooth ride


  • Slippery on deck

11.Cooyes Inflatable  River SUP

Cooyes Inflatable  River SUP

Length 10.6 FT | Width 32 | Thickness 6  | Weight 23lbs | Carrying Capacity  330 lbs

Your search for the best hybrid paddle board ends here. This Cooyes paddle board comes with a kayak seat so that you can easily convert it into a full flagged boat and get more relaxing paddling and rowing experience on the water. 

The paddle board has got D rings, accessories mount, and bungee lacing so that you can easily convert it into a kayak within minutes. After converting it into a kayak, you can take it for fishing, recreational rides, touring, camping and long day paddling adventures on the water.

The best feature of this SUP is its six-foot elastic coiled ankle leash for safety. This leash is made of 7mm ultrastrong PU wire and a precise stainless steel swivel, which can resist water corrosion free from deformation. 

Performance review

The performance of this Cooyes river SUP is surely top notch with the planing hull design that is wider and flatter to boast an impeccable amount of stability and to take an easier turn. You can also move this paddle board backwards and forward with the rowing oar that comes along. 

Real Customer review

Cooyes Inflatable  River SUP Review

Why should you buy it?

This is a convertible paddle board, meaning you can make it into a kayak in less than 5 minutes by using a kayaking seat and affixing it along with the D rings on the deck. 


  • Convertilbe into kayak
  • Comes with kayak seat
  • D rings
  • Accessories mount
  • 100% safety guaranteed


  • No cons at all

12.Surfwave River Paddle Board

Surfwave River Paddle Board

Length 10.8 FT | Width 33 | Thickness 6  | Weight 18 lbs | Carrying Capacity  330 lbs

With a 5L dry storage bag, 4 points bungee lacing system, additional D rings for kayak seat, fin system and EVA deck pad, this river paddle board by Sufwave has got it all to give you safe, smooth and comfortable ride on the water. Turning and tracking are the two core USPs of this board, all thanks to its 3 point tracking system at the bottom. 

Moreover, this paddle board moves smoothly and quiet on any type of water. It glides effortlessly without making much noise, so you can enjoy a stress-free paddling experince. Plus, the streamlined stripes give the SUP a flowing sense and elegant look, which enhance its look and feel. 

Apart from that, this paddle board is also dog friendly in nature. With 33 in width+330 lb Max is enough for you and your pet to go out together, without worrying about no one to take care of your pet.

Performance review

A great river SUP should have three qualities: stability, manoeuvrability and durability. Luckily, Surfwave SUP has got it all. With the displacement hull design and 6 inches of thickness, this paddle board ensures a smooth and stable ride on river rapids. 

Real Customer review

Surfwave River Paddle Board Review

Why should you buy it?

This SUP is jam-packed with some of the best accessories to get your adrenaline pumping on water. From ankle safety leash to a 6-point bungee lacing system, from wide deck space to removable centre tracking fin – it has got it all. 


  • Camera mount
  • Bungee lacing
  • Dog friendly
  • Wide deck
  • Enough storage space


  • Heavy to carry

13.Soopotay SUP Paddle Board For River

Soopotay SUP Paddle Board For River

Length 10 FT | Width 32 | Thickness 6  | Weight 18 lbs | Carrying Capacity  280 lbs

For those looking for a beginner-friendly paddle board, Soopotay SUP for the river has got your back. This SUP is specially made for kids, beginners and amateur paddlers who want to learn paddleboaridng or want to brush up their existing paddling skills. 

When this SUP is not in use, you can simply roll it and stuff it inside a large size carry bag that comes along with it. It not only gets quickly inflated but you can also deflate it under 5 minutes when done with paddling. 

You can use this SUP for wider applications such as overnight camping trips, long-distance paddling,  fishing in deep seawater, surfing on fast-moving river rapids, kayaking in ocean bays, yoga and fitness exercise on the beachside and for lot more reasons. 

Performance review

The pointed nose and bow of this paddle board make it similar to a kayak or canoe. It makes the SUP capable of slicing through water, pushing the water around the nose to create a fast-forward paddling experince.

Real Customer review

Soopotay SUP Paddle Board For River Review

Why should you buy it?

Not only for river water but this SUP is also suited for a wide range of applications as stated. It’s a go-to paddle board for kids, teens, and male and female paddlers alike 


  • 5 l storage bag
  • Carry backpack
  • Multipurpose SUP
  • Versatile design
  • Suited for beginners


  • Only for beginners

14.ISPNZH Paddle Board For River

ISPNZH Paddle Board For River

Length 10.6 FT | Width 33 | Thickness 6  | Weight 17.5 lbs | Carrying Capacity 360 lbs

This foldable stand up paddle board for the river by ISPNZH is incredibly durable and lighweight, making it easy to carry and transport anywhere you want. It is designed to give you everything you need and nothing you don’t. The 6 point D rings will also allow you to convert the SUP into a kayak and enjoy more relaxing paddling.

It tracks well on whitewater, saltwater, flat water, ocean, river, sea and lakes. Within a few strokes of the paddle, you can take it to your ideal paddling location and enjoy doing your favourite water sports activity or exploring the water. 

No matter whether it’s your first time out or if you’re a seasoned professional, to ensure you stay safe when on the water, this SUP has got ankle safety leash and repair kit. You can also opt for a paddling life jacket for more security. 

Performance review

With the stunning displacement hull design, you can row this SUP with less effort. This will also allow you to go longer distances at faster speeds without compromising speed, stability and balance.  Manoeuvrability is slightly compromised but the overall performance is top-rated. 

Real Customer review

ISPNZH Paddle Board For River Review and rating

Why should you buy it?

The foldable design and compact structure of this SUP make it lightweight and easy to store. It also comes along with a large-size backpack allowing you to stuff your paddle board inside without occupying the space at your home or garage. 


  • Convertible into kayak
  • Includes repair kit
  • Easy to use
  • Quick inflation time
  • Warranty included
  • Money back policy


  • Takes time for inflation
  • Poor quality hand pump

15.ISPNZH River Paddle Board

ISPNZH River Paddle Board

Length 10.6 FT | Width 32 | Thickness 6  | Weight 17.5 lbs | Carrying Capacity 360 lbs

Here’s another paddle board for the river by ISPNZH that is suited for beginner level paddlers. The price of this piece is perfect for everything that you get with this board. Well made and designed for all paddlers from beginners to professionals. 

It is very lightweight and takes 5-10 minutes to pump and offers enough storage space on deck. You can carry your accessories like a paddle board cooler, fish finder, kayak seats, travel backpack and a lot more when on the water. 

The carry bag is perfect and you’ll love the way it fits and carries the board, pump and another couple of items. 

According to me, you can surely think of investing your time and money in this board as it is loaded with loads of features. 

Performance review

With long length, narrow and sleek body construction, this ISPNZH paddle board glides at blazing fast speed on whitewater and river rapids.  

Real Customer review

ISPNZH River Paddle Board Review

Why should you buy it?

For a more comfortable and leisurely ride, you can convert this SUP into a kayak and enjoy your day paddling on the ocean, river, lake or seashore. Yes, this is fully accessorized SUP as well. 


  • Affordable
  • Hybrid SUP
  • Easy to fold
  • Quick inflation time
  • All accessories included


  • Poor quality backpack
  • Poor quality pump

16.UICE Wood River Paddle Board 

UICE Wood River Paddle Board 

Length 10.6 FT | Width 32 | Thickness 6  | Weight 20 lbs | Carrying Capacity  340 lbs

For those looking for a super stable river SUP, this is it. With the ability to perform a variety of water sports activities, this UICE paddle board will provide the all-around fun and entertainment for you on the water. It has been designed to do a lot of things focused on paddling.

This SUP is also ideal for your family, friends or additional passengers out for a ride. It can be used for a variety of SUP sports, such as fishing, yoga, and surfing.

The design of the paddle looks very attractive and makes it look highly visible on the water.  The bag seems to fit everything perfectly I struggled with others in the past trying to fit all the attachments and the board itself inside.

Performance review

With PVC exteriors and drop stitching construction that arete an air core, this SUP because very rigid once fully inflated. It is designed to handle bumps up against rocks and logs as compared to a solid paddle board. Plus, the lightweight construction makes it more speedy and easy to carry. 

Real Customer review

UICE Wood River Paddle Board Review

Why should you buy it?

This UICE paddle board comes with a dry storage bag which can be leveraged to keep your food and beverages fresh for long-distance paddling. 


  • Fully accessorized
  • Stable
  • Rigid
  • Sturdy construction
  • Durable 
  • Long-serving life


  • Small in size
  • Less carrying capacity 

17.FunVZU Paddle Board  For River

FunVZU Paddle Board  For River

Length 10.6 FT | Width 32 | Thickness 6  | Weight 20 lbs | Carrying Capacity  330 lbs

If you are obssed with the speed and looking for a fast-moving river paddle board, this is it. The FunVZU SUP is known for its incredible speed and quick infation time. You can also take it on paddle boarding competition and enjoy its breezing-fast speed and smooth rowing experience. 

The board can easily hold the pressure upto 12-15 PSI that making it rigid and stiff on the deck. It will give good traction to your feet and the confidence to stand on the deck with enough space for mobility.

Plus, this paddle board works amazingly on all water types and weather conditions. You’ll also love the extra deck space for keeping your accessories and paddling essentials. 

Performance review

This paddle board is slightly slow on river rapids but maintains its stability and balance, all because of its drop stitching construction, narrow nose and stunning hull design. It is also easy to manoeuvre and turn around. 

Why should you buy it?

At an affordable pricing point, you can do pretty much everything with this SUP for the river. 


  • Good speed
  • Enough deck space
  • Bungee lacing
  • Deck traction pads
  • EVA foma


  • Poor quality paddle

18.Googo Inflatable Paddle Board For River

Googo Inflatable Paddle Board For River

Length 10.6 FT | Width 33 | Thickness 6  | Weight 19 lbs | Carrying Capacity 330 lbs

Googo Inflatable Paddle Board For River has a classic all-around shape that provides a good balance of stability, speed, and versatility. It felt like you are walking on water. 

The Googo SUP can be used for various paddling activities, including recreational paddling, on-the-water SUP fitness workouts, cruising with a dog or your friend, and more. This paddle board will make your holiday memorable. 

This paddle board features 33” width design, and offers extra stability while maintaining a seamless glide through the water. It’s easy for you to balance on, stand up, control and turn easily.

Performance review

Tracking, stability and manoeuvrability are the core attributes of this SUP, which gives it an edge over other SUPs. You can also change the direction of the paddle board aluminium paddle for rowing that comes along. 

Why should you buy it?

It is fully accessorized with premium paddleboarding materials. You don’t need to buy any other accessories from elsewhere. 


  • Easy to Balance
  • Maneuver
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to Inflate & Deflate
  • Large Bungee Storage Area


  • No cons

19.Homde Inflatable Paddle Board For River

Homde Inflatable Paddle Board For River

Length 10 FT | Width 30 | Thickness 6  | Weight 18 lbs | Carrying Capacity 253 lbs

Homde Inflatable Paddle Board For River is made of military-grade double-layer PVC material, which gives you stability and durability in water. 

Homde stand-up paddling board is 10’long and offers 30” of deck width for enhanced stability and balance while standing. It’s ideal for all skill levels and suits most water environments.

This paddle board is designed with a Non-slip EVA deck pad that offers solid traction underfoot and a soft grip for comfort while riding the board.

Performance review

Speed and durability is something this paddle board is good at. With simple strokes and less effort, you can take it to longer distances. Plus it is protected against UV rays, and damage from dings and dents. 

Why should you buy it?

Return it within 30-days and get your money back if you are not happy with your performance. 


  • High quality
  • Extra wide design
  • Safe design
  • Lightweight
  • Non-slip EVA deck


  • No Cons

FAQs About River Paddle Board

What is a river paddle board?

The river paddle board is a special type of SUP that is especially used for water sports activities on the river. It can be used for fishing, yoga, fitness and other touring purposes. 

Is it worth buying a river paddle board?

Yes, it is worth buying a river paddleboard. They are suited for multiple activities like fishing, yoga, recreation, touring, and a lot more.

How much does a river paddle board cost?

River paddle board costs are $100-$200 or more. The cost depends upon the brand to brand.

Can I use a river paddle board for fishing?

Yes, river paddle board can be used for fishing as well

Which is the best river paddle board?

 DAMA Inflatable SUP is the best paddle board for lake

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