6+Sea Gods Paddle Board Reviewed & Compared

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If you have a knack for paddle boarding and haven’t heard the name of Sea Gods, then you might be living under the rock. Sea Gods is a paddle board brand that has a strong foothold word wide, especially among the paddle boarding community. 

They have truly mastered the art of making paddle boards and SUPs for all range of water sports activities and adventures. 

Apart from a paddle board, they are also specialized in making other relevant water sports gears, equipment, tools, accessories and a lot more. 

So, if you are looking for buying some of the best Sea Gods paddle boards then you have come to the right place. In this blog post, I’ll walk you through some of the best Sea Gods SUP reviews + SALE and discount codes as well, so that you can grab the best deal. 

So, let’s get the ball rolling. 

Introducing to Sea Gods Brand

Sea Gods is a top-rated paddle board brand known for making eye-captivating and Cathy design paddle boards and SUP. With years of manufacturing and designing experience, they have got a wide range of paddle board under their belt which includes, Yoga paddle board, fishing paddle board, touring and recreational paddle boards. 

Why Should You Buy Sea Gods Paddle Board?

Sea Gods paddle boards are known for their eye-captivating design and catchy looks which makes them highly visible on and off the water. Plus, they use loads of colourful artwork on the deck which further adds creativity to the SUP and makes it look good. 

Apart from designing, Sea Gods paddle boards are also highly stable, good at speed and tracking, and most importantly they excel in manoeuvrability on the water. 

They are Too Expensive what to do now?

Yes, Sea Gods paddle boards are slightly on the expensive side because of their features and stunning design. So, if you are running tight on the budget you can opt for  Sea Gods paddle board alternative which I have mentioned below in the blog post. 

What are the different types of Sea Gods Paddle Board?

Fishing paddle boards, touring and camping paddle boards, yoga paddle boards and kids paddle boards and racing paddle boards are some various types of SUP that have got under the arm of Sea Gods. 

What are the core attributes of Sea Gods Paddle Board?

The core attributes of Sea Gods paddle board are: superior stability, EVA traction deck pads, high stability and unmatched control. 

Sea Gods Paddle Board Reviews

1.Sea Gods Diatom Ten6 Inflatable Paddleboard

Sea Gods Diatom Ten6 Inflatable Paddleboard

Diatom Sea Gods paddle board is handcrafted with premium construction material and stocked with top-rated accessories to give you the best paddling experince on water. This paddle board comes in a complete package and is ready for all kinds of adventures when you are. 

It stands at: 10’6″ x 34″ x 6″ and is suited for paddlers of all skill levels. For this year, this Sea Gods SUP is made with PVC ULF technology and heat molded seams with reinforced strips to make it more durable and long-lasting in nature. It is UV protected and can also withstand any kind of damage, abrasion, dings and dents at the bottom.

Moreover, there is one bungee lacing cargo tie-down with stainless D rings that will allow you to convert the SUP into a kayak anytime. You just need to purchase a kayak seat separately.

What’s more?

There are portage handles for easy carry, access/egress, and anchorage.


  • Upgraded 2022 PVC ULF technology 
  • Integrated seam reinforcing strip.
  • UV protective spray glazing
  • Strongest PSI range 
  • Light to carry 
  • Portage handles


  • Not for fishing
  • Slow speed

2.Sea Gods 2022 Carta Marina

Sea Gods 2022 Carta Marina

If speed is something that boils in your and you are looking for a paddle board that glides at lightning-fast speed, here it is. This Sea Gods SUP excels in speed. By keeping your cargo safe and your mind free to wander, this SUP will give you a smooth and stable ride. It is handcrafted with the best materials in the industry and backed by a lifetime warranty from Sea Gods.

The overall design and shape of this SUP are very narrow and sharp at the nose and bow. This makes it very speed and allows it to cut through the water. At the back and front, there are carry handles for hassle-free transportion, while 2 bungee cargo are placed on deck. There are ample of D rings so you can convert it into a watercraft as well. 

Ultra lite fusion technology has been leveraged to make the SUP more lightweight and easy to lift even by beginner-level paddlers. There is also an integrated accessory mount allowing you to carry ample of your gears and tools. 

I personally loved the Air 7 V2 Universal US Fin Box accepts multiple fin styles. 


  • Integrated seam reinforcing strip.
  • Exclusive Apollo UV  
  • Strongest PSI range 
  • D rings
  • Light to carry and quick to inflate 
  • Premium military grade materials 
  • Portage handles 


  • Not for beginners

3.Sea Gods Skylla Cross

Sea Gods Skylla Cross

Here’s another Sea Gods paddle board that excels in tracking, manoeuvrability and stability. The Skylaa Cross by Sea Gods is made with new drop stitching technology which makes it even stronger and lighter. The stunning artwork on the deck is done by Kitsilano Wings, which makes the SUP look mesmerizing and eye-catchy.

You can this is beast for a wide variety of water sports activities and adventures including: touring on the ocean, surfing on whitewater, camping on the lakeside, paddleboarding competition and for fishing as well. 

The dimension of this paddle board are: 11” x 33” x 6” and the carrying capacity is 300+ lbs. This paddle board is also suited for 2 person ride and solo rides along with a small child or dog. 

Along with this paddle board, you’ll be getting a carbon fiber paddle, hiking backpack, double action hand pump for inflation, fin box, repair it and ankle safety leash. 


  • Fully accessorized
  • Good stability
  • Good speed
  • 5-year warranty
  • Beginner friendly
  • 2 person ride


  • Slightly large and heavy 

4.Sea Gods Ketos Racing

Sea Gods Ketos Racing

Backed by a lifetime warranty and 30-day money-back policy, this Sea Gods paddle board glides at blazing fast speed and will allow you to reach your destination on the water in a quick time. Speed is the core attribute of this paddle board that makes it apart from others. Within a few paddle strokes, you can take far away on the water.

The nose and bow of the paddle board are made narrow-sleeker and more sharpener that further enhances its speed, tracking and navigation on the water. 

This paddle board is designed and made in CANADA with a proprietary Drop Stitch Displacement Hull with a long lenght and thin width that offers unparalleled tracking, speed and efficiency. Plus, it offers the Strongest PSI range for ultimate rigidity and additional weight support.

You can take this paddle board on the lake, river, whitewater, fast-moving rapids, flatwater and most importantly for paddle boarding competitions. 


  • Highest caliber bungee
  • D rings 
  • Two bonus action camera mounts
  • Light to carry and quick to inflate.
  • Premium materials  
  • Upgraded European Bravo Valve
  • Air 7 V2 Universal US Fin Box 


  • Heavy to carry
  • Not  for beginners

5.Sea Gods Elemental Wave

Sea Gods Elemental Wave

Manoeuvrability is the most important attribute of any paddle board that helps to enjoy effortless gliding and surfing. This Sea Gods SUP has the upper hand in manoeuvrability with triple tracking fins at the bottom. 

The overall look and design of the paddle board are inspired by natural flow and balance. Also, the stunning artwork on the deck and design is crafted by famous artist and painter Colleen Wilcox.

When you’ll take this Sea Gods SUP on water, you’ll surely get loads of eyeballs. 

Apart from its stunning design and good-looking deck, this SUP has got integrated accessory mount, bungee cargo area, portable handles, extra D rings for conversion and a shoulder strap.

Following are the activities that you can do on this paddle board: camping, touring, fishing, tandem ride, yoga and fitness session and snorkelling as well. 


  • Convertible SUP
  • Hybrid 
  • D rings
  • Good looking
  • State-of-the-art technology used


  •  Slow speed

6.Infinite Mantra Inflatable Paddleboard

Infinite Mantra Inflatable Paddleboard

Not every day you’ll find a paddle board that can be used for yoga and fitness session. This Sea Gods inflatable stand-up paddle board is backed by remarkable stability and will give you the courage to breathe in the fresh air or strike a yoga pose.

From flatwater type to saltwater, this SUP maintains utmost stability without compromising on its quality and high performance. 

Talking about its design, this SUP is made with upgraded PVC ULF technology and heat molded seams and integrated seams reinforcing the grip. While standing on the deck, you’ll feel superior stability, stiffness and of course better tracking control. 

Along with this paddle board, you’ll get the following accessories: 3 piece paddle, a wheeled hiking bag, double action hand pump, a US fin box, a repair kit and an ankle safety leash.


  • Strong and Light
  • Easy to Ride
  • Dual Action Camera Mounts
  • Portage handles
  • Extra Side Handles
  • Kayak Seat Compatible


  • Not for beginners
  • Only for yoga and fitness

This was all about Sea Gods’ paddle board. I know they have got less SUP under their arm. So, if you are looking for more options and paddle boards that suit your need and wants, keep reading this blog post further. 

Below down you’ll find some SUP from other brands that are great alternatives to Sea Gods SUP. 

7.Goosehil Paddle Board [Sea Gods SUP Alternative]

Goosehil Paddle Board [Sea Gods SUP Alternative]

This Goosehill Sailor paddle board is a great combination of speed, stability, tracking and cruise control. This SUP measures 10’6”*32”*6” and weighs 20.5LBS, making it lightweight and fast enough to cut through a variety of water types and rapids.

One can opt for a variety of activities including cruising, racing on a quiet lake, camping on the ocean or touring on a calm river. It offers you versatile performance that you’ll need for awesome day paddleboarding. 

The R & D team at Goosehill has also invested heavily in the design and construction of the board. It is fully made in the USA with best in the world workmanship and quality construction material that makes it durable, rigid and long-serving in life. 


  • Wide and stable
  • Suited for fishing
  • Durable 
  • Long-lasting
  • D rings
  • Made in USA


  • Too narrow

8.FBSport Paddle Board  [Sea Gods SUP Alternative]

FBSport Paddle Board  [Sea Gods SUP Alternative]

Looking for a paddle board under $400? If yes, this FBSport SUP should be on top of your list. Backed by the great qualities and attributes of expensive paddle boards, this SUP has got everything to give you the best ride on the water at an affordable price point. 

From ankle safety leash to bungee lacing, from the quick inflation hand pump to large-size carry backpack, this paddle board package comes with all and everything in between. 

Because of the wide deck and stunning width of this SUP, you can also carry a small child or a dog along with you. The EVA deck pads will give stunning stiffness and stronghold so that you don’t fall apart from the ride. 

For more safety, you can also think of buying a paddling life jacket that will keep you protected in case of an accident. 


  • Pet friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Safety
  • Fully accessorized


  • Lacks advanced features

9.Cooyes Paddle Board

Cooyes Paddle Board

Now here comes my personal favourite paddle board brand i.e. Cooyes. This SUP is a perfect mixture of a hardshell paddle board and inflatable SUP. It gives you stiffness and rigidity like hard SUP and tracking control plus stability like inflatable SUP. 

With all these attributes, the Cooyes SUP will double your fun and adventure on the water. It tracks well in the straightforward direction with the help of its triple tracking fins. These fins will also help you glide effortlessly against the wind and maintain good stability in daunting conditions. 

The sleek, narrow and subtle design of the board allows you to take it on the tight spots where other big-size paddle boards or kayaks can’t reach.

For hassle-free carrying and transportation, this SUP has got carrying handle and a portable design. You can also ditch the kayak carrier or wheel and carry this SUP without breaking your shoulder. 


  • Carry handles
  • Shoulder straps
  • Bungee cords
  • All accessories included
  • Simple design
  • seaworthy 


  • No cons

10.DAMA SUP [Sea Gods Paddle Board Alternative]

DAMA SUP [Sea Gods Paddle Board Alternative]

Want to capture all your memories while paddling boarding? Looking for a paddle board with a camera mount? If your answer to the above two questions is yes, this DAMA paddle board has got your back covered. This SUP has got camera base mount that will allow you to affix the GoPro camera and capture your memories. 

Plus, its wide deck space will also allow you to carry additional paddle board accessories like speakers, fish finder, range finder, depth finder, backpack, dry bags and a lot more. 

Apart from the camera mount, this paddle board also features mounting accessories and points that will allow you to convert this SUP into fishing watercraft. And, of course, you can also take it for duck hunting adventures as well. 

Stability and speed are the two paramount features of this board that gives it an upper hand over the Sea Gods Paddle board. It also excels in tracking, cruise control and balance. 

So, what are you waiting for? Buy this piece with confidence and thank me later. 


  • Wide deck
  • Bungee lacing
  • Suited for fishing
  • Camera mount
  • All accessory included
  • Good speed


  • No cons

11.SereneLife SUP 

SereneLife SUP 

The next alternative to Sea Gods Paddle Board is by Serenelife, a brand that has mastered the art of making seaworthy paddle boards. You can take this SUP on any water type without the fear of tipping off. From mighty long waves to super fast-moving rivers, this paddle board is designed to tackle it all. 

It gives you superior gliding and surfing experience with: stability, unmatched control and tracking experience. The golden dimension allows it to carry the additional load and make paddling more effortless for you. 

The lightweight design of the SUP also makes it beginner friendly and gives enough confidence to newbie paddlers to ride it. 

It comes with a 3-piece paddle for rowing which is made with aluminium material. Using this paddle, you can take the SUP at lightning-fast speed within a few strokes. 

There is also a large-size backpack that will allow you to keep the SUP when it is not in use. 


  • Suite for beginners
  • 3 piece paddle
  • Golden dimension
  • Good speed
  • Storage space


  • Limited features
  • Not for fishing

12.Bote SUP [Sea Gods Paddle Board Alternative]

Bote SUP [Sea Gods Paddle Board Alternative]

Hands down bow down your heads as the best Sea Gods paddle board alternative is here. In fact, this is the most advanced and high-tech paddle board on this list. You can buy it with closed eyes and thank me later. 

This Bote Paddle Board is made with AeroULTRA technology which makes it lighweight, durable and easy to carry. The total weight of the SUP is 20 lbs and its carrying capacity is 350 lbs, which makes it suited for 2 fully grown adults. 

You can use the leash to stay connected to your board while paddling the shoreline and the front bungee cords to hold a waterproof paddleboard bag.

Moreover, it is also backed by 2 years of manufacturer’s warranty. Plus, you can also return it within 30-days if you aren’t satisfied with its performance and ride. You’ll get all your money back except the shipping charges. (According to terms and conditions by Bote)

Some of the core attributes of this SUP are: lighweight design, extreme stability and ease to pack and store.


  • 6 point bungee
  • Ultra lightweight 
  • BVA deck pad
  • Ankle leash
  • Inflation valve 


  • Limited in stock

13.HEGEMONE Paddle Board

HEGEMONE Paddle Board

Paddle around with confidece with Hegeone paddle board that stands at 10’x32″x6″ with features a wide deck made with non-slip EVA foam padding. You can bring and carry this SUP anywhere with its lighweight and foldable design. 

It is easy to take this inflatable paddleboard with you. Just deflate, fold, and slip it into the included backpack and you are good to go. 

It is also built for tough water with double-wall PVC tarpaulin fabric and fusion technology construction that also makes the SUP lightweight and easy to carry anywhere on and off the water. 

Its innovative air valve will allow you to quickly inflatable and deflate the SUP. In 3-5 minutes, you can completely set up this paddle board using a dual-action hand pump that comes along. 


  • Life jacket included
  • Dry storage bag
  • Ankle leash
  • Quick inflation time
  • Repair kit
  • EVA deck pads


  • Price is a bit high

14.Tahoe Paddle Board

Tahoe Paddle Board

Low on budget and high on the feature, this Sea Gods paddle board alternative by Tahoe is made for speed. With a wide foot deck and 6″ rails this SUP will give you superior fast speed. 

The game-changing feature of this SUP is its core tech technology that encompasses of enahced composites and fabrication to make the SUP high in performance. It is also constructed with 3X cross stitching to make it highly rigid and high in performance.

Some premium features of the SUP are: D rings, dual bungee for cargo, grip decks, multiple grab handles, an inflation pump, commercial grade valve, snap lock fin and paddle holder.


  • Lightweight
  • D rings
  • Carry handles
  • Good speed
  • Long-serving life


  • No cons

15.UICE Paddle Board

UICE Paddle Board

Made with excellent drop stitching technology and thick PVC reinforced material with an additional layer of coating, this Sea Gods paddle board alternative is surely thicker and lightweight. Some of the top-quality craftsmanship has gone into the making of this paddle. 

The paddle board is also made very attractive with stunning artwork and design is a combination of classic black and fashion color, but you do not worry about the color fading problem the board is made with UV-Printing Technology to make sure the color is permanent.

Along with this SUP, you get premium accessories like an Ankle safety leash, a double action paddle board pump, an easy-to-use paddle, dry bags, removable side and centre fins, large size carry a backpack with zippers and a lot more. 


  • Made in the USA
  • Lightweight
  • Drop stitching technology
  • Carry handles
  • Bungee lacing 
  • Goo design


  • No cons

FAQs About Sea Gods Paddle Board And SUP

What are the different types of Sea Gods Paddle Boards?

Sea Gods have got different types of paddle board under their belt which includes: yoga paddle board, fishing paddle board, touring paddle board and camping paddle boards. 

What is the cost of the Sea Gods Paddle Board?

The average cost of Sea Gods paddle board is around $1000, which makes them slightly expensive SUP in the market. 

Why should you buy Sea Gods Paddle Board?

Sea Gods paddle boards are highly attractive and high in performance. They excel in stability, manoeuvrability and tracking. 

Can I use Sea Gods Paddle Board for fishing?

Yes, you can use Sea Gos Paddle Board for fishing, yoga, camping and touring purposes. You can also convert Sea Gods SUP into a full stack kayak. 

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