18 Beginners Fishing Kayak  [Buyers Guide]

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Gone are the days when kayaking was done by professionals and young adults. Today, anyone with a knack for watersport adventure can do kayaking with absolute no restriction. Kayaking is a sport that can be carried out by beginners, teens, kids, youths, and skilled and unskilled paddlers as well. 

Not only for camping, touring and recreational rides, beginners can also go out for fishing on their kayak, provided they have the right water sports gear and tools. 

So, if you are looking for the best beginner fishing kayak then I have got your back covered. These are the top-rated fishing kayak from brands like Old Town, Jackon, Pelican, Intex, Driftsun, Lifetime and a lot more.

Before moving ahead with the blog post, let me walk you through the buyer’s guide for beginners’ fishing kayaks. 

What is a fishing kayak?

As the name says it all. A fishing kayak is a special type of watercraft ride that comes loaded with ultimate fishiability features. It is a perfect angler kayak that helps them to get the best catches and reach close to their fishing spot hassle-free. Beginners’ fishing kayaks are generally loaded with rod holder mount, mounting accessories, storage pockets, tank well, bungee lacing and adjustable seats. 

What are the different types of fishing kayaks?

Yes, there are many different types of beginner fishing kayaks available on the market. Some of them are as follows: Tandem fishing kayaks, cheap fishing kayaks, inflatable fishing kayaks, sit-on-top fishing kayaks, sit-in fishing kayaks, hybrid fishing kayaks, pedal fishing kayaks, cheap pedal fishing kayaks under $1000 and lot more. 

Why should beginners buy a fishing kayak?

Of course, beginners can consider buying a fishing kayak for sure. However, they must know kayaking very well. Also, they must be equipped with necessary safety gear like paddling or boating jackets with fishing accessories. 

What are the core attributes of a fishing kayak?

The core attributes of a beginners fishing kayak are: a high level of stability, wide deck hull for free mobility, amazing tracking and navigation, good speed (only with pedal drive kayak for fishing), accessory mounting system and points, rudder system at back (only with few kayaks), smooth gliding and ability to tackle any condition on the water. 

However, most fishing kayaks for beginners can’t be used on whitewater and fast-moving rapids. 

18 Beginners Fishing Kayak

1.Sevylor Coleman Colorado

Sevylor Coleman Colorado

Inflatable fishing kayaks for beginners are not only lightweight but also loaded with additional fishability features that will take fishing to a whole new level. 

This kayak by Sevylor is made with 18-gauge PVC construction that makes it rugged for lake and river fishing. The kayak is certified by NMMA and meets all the quality requirements of the USA Costal Guards Association.

The bottom floor is made with a 1000D tarpaulin bottom and 840D nylon cover that offers durable protection from punctures, dings, dents and other sorts of damage within the water. 

For fishing, this kayak has got Berkley Quick Set Rod Holders that are adjustable for enhanced hands-free fishing. If you want to take its speed to the next level, you can use the fishing trolling motor and enjoy more stress-free and effortless kayaking.

Apart from that, it has got mesh storage pockets where you can keep your gears and other fishing accessories close to your hands. You can also leverage its bungee lacing system and D rings to attach other gears and tools.


  • D rings
  • Tough construction
  • Rod holders
  • Boston valve
  • Solid bottom


  • Not for a single person

2.Intex Excursion Pro Kayak Series

Intex Excursion Pro Kayak Series

This fishing kayak for beginners is multipurpose in nature, meaning, you can take it for fishing, camping on the lake, touring the river, whitewater rafting and for many other water sports adventures and tours. It is fully inflatable in nature and lightweight to carry. 

There is absolutely no need for a kayak trailer or rack required to carry and transport this kayak. Simply deflate it, stuff it inside the large-size backpack that comes along and carry it on your shoulder. Similar to how we used to carry schools bag. 

This kayak is also NMMA certified and meets all the quality requirements of the USA Costal Guard Associate, which makes it worthy to buy. 

Along with this Intex Kayak, you’ll get the following accessories: 2 removable skegs for deep and shallow water, 1 floor mounted footrest, 2 conveniently detachable fishing rod holders, detachable and  camera mount, allowin you affix the GoPro camera to capture images and videos. 


  • Fully accessorized
  • NMMA certified
  • Multipurpose kayak
  • Built to last
  • Single and tandem 


  • No cons at all

3.Elkton Outdoors Steelhead Inflatable Fishing Kayak

Elkton Outdoors Steelhead Inflatable Fishing Kayak

If you personally ask me which is the best beginner’s fishing kayak, I would go with this Elkton Outdoors. This kayak is surely designed to take your fishing to the level of awesomeness with a rigid drop stitching floor, rod holders, bow and stern storage hatches, mounting accessories and loads of other features. 

It is fully designed for fishermen by taking the anglers opinion and thoughts. From its front bungee lacing storage to universal hard mounting points, this kayak can help you get the best catches no matter where they are hiding. The military green and black color combination allow the kayak to quickly adjust to the surrounding environment, so you can cast or hunt quite. 

On the kayak, there is self-bailing food with well-position ports that will ensure the water remains out of the kayak all the time. This will keep you on top of the water for long hours and even days. 

The construction of the kayak is done with Layered PVC, so it safely bounces off against obstacles like rocks and logs.


  • Rigid Dropstitch Floor
  • Front Bow Spray Shield
  • Five Hard Mounting Points 
  • Halkey Roberts Locking Valves
  • Ample Bow and Stern Storage
  • Bow, Stern and Side Carry Handles


  • No cons at all

4.Wilderness System Beginner Fishing Kayak

Wilderness System Beginner Fishing Kayak

This is an all-purpose beginner’s fishing kayak. This means you can take it for recreational rides on the lake, touring ocean bays and sightseeing on the beach side as well. The Wilderness Systems Pungo is upgraded with loads of new bells and whistles for this year like: a modified V running down the centre of the hull, the console in the cockpit, cup holders, rod holders and a lot of many accessories.

Overall, this kayak is a great mixture of stability, speed and control. Even after using it for two or three years, this kayak will still give you high performance and a stable ride every time you take it on water. This will give enough confidence to beginner paddlers. 

The best part of this kayak is its fully removable seat that will allow you to create more space in your deck, so you can carry extra stuff and gear.  Of course, it has also got bungee lacing and storage hatches. 

Its fully adjustable seat and foot brace will give you all the comfort that you wish to have for a long-distance ride. 


  • Modified-V acts 
  • Wide outset for stability 
  • Day and stern latching hatches 
  • Spacious cockpit 
  • Removable console  
  • Supportive seating  
  • Foot brace and thigh and knee padding


  • Heavy to carry

5.Old Town Dirigo Beginner Fishing Kayak

Old Town Dirigo Beginner Fishing Kayak

Whether you agree with me or not, beginners need a stable fishing kayak that gives them confidence. This Old Dirigo is a perfect sit-in kayak with a highly stable hull design and sharp keel that will give enough stability on a variety of water types. 

Calm ocean bays, deep sea, small lakes, saltwater types – you just name more, this kayak can tackle all of it without losing its balance and tracking on water. 

The triple layer polyethene construction makes it abrasion proof, and UV and damage resistant. It further enhances the life and durability of the kayak, which makes it worthy to buy. 

The Dirigo’s adjustable seat and foot brace system are known to give superior level comfort and a massage-like feeling to your back. That’s why beginners opt for this kayak for not only fishing but long-distance touring as well. After all, the Old Town team cares for every kayaker.

You can open the dry storage hatch at the back and pop in your relevant accessories and gear for an excellent day of fishing. Plus, the cup holder is always ready in the cockpit to catch your favourite beverage or drink.


  • Recreational kayak and fishing kayak
  • Stabil-Form hull design 
  • Balance and manoeuvrability
  • Three-layer polyethene 
  • Contoured poly seat and thigh pads 
  • Glide Track foot brace system 


  • Heavy to carry
  • No mounting points

6.Old Town Top Water Beginner Kayak For Fishing

Old Town Top Water Beginner Kayak For Fishing

If this Old Town Top Water is not the best fishing kayak for beginners then we don’t know which kayak is. With its famous DoubleUhull design, this kayak goes in tandem with water flow and makes cruising across the water quickly and easy. It will sneak into the fishing spot without much noise, enabling you to get the best catches. 

The stability is the CORE USP of this kayak which gives it an upper hand over other rigid and inflatable kayaks for fishing

The elementAir seat that comes along is 100% adjustable and can be converted into a beach chair when you are not gliding with the kayak. The seat and foot brace system together will give you comfort, and a smooth and stable ride.

it has also got ample mounting accessories so that you can carry rod holders, casting reels, and other fishing gear plus tools. Also, the universal transducer mounting system will allow you to affix any fish finder hassle-free.


  • Sit-on-top kayak 
  • DoubleU Hull Design 
  • Maximum stability
  • ElementAir seat  
  • EVA deck pad f 
  • Universal transducer 
  • 3 rod holders


  • No cons

7.Old Town Look Fishing Kayak For Beginner

Old Town Look Fishing Kayak For Beginner

The Old Town Loon is a meticulously designed kayak that can be taken out for fishing as well as surfing on the water. The kayak is fully made and constructed in USA and Old Town team has heavily invested in its research and development. 

From flush mount rod holders at the back to the adjustable padded seat, from built-in USB battery storage options to a stable design for fishing, this kayak is surely worth every penny you’ll spend on it. The sharp keel line gives it lightning-fast speed, while the anchor system keeps you where you want to be.

Also, new this year, Old Town gave the Loon a new hull design which is both zippy and forgiving, with extra width and volume for better stability. 


  • A comfortable and stable kayak  
  • Active Comfort System 2.0 seat  
  • USB port and storage
  • Flush-mount rod holders 
  • Anchor system  
  • Sharp keel line  
  • Bow and stern deck bungees 


  • No cons at all

8.Old Town Top Water 

Old Town Top Water 

If you have got a big size pocket then I would request to you opt for this beginner fishing kayak right now. 

A tank well at the back, rudder system for better tracking and navigation, mounting accessory, transducer system, bungee lacing system, adjustable seats with a foot brace and what not – this kayak has got the ultimate fishing features that you could dream of having in your ideal kayak. 

Yes, it is slightly on the expensive side, but you can surely get a good ROI once you opt for this kayak. The deck pads of the kayak are made with EVA traction materials that make it anti-slip and give good hold and traction on the floor.

This kayak can carry a load of up to 500 lbs, making it suited for 2 person ride. You can also take it for a solo ride along with your dog, child.


  • Fishing kayak 
  • stability and storage
  • DoubleU hull  
  • ElementAir seat
  • Universal transducer i 
  • EVA deck pad 


  • Slightly costly 

9.Lifetime Yukon 11 ft

Lifetime Yukon 11 ft

Most of the above-mentioned fishing kayaks are costly. If you are hunting for a beginners fishing kayak under $1000, this is it. The Lifetime Yukon Fishing Kayak will take you on many fishing adventures without neglecting its stability, speed, balance and comfortable ride. Not only beginners but kids and teens can also use it.

It comes loaded with two flush mounts where you can attach your rod holders, an accessory mounting system for carrying other fishing gears and tools, bungee lacing straps, tankwell at the back to keep cooler and chillers. 

For easy-peasy transportation and carrying, there are two carry handles. One at the nose and one at the back that will allow you to carry and lift this kayak easily. 


  • Adjustable Frame Seating System  
  • Deck Channel Draining System
  • Eight Self-Bailing Scupper Holes
  • Foam-Reinforced Deck y
  • Four Comfortable Luggage handle 
  • High Initial Stability
  • Rudder ready 


  • No cons

10.Lifetime Triton Angler

Lifetime Triton Angler

Do you want to fish on a tranquil lake or through the slow-moving river? If yes, this beginner fishing kayak by Lifetime should be on your list. This is the most affordable fishing kayak on the list that falls under $500. 

Even though it is cheap but loaded with all the fishability features like: an integrated skeg to improve tracking, moulded-in footrests, an adjustable seat back, and the built-in water bottle holder that provides extra comfort when on the water, rod holders, bungee lacing at back and so much more. 

Carry handles on the bow and stern allow you to easily transport the kayak to and from the water. 

To simply put, the Triton Angler Fishing Kayak is a durable option for your next fishing trip.


  • Adjustable Quick Release Seat  
  • Front and Rear Toggle Handles  
  • Multiple Footrest Positions 
  • Self-Bailing Scupper Holes
  • Stable Hull Design
  • Tank well Storage 
  • Rod holders 


  • No cons

11.Lifetime Tamarack Angler

Lifetime Tamarack Angler

If you are looking for 11 feet sit-in kayak for beginners, this Lifetime Yukon should be on your top priority list. Designed for high performance and a sharp bow for speed and tracking, this kayak is truly a dream buy for beginners and newbies.

Its flat bottom hull is specially designed to give you stability in all types of water and daunting conditions. There is a tracking fin at the back that ensures straightforward and hassle-free paddling. The seats of this kayak are 100% adjustable so you can move them front or back and adjust them as per your angling position. 

Worried about water getting inside the cockpit? There are 8 high-end drain plugs to ensure water remains out of the kayak and you can enjoy hours of paddling and fishing. The deck pads, of course, are made with foam-based reinforced material that gives traction and rigidity while standing.

You can also take it for fly fishing, stand-up fishing, duck hunting and other sports acitivtes on water. 


  • Adjustable Foot Braces
  • Adjustable Frame Seating 
  • Deck Channel Draining System  
  • Foam-Reinforced Deck  
  • Four Comfortable  
  • High Initial Stability  


  • No cons

12.Epic International

Epic International

This Epic International fishing kayak for amatuer is designed with utmost care and experienced workers to ensure you get a stable and high-performance ride. The length is long and the deck is extra wide which adds speed and stability. It is backed by 5 years of warranty so you can buy it with complete peace of mind and return the kayak in case of damage or defect.

With a sharp bow and keel line, this kayak will give superior speed and take you to your fishing spot quickly. Plus, the narrow design and structure make it easy to glide in tough and daunting spots. 

The entire kayak is UV protected and will not fade color or crack, or split. All thanks to its high-density polyethene construction material and superior craftsmanship.


  • 5-Year Limited Warranty
  • Adjustable Padded Seat Back 
  • Quick-Release Attachments
  • Durable High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Construction
  • Four Comfortable Carry Handles 
  • Storage hatches 


  • Limited in stock
  • Poor color combination

13.Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100

Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100

Do you want to buy a single kayak with your eyes closed? This Lifetime Tamarack fishing kayak should be your option. As I said, you can buy this kayak blindly and take me later. It comes with no surprises and gives you the high performance required to get the best catches on water.

High on performance, low on maintenance, this is what Lifetime Tamarac Angler 100 is all about. The dimension of this kayak are: 120 in. L x 31 in. W x 14 in. H | Weight Capacity: 275 lbs, which makes it suited only for 1 fully grown adult.

There are two storage hatches that will allow you to carry ample extras and gears. It comes with a one-rod shoulder mount on the ride side where you can keep your casting reel close to you. 

There are two mounting points on the back side of the seat where you can keep your other gears


  • UV protected
  • Carry handles
  • Storage hatches
  • Rod holders
  • Mounting points


  • Limited in stock

14.Pelican Fishing Kayak

Pelican Fishing Kayak

I won’t miss Pelican Basscreek if talking about beginners fishing kayaks. 

Star-studded with the best fishing features, this kayak is surely other than others on this list. Not only beginners, but any fishing enthusiast can also take it for a spin including: women paddlers, seniors and adults, kids and pro anglers as well. With sit on top design and adjustable seat, this kayak makes fishing easy-peasy and comfortable. 

Let’s talk about its stability. Pelican Basscreek has got multi-chine flat bottom hull that offers excellent stability and gives you a steady and straightforward ride. It also gives you balance while casting lines and reeling in fish while making it easy to get in and out.

Fishing features include: a quick lock hatch, a 4 in. day hatch with storage bag and a tank well with a bungee cord, accessory eyelets, a swivel rod holder and two flush mount rod holders, including adjustable footrests and a paddle tie-down.


  • Affordable
  • Fishing features loaded
  • Rod holders
  • Storage hatch
  • High stable
  • Warranty included


  • No cons at all

15.Sea Eagle Fishing Kayak

Sea Eagle Fishing Kayak

This is only a fishing kayak for amateurs that comes with a fish ruler to measure the size of your catch. The Sea Eagle Packfish, as the name says is one of the top-selling kayaks in America. It is certified by NMMA and got relevant approval from the USA Costal guard association.

This is an inflatable kayak that takes it bit of time to set up at first go. Therefore, I would recommend you to use a paddle board pump or pump for an inflatable boat that will speed up the process so you can enjoy more time fishing. 

Of course, the kayak does come with all the relevant fishing gears and tools you need.  For example, rod holders, mounting accessories, multiple storage pockets, rigid floor, backpack, quick inflation pump and other accessories are loaded with it. 


  • 2 air chambers
  • Tube diameter: 13 inches
  • Air valves: 2 deluxe 1 way
  • Inflation time: Less than 5 minutes
  • Fish ruler
  • Rod holders


  • No cons

16.Costway Kayak For Beginners Fishing

Costway Kayak For Beginners Fishing

Sit on a top kayak can take you to any fishing location on water that other pontoon boats or duck hunting kayaks can’t reach. With 2 removable steering rod holders, 2 mounted rod holders and an adjustable seat, this kayak is specially designed to take you to the most daunting fishing locations on the water.

The hull of the kayak is made of premium LLDPE material that is ultraviolet-resistant. This material makes the kayak more rigid, tough and capable enough to tackle any condition on the water. 

Other than that, it provides ample storage space- In the form of a watertight storage hatch, storage box with bungee lacing to affix your gears and accessories, tankwell and a lot more. 


  • Hull is crafted with LLDPE,  
  • Paddle is made of aluminum  
  • With 2 removable rod holders
  • 2 built-in flush-mounted fishing rod holders
  • The ergonomic padded seat  
  • With the 4-position footrest


  • No cons

17.Bonafide SS127

Bonafide SS127

If you have got a big pocket then buy this beginner fishing kayak without thinking twice. Loaded with state-of-the-art fishing features and capabilities, this Bonafide Pedal kayak is anglers’ top choice. This kayak with Yakattack gear system will allow you to bring and affix any dam fishing accessory on the plant.

From the casting reel to the kayak battery for motor or fish finder, anything and everything related to fishing can be carried and stored on this kayak. 

Its exclusive Hybrid cat hull design makes it stability and allows you to row this kayak even on the unheard fishing spots on the water while maintaining tracking and control. At the back, it has got a rudder system that will further improve the navigation and give straight forward pedal. 

You can also drive this kayak backwards and forward easily. 


  • Propel Pedal Drive
  • Hy-Cat Hull design 
  • SpringBlade Rudder System
  • YakAttack Aluminum GearTrac
  • Hi Rise XL width seat
  • Integrated transducer 
  • Quick Draw rod stagers
  • Dual rod tip covers
  • Rod holders


  • Too costly 
  • Heavy to carry

18.Bonafide P127 Beginners Fishing Kayak

Bonafide P127 Beginners Fishing Kayak

The last on my list of fishing kayaks for beginners is again Bonafide, which is a more advanced kayak with maximum stability and ultimate fishability tools, upgrades and features. This kayak also retails the hybrid hull design like above, meaning you can take it to any dam fishing spot and get the best catch.

Stand-up fishing, fly fishing or duck hunting, anything and everything is possible with this kayak.

This kayak also gives tough competition to expensive fishing pontoon boats with its rod management system, hi-rise seat for a comfortable ride, junk drawer under the seat, paddle and rod management points, dry pod, deck traction pads and so much more.


  • Side carry handle 
  • Low-profile deck fittings
  • SeatRack positioning system
  • Omni Hook stern tankwell
  • Deck Traction Pads
  • Power-Pole Micro Anchor ready
  • Stern Access Plate for hull access


  • Price is high
  • Heavy to carry
  • Limited in stock

FAQs About Best Beginners Fishing Kayaks

What is a beginner’s fishing kayak?

As the name says it all, a beginner fishing kayak is a meticulously crafted water ride that is suited for carrying out fishing and duck hunting adventures on the water. These types of kayaks are loaded with loads of features like large-size tank well, rod holders, mounting accessories, storage hatches, pedal drive system (only some of them), bungee cargo and a lot more.

Which is the best beginner fishing kayak brand?

Hobie, Bonafide, Lifetime, Jackson and Old Twon are the best fishing kayak brands. 

What is the cost of a beginner fishing kayak?

The cost of a beginner fishing kayak depends of various factors. A simple fishing kayak might cost anywhere between $500 while a full-stack fishing kayak might cost you anywhere between $1000 to $4000 or even more. 

What are various types of fishing kayaks?

Following are the various types of fishing kayaks: sit-in fishing kayaks, sit-on-top fishing kayaks, cheap fishing kayaks, beginners fishing, kids & youth fishing kayak, inflatable fishing kayak, pedal fishing kayaks and a lot more. 

Which beginner fishing kayak should I buy?

Depending on your need you can buy various types of fishing kayaks. If you are looking for a pedal drive fishing kayak, Old Town is a good option. If you are hunting for a stand-up fishing kayak, Bonafide is a good option. 

Are beginner fishing kayaks stable?

Yes, fishing kayaks are very stable. 

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