15 Best Sit-in Kayaks For 2023 [Top Choice]

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Kayaking is a sport that can be enjoyed by all sorts of individuals including beginners, newbies, teens and kids with a knack for paddling around. Similar to paddle boarding, kayaking offers an active way for beginners to out on the water and enjoy the outdoor environment and explore the unexplored water.

There are many different types and styles of kayaks, each designed for a specific purpose and to best suit a specific kind of paddler. Some categories beginners should be aware of include sit-in kayaks, sit-on-top kayaks, inflatable kayaks, tandem kayaks, and folding kayaks.

So, if you are looking for the best sit-in kayak for 2023, you have landed on the right spot.

In this blog post, you’ll come across some of the top-rated sit-on kayaks for  both inflatable and non-inflatable. 

What is a sit-in kayak?

A sit-in kayak is a type of kayak that features a seat within the cockpit of the kayak rather than on top of the deck. This kayak generally has a low-profile rocker and features an oval shape cockpit for easy entry and exit. Sit-in kayaks are meticulously crafted to give you good speed, comfort and stable ride for long-distance paddling and adventure.

What are the different types of sit-in kayaks?

Many different types of sit in kayaks are available in the market. Some of them are fishing sit-in kayaks, tandem sit-in kayaks, inflatable sit-in kayak, touring sit-in kayaks and recreational sit-in kayaks. Amongst all, fishing and beginners sitting in kayaks are the most in-demand and popular among anglers. All the above-mentioned kayak features different attributes, shape, size and carrying capacity. In fact, the stability, speed and balance of the above-mentioned sit in kayaks are different as well.

Why should you buy a sit in a kayak?

As mentioned above, beginners sitting in kayaks are more stable, high in speed and come with low-profile rockers. Within a few strokes of a paddle, you can take sit in a kayak far away and enjoy your time on the water. However, these kayaks require more effort as compared to sitting on top of kayaks for rowing and paddling.

What sizes of sit-in kayaks are available in the market?

Which sit-in kayak should you buy?

There is not a direct answer to this kayak as kayaers needs and wants to differ from person to person. For example, if one kayaker is having a knack for fishing, he/she might consider buying a fishing sit in kayak. If a beginner is looking for camping, then he/she might opt for a recreational or touring sit-in kayak. So, depending on the choice, preference and need, a beginner might opt for the best-suited sit-in kayak for him.

15 Best Sit-In Kayak For 2023

1.Wilderness Sit-In Kayak

Wilderness Sit-In Kayak

This sit-in kayak by Wilderness is a multi-purpose kayak. You can take it for fishing, duck hunting, camping, touring and many other recreational activities on the water. It is not too big nor too small. The kayak size is just suited for the right small, medium and large size guys

Moreover, this kayak has got modified V running down the centre of the hull which enhances its stability and tracking to great extent. The kayak helps the newbie paddlers feel more stable from the outset but also gives experienced paddlers a more comfortable experince.

There is also a spaciously designed cockpit with loaded cup holders so that you can keep your mug, beverage or drink close to you. And a storage hatch that can be leveraged to keep your gears and other accessories. 

The stern of the kayak has got loads of space for keeping your gears and accessories. There is also a fully adjustable seating and sliding foot brace system to support your back and legs for long-distance kayaking. 


  • Modified-V  
  • Wide outset  
  • Day and stern latching  
  • Spacious cockpit  
  • Removable console 
  • Supportive seating


  • No cons

2.Jackson Best Sit In Kayak

Jackson Best Sit In Kayak

Here’s introducing another best sit-in kayak made with polyethene material and features a length of 12 feet, a width of 29 inches with a maximum load carrying capacity of 300 lbs. 1 fully grown adult can easily ride on this kayak and enjoy fishing or touring acitivtes. Yes, this is also a multi-purpose kayak that is ideal for a wide range of paddling adventures. 

It is also one of the top-selling kayaks under the recreational line of Jackson Kayak. On the kayak, you’ll also find an integrated gear track around the cockpit secure various accessories from rod-holders to camera mounts.

The storage hatch remains fixed at the stern and the deck bungee helps in keeping rain jackets, paddles, backpacks and other gears. 

To give you superior comfort, this kayak has got the ultra-comfy Ergo Seat’s lumbar support and breathable design keep us comfortable, no matter how long or hot the day becomes.


  • Top-tier recreation kayak  
  • Long length  
  • Mesh Ergo Seat w 
  • Hatch, rig, and gear track  
  • Built-in paddle holder 


  • Heavy to carry

3.Old Town Dirigo Sit-In Kayak

Old Town Dirigo Sit-In Kayak

Old Town Dirigo 106 sit-in kayak is suited for a fishing and casual ride on the lake and small choppy waves. The kayak is made slightly small for better manoeuvrability and enhanced speed. It can carry a load upto 300 lbs easily, which makes it perfect for beginners who have just started out.

With a click stern hatch, you get ample storage space for medium size dry kayak bag, food, clothing and other essentials of yours. For your comfort, it has got a shocked cushioned seat and foot track system to give you a stable and comfortable paddling platform.

Additional it has got many more bells and whistles like a moulded cup holder, thigh pads, paddle keeper, and a waterproof, glove-box hatch for keys, phone, and other valuables, so you’re always prepared even when on the water.


  • Easy manoeuvrability 
  • Stabil-form hull design 
  • Contoured seat  
  • Adjustable foot brace  
  • Thigh braces 
  • Click-Seal stern hatch  


  • No cons

4.Old Town Dirigo 120 Best Sit-In Kayak

Old Town Dirigo 120 Best Sit-In Kayak

When speaking about the best sit-in kayak, this piece by Old Town has to be on my list. Hand crafted with quality workmanship and the best construction material on the market, this kayak is suited for both recreational as well as fishing adventures on the water. 

Starting at the front, this kayak has got a bungee lacing system and a carry handle that will allow you hassle-free transportation. You can use the bungee lacing cords to affix your gears and other accessories. 

The cockpit is further equipped with a cup holder and you place your favourite beverage or drink on it, while the additional box store hatch can be leveraged to keep your kayaking accessories.

The construction of this kayak is made with Three-layer polyethene material which makes it super duper durable and resistant against any sort of dings, dents, damages and UV rays as well. 


  • Made in the USA
  • Duralbe
  • Long-lasting
  • UV protected
  • Three-layer construction 


  • No cons

5.Ocean Sit in Kayak 2 Person

Ocean Sit in Kayak 2 Person

As the name suggests, this is a 2-person sit-in kayak that is suited for ocean touring and sightseeing on water. Although this is a tandem kayak but made with ultra-lightweight construction materials so anyone can carry and transport it easily. But, of course, you need a kayak rack or trailer to carry it. 

Apart from 2 fully grown adults, it can carry the additional load of a small child or a dog in the cockpit. On top of that, you can also convert this tandem kayak into a single-person ride by making a few changes here and there. 

Both seats of the kayak are movable and removable. You can set on the seat in the middle if you are paddling lonesome and there are overlapping foot wells to give you a more comfortable ride. 

You can also stash your paddle or fishing pole in the bungee lacing system and try your luck with fishing as well. But if you want to witness the true potential of this kayak, take it for recreational and touring purposes only. 


  • Roomy kayak 
  • Seats two adults plus a child
  • Overlapping foot wells  
  • Side paddle keepers 
  • Bow and stern bungees 


  • Not for fishing 

6.Perception Tripe Best Sit in Kayak

Perception Tripe Best Sit in Kayak

Looking for a roomy and spacious 2 people to sit in a kayak for fishing? Do you want to take your partner along with you for fishing or duck hunting adventures on the water? If your answer to the above question is yes, this Perception Tripe has got your back covered. 

This is a perfectly crafted fishing kayak for 2 people that comes with loads of fishability features like rod holders, paddle keepers, storage hatch, mounting points, tank well at the back and of course the bungee cords. Although it is not an ultimate fishing kayak but one that will take your fishing next level for sure.

The seats are made fully adjustable with thick cushioned padding for superior backrest support. It will give you hours of comfort and will surely enhance paddling efficiency. 

For better tracking and stability this kayak has got wide hull design that makes it even more comfortable to move around. Plus the wide hull also offers additional storage space and free mobility on the deck. You can also carry your dog or pet on this kayak


  • A light and versatile kayak 
  • Ideal for light surf, lazy rivers
  • Wide hull 
  • Adjustable framed seat backs 
  • Molded stepped footrests  
  • Two center hatches 
  • Scupper holes  


  • No cons at all

7.Perception Joyride Best Sit-in Kayak

Perception Joyride Best Sit-in Kayak

This is a sit-in kayak by Perception brand which is solely designed and curated for recreational purposes. The eye-captivating design and colour combination of the kayak makes it look obvious on and off the water and will also safeguard you against any sort of damage and accidents.

The Joyride is that choice of the kayak which will give you superior comfort and top-level paddling performance even on the small choppy waves and daunting water conditions.

The padded seat and spacious cockpit of the kayak ensure a comfortable ride even for long-distance paddling, while a storage hatch and bungee at the bow and stern ensure that you can carry all your gears in one go. 

Carry handles at both ends make getting the boat to and from the water an easy task, and it weighs in at just over 50 pounds so it isn’t too hard to heft onto the rack.


  • Carry handles
  • Stern hatch
  • Bungee lacing
  • Lightweight
  • Seaworthy
  • Durable 


  • No cons

8.OldTown Castline Best Sit In Kayak

OldTown Castline Best Sit In Kayak

This 13 feet sit-in kayak is all set to give you the best kayaking and paddling experience of your life. The long length and narrow design add up to the speed of the kayak, while the deck bungee and 2 storage hatch ensure that you are loaded with ample gears. 

It’s a great touring kayak for flatwater adventures on small lakes and rivers. Because of its stunning speed and design, you can also take it for a kayaking competition and come out as a winner. Construction is made with durable materials and state-of-the-art technology that ensures maximum protection and durability to the kayak.

The adjustable padded seat and foot brace system below will take care of your comfort needs and will give you a smooth kayaking experince. There are bow and stern carry handles as well that will help you with carrying and transportion.

Following are the dimension of this kayak: Width 23 inches | length 13ft 5 inches | deck height 14 inches | Maximum load capacity 300 lbs 


  • Touring kayak  
  • Durable construction  
  • Hatch storage  
  • Adjustable seat and foot braces 
  • Bow and stern carry handles 
  • Deck rigging rope 


  • Too long
  • Heavy 

9.Dagger Phantom Sit in Kayak

Dagger Phantom Sit in Kayak

If you have a knack for whitewater kayaking, then Dagger Phantom is a perfect sit-in kayak that is ready to tackle your whitewater adventures and will give you a stable and joyous ride. 

This is a meticoulsyly crafted kayak for whitewater and fast-moving river rapids. Of course, you can also take it for other sorts of water sports activites but it gives a high performance on whitewater.

From big choppy waves to tight creeks, this kayak paddles in an aggressive style. It is built with accentuated rocker and features a crisp rail profile and deck curvature optimized for high speed and manoeuvrability. The average speed of this kayak is 6-8 knots, which is more than enough to tackle big tides and waves. 

Plus, the volume of the kayak is well optimized for performance and fit, which makes it can commendable for paddlers of various heights and weights. 


  • Whitewater kayak
  • Aggressive rocker profile 
  • speed and manoeuvrability
  • Adjustable seat 
  • Security and grab handles
  • Hand-assembled in the USA


  • Only for whitewater 

10.Old TownLoon 106 Best Sit In Kayak

Old TownLoon 106 Best Sit In Kayak

The Old Town Loon 106 sit-in kayak is a combination of fishing and as well as recreational kayak, meaning you can use it for multiple activities on the water. From taking it for snorkelling in the ocean to carrying out fishing activities on the lakeside, this kayak is suited for all. 

This kayak has also set some high benchmarks in stability and balance that make it suited for newbie and beginner-level kayakers. Even if you don’t know a thing or two about kayaking, you can still consider buying it to get your hands polished on kayaking. 

Fully hand-crafted in the USA with top-quality craftsmanship and experienced kayakers, this piece will surely take your ride to a new level. 

It is also compatible with a kayak spray skirt and a top bimini mount. Kayak spray will keep you high and dry, while bimini top will protect you from UV rays during the hot summer. 


  • Oval cockpit 
  • Work desk
  • Adjustable padded seats
  • Storage hatch
  • Bungee lacing


  • No cons

11.Old Town Loon 126 Sit in Kayak

Old Town Loon 126 Sit in Kayak

This Old Town loon 126 is the big brother of Old Town Loon 106. This kayak is wider, gives good carrying capacity, is loaded with additional features and upgrades, and most importantly long in length.

From giving you a spacious cockpit with enough legroom space to dry storage hatch at the back, Old Town Loon 126 ensures that you enjoy your time on the water without compromising on speed, stability and tracking issues. 

Changing the course and direction of the kayak is, even more, easier within a few strokes of a paddle. Of course, the ultra-lightweight construction material also makes it easy to carry and lift the kayak from one spot to another. 

Senior people can too take this kayak out for a spin on freshwater and lakeside. 


  • A comfortable and stable kayak 
  • Active Comfort System 2.0 seat 
  • New work deck 
  • USB port and storage
  • Flush-mount rod holders  
  • Anchor system 


  • The price is bit high

12.Dagger Rewind Sit In Kayak

Dagger Rewind Sit In Kayak

If you think this is a sit-in kayak for whitewater and fast river rapids, you are 200% correct. The Rewind Dagger is made to tackle fast waterways and choppy water types. It is the ultimate playful boat for downriver and paddling regardless of your ability. 

Dagger is also designed with low volume in the stand and more volume in the rockered bow which will give you better primary and secondary stability while making the boat suited for beginner and kids paddlers as well. It is made nimble and quick to respond when you are flipping in waves. 

The Dagger kayak is also backed by Ergo Creek outfitting for reinforcing contact points and step-out walls for added safety. You can also use a paddling or boating life jacket for more protection. 

The roto-moulded seat includes ratcheting leg-lifters, backband adjustments, adjustable thigh braces, and bulkhead foot braces with foam padding that will take care of your comfort.


  • Dagger’s ultimate downriver 
  • Ample bow volume 
  • rocker with low volume  
  • Roto-moulded seat 
  • leg-lifters, thigh braces, and foot braces
  • Safety wall 
  • Security grab handles 


  • Only for whitewater

13.ORU Sit In Foldable Kayak

ORU Sit In Foldable Kayak

Not every day you’ll find a sit-in kayak that has been featured in Shark Tank and many other media publications, magazines and journals. This Oru kayak is backed by 12 months warranty and a 30-day money-back policy. You can buy it with confidence and enjoy your ride. The kayak is 100% foldable in nature and exceeds all the requirements of the US coastal guard. 

You can make this kayak ready in just 5 minutes. It is inspired by origami foldable structure, so you don’t have to spend hours inflating it or setting it up from the starch. 

This innovative Beach LT boat by Oru Kayak is made for casual kayaking on calm waters, such as lakes, rivers, and bays,  so it is perfect for newbies and expert kayakers alike. 

Although this kayak is small enough to carry when folded, it is most certainly mighty. Plus, it has gone undergone extensive strength and durability testing that justifies its high quality, strength and durability. 


  • Foldable 
  • 50,000+ sales
  • Featured on shark tank
  • Award-winning design
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to set up


  • Not for fishing

14.Intex Challenger

Intex Challenger

This is the best inflatable sit-in kayak which is multi-purpose. You can take it for fishing and duck hunting activities, touring on lake or ocean, camping on the deep sea, river rafting on fast-moving whitewater and a lot more.

This kayak is constructed with laminate PVC with a polyester core which makes it lightweight and makes it highly resistant to damage from abrasion, impact and sunlight. 

Besides lighweight design, the high-pressure inflation technology offers extra rigidity and stability with a high-pressure spring valve for fast inflation and deflation.

It is accessorized with: 2 removable skegs for deep and shallow water, 1 floor-mounted footrest, 2 conveniently detachable fishing rod holders, detachable and adjustable GoPro & phone mount, removable & adjustable mounting bracket for additional accessories.


  • Camera mount
  • Rod holders
  • PVC made
  • Flor mounted accessories 
  • Fishing friendly 


  • No cons at all

15.Intex Explorer K2

Intex Explorer K2

Here’s another sit-in kayak by the Intex brand which comes with 2 fully inflatable seats with backrest support and a cockpit designed for space and free mobility. The dimension of this kayak are: 10 feet 3 x 3 feet x 1 feet 8 inches; Maximum weight capacity: 400 pounds. 

It also includes a removable skeg that you can use for better directional stability and tracking on water. With bring yellow color, this kayak also looks very attractive and visible on the water. 

However, it is made for smaller bodies of water: Explorer k2 is made for smaller bodies of water including lakes and mild rivers.


  • Highly visible
  • Fully accessorized
  • Backrest support
  • Lighweight
  • Easy to carry and store


  • Made for smaller water bodies 

FAQs About Best Sit In Kayaks

What is sit in a  kayak?

A sit in kayak is a type of kayak where the paddler sits inside the cockpit area in an enclosed format. 

Are sitting in kayaks better?

Sit in kayaks are better for recreational and day touring and not for fishing. 

Which are the most stable sit in a fishing kayak?

350fxx by Sea Eagle, Old Town Loon, Old Town Loon 106 and 385fta by Sea Eagle are some of the best sit-in kayaks for 2023

Can sit-in kayaks be used for recreational?

Yes, sit-in kayaks can be used for recreational purposes

Which is the best sit in a fishing kayak?

350fxx by Sea Eagle is the best sit-in kayak for fishing

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