16 Kayaks In India | Cost, Features & Kayaking Spots

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Are there any places in India for kayaks?

Irrespective of what kind of traveller you are,  kayaking in India is a sport that you’ll surely embrace. It is of kind experince that can give you a smoothing experince and get you closer to nature. Be it a lake or river, or a sea, kayaking onto an off-beaten path amidst nature lets you to explore true India.

So, the following are the places where you can go kayaking In India. 

What are the different types of kayaks available in India?

In India, you’ll generally come across only two or three different types of the kayak which includes: tandem kayak, inflatable kayak and single-person kayak. Unlike in America, you won’t find advanced-level kayaks in India which is specially curated for fishing, duck hunting, camping and recreational purpose. 

Cost of the kayak in India:

The cost of the kayak in India depends on several factors like which kayak are you buying, the features of the kayak, seaworthiness, brand and a lot more. For example, an inflatable kayak in India costs around Rs 27,000 to Rs 40,000. The cost of a single-person kayak in India is around Rs 30,000 to Rs 50,000.

Who can buy kayaks in India?

Anyone can buy a kayak in India with a knack for water sports adventures and who loves to explore the wilderness on water. Even if you don’t know kayaking, you can still buy a boat for learning a thing or two about the kayak. Male, females, kids, teens and youth can also buy kayaks in India. 

There is no restriction on buying kayaks in India. 

Is kayaking legal in India?

Of course, yes, kayaking is 100% legal, legit and allowed in India. There are very limited restrictions in India for kayaking. In public water, you can kayak by taking permission from government authorities (only if provided). 

1.Intex Excursion Kayak In India

Intex Excursion Kayak In India

Buying a kayak for Indian water type is surely a daunting task. That’s why I am including this Intex Indian kayak on top of my list. This is a beautifully crafted inflatable kayak and suited for all types of Indian water type. Take it either on fast-moving rivers, on whitewater or on the beach side anywhere in India, this kayak will give you the best performance ever.

Expert kayakers, anglers and paddlers with years of experince have given their input and opinion on making this watercraft top-rated. For construction, the team at Intex has used laminate PVC with a polyester core to make the kayak lighweight and durable at the same time.

This kayak is so lightweight that even newbies, kids, beginners and teens can carry it without the need for a kayak rack or trailer

With accessory mounting points, rod holder spots, footrest, camera and phone mount, you can also take this kayak for fishing and recreational purpose. Even if you don’t know anything about kayaking, you can still opt for it because of its core stability and superior balance. 

On top of everything, this kayak is NMMA certified. 


  • Rod holders
  • Multi-purpose kayak
  • Lightweight
  • NMMA certified
  • Expert level construction
  • Long-serving life


  • No cons

2.Generic Kayak In India

Generic Kayak In India

For Indian water types, a kayak made with a stackable design is perfect. It will remain highly stable and give you high performance on freshwater, flatwater and calm ocean bays or beaches. This kayak in India by Generic Brand is made with HDPE material, which makes it suited for kayakers of all skill levels. You don’t need to be a pro paddler or kayaker to take this piece out for a spin. 

You might be worried about storage and transportion, right? However, this kayak has got rear wheels for easy-peasy towing and carrying it from one spot to another. 

This kayak will also welcome all your kayaking accessories and gears. You can store them in a storage hatch or affix it along the bungee lacing system. There is also a cup holder that will allow you to switch between paddling and taking a sip of your favourite drink or beverage. 

Before you buy this kayak, let me tell you this piece is only suited to the following water types: freshwater, saltwater, seawater, and flatwater only. It is not built to tackle whitewater. 


  • Backrest 
  • Sealed storage 
  • Back storage 
  • Cargo net 
  • Drainage hole 
  • Front storage


  • Not for whitewater

3.Intex Explorer Kayak In India

Intex Explorer Kayak In India

This Yellow color Intext inflatable kayak is surely built to last with high-quality construction material and state-of-the-art technology.  Because of its bright yellow colour, the kayak makes it look highly visible on the water and will protect you in case of emergencies and accidents.

Throughout the kayak are multiple air vents located that ensures a safe and secure ride for long distance. Plus, the Boston air vents ensure quick inflation and deflation process. The average inflation time of the kayak is 15 minutes if you use the hand pump that comes along. 

For quick inflation, you can opt for a boating inflation pump or an electric paddle board pump

The entire deck floor of the kayak is very rigid, allowing you to stand with confidence and strike a Titanic pose or try your hands at fishing. Although it has fewer fishabiity features, still, you can catch one or two of your favourite fish. 

This kayak is more suited for recreational and fun paddling rides on the water.


  • Suited for 2 person
  • Safe and secured
  • Boston valve
  • Air chambers
  • Fully accessorized


  • Not for fishing

4.Intex Inflatable Kayaking In India

Intex Inflatable Kayaking In India

Here’s another top-rated inflatable kayak in India suited for 2 person ride. With a sporty look and design, this kayak is suited for whitewater river rafting, lake cruising, touring and many other water sport adventures. 

By look and design, the kayak looks eye-captivating and highly attractive. When out on the water it will not only give you a high-performance ride but also catch a lot of eyeballs. Expert designers and kayakers have given their input for making this beast. 

It is certified by NMMA and has got all the relevant safety certificates and examinations done. This justified even kids, newbies and beginner-level paddlers can opt for it. 

Both the seats of the kayak are fully adjustable and foldable. You can also remove one of the seats and convert this kayak into a solo ride. At the bottom, there is a removable skeg for better tracking and traction. The I-beam floor will give you superior comfort and a rigid deck platform. 


  • Sporty Graphics for high visibility
  • Low-profile lakes and mild rivers
  • Streamlined design for easy padding
  • Cockpit designed for comfort and space
  • Rugged vinyl construction
  • Grab line on both ends


  • Not for fishing

5.Driftsun Almanor Inflatable Kayak In India

Driftsun Almanor Inflatable Kayak In India

Looking for the best sit-in fishing kayak in India? If yes, this Drifsun Alamnor series kayak should be your top choice. This kayak is surely designed to take your fishing and hunting acitivtes the next level. 

Yes, this kayak is a bit on the costly side but it is worth every penny you spend on it. With a long waterline, you can also take this kayak for long glides and kayaking competitions. It can tackle both flatwater and whitewater types. 

The EVA padded high seat is a game-changing feature of this kayak and it also sets it apart from others. With this seat, you can save your back and rear for bumps and enjoy a comfortable ride. You can also adjust the seat as per your need and want.

The hull of this kayak is made with  600d polyester making it long-lasting in life, and UV protected. There is a 24 gauge air bladder that ensures zero air leakage and puncture issues. 


  • Suited for fishing
  • Durable
  • Highly safe kayak
  • Accessories included
  • Adjustable and comfortable seat
  • Easy to use


  • Price is high

6.Lifetime Youth Kayak

Lifetime Youth Kayak

As the name says it all, this is a youth kayak in India. Kids and youths with a knack for kayaking or other water sports adventure can consider buying this piece. 

The kayak is made with Lifetime, a top-rated kayak and water sports gear manufacturing company. The entire construction of the kayak is done with high-density polyethene grade material that makes it rock solid for years of come. The average life span of this kayak is 10 years. 

Also, it is very lightweight, subtle and easy to store. You might need a kayak rack or trailer for carrying and transportation, but the overall weight of the kayak is less compared to other rides mentioned on the list. 

The key attributes of this kayak are: stability as it is made for kids and youth, cruise control, balance, safety and tracking control. 


  • Fully accessorized
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Paddle included
  • Bright color


  • Small in size

7.Tahiti Kayak

Tahiti Kayak

Here’s another top-level kayak in India that is suited not only for professionals but for senior and adult people as well. The kayak is meticulously crafted with the best construction material and superior craftsmanship with years of experience. 

There is ample deck space given so that you can carry your kayaking accessories and other gear. The seats are inflatable and adjustable as well, giving you long-lasting comfort and increasing your paddling efficiency for long-distance touring. 

The stability of this kayak is at its peak even on whitewater and choppy waves. If you want to experience its true performance, take a ride on the roaring river. 


  • Good quality 
  • Suitable to use.
  • This Product comes in proper Packaging.
  • Good customers support 
  • Visible kayak


  • Lacks advanced features

8.IRIS Kayak In India

IRIS Kayak In India

This is another small and subtle kayak in India that is suited for 2 person’s ride. At an economical cost, this kayak comes loaded with all the features and add-ons to give you the best experience on the water. 

You can take it for river rafting, surfing on fast-moving water and flatwater type as well. The kayak is solely made for recreational, camping and touring purpose. You can’t enjoy fishing in it as it lacks fishability features. 

Throughout the kayak are safety grab ropes that will protect while riding on whitewater and fast-moving river rapids. Plus, the drain plugs and multiple air chambers will also ensure for you a safe and secured ride. 


  • 2 person ride
  • Suited for rafting
  • Good speed
  • Safety ropes
  • Air chambers


  • Not for fishing

9.Auaglide 110 Indian Kayak

Auaglide 110 Indian Kayak

Your search for the best kayak in India ends here. If you are looking for a kayak that can tackle all sorts of water, this is it. This kayak is a combination of durability, high strength, stiffness and lighweight design that makes it stand out from other inflatable kayaks in India. It is designed to play as hard as you do.

You don’t even need a kayak trailer or rack to lift or carry it to your kayaking spot. The Deschutes weighs only 18 lbs and comes with a storage bag that makes it easy peasy to carry and transport.

The team at Aquaglide has made this worthy to withstanding all the daunting conditions on the water. From the roaring river to fast-moving ocean currents, this beast can tackle it all with charm. 

Kayak includes quick-release seats, adjustable footrests, velcro adjustments for personalized seat positioning, paddle keepers, quick-release fin, Halkey-Roberts Valve adaptor, and cockpit drain.


  • Quick inflation
  • Fully accessorized
  • Lightweight
  • Carry bag included
  • Cockpit drain


  • Not for fishing

10.Aquaglide 130

Aquaglide 130

Are you looking for a perfect whitewater and river rafting kayak in India? Do you want to double the fun while on your next wilderness? If yes, this kayak is calling for you. Hand crafted with drop stitching material and built in the USA, this inflatable kayak will lead you from the front on the waters.

With a meticulously designed nose and sharp keel line for speed, this kayak can cut through any water type like a charm. Some of the best craftsmen in America have lent their hands to make this kayak an exceptional piece. 

From beginners to kids, from professional to senior-level kayakers, anyone can take this piece for the ride and enjoy spending some time on the water. 

The dimension of this kayak are: 13’3″ x W 37″ (L 404cm x W 94cm). Weight: 35 lbs. Capacity: 300 lbs.


  • Good speed
  • 1-year warranty
  • Return policy
  • Fully accessorized
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight 


  • Mostly suited for whitewater only

11.Oru Kayak

Oru Kayak

When speaking about the best camping or touring kayak in India, this piece by ORU kayak has to be on my list. No kayak can beat the lightweight design and portability of this ORU kayak, which is 100% foldable, easy to carry and NMMA certified kayak. 

Besides the foldable design and lighweight construction material, the speed of the kayak is the cherry on the cake. Its sleek, durable and reliable design allows the kayak to slice through any water type. From small choppy waves to saltwater type and everything in between, it can tackle it all. 

Yes, the price of the kayak is slightly on the costlier side but is backed by 12 months of warranty and 30-days of a money-back guarantee. Plus, this kayak is also designed and exceeds all the quality requirements of the USA Costal Guard association which marks it worth buying. 

What’s more? This kayak is also featured on Shark Tank, Forbes, CNN, Wall Street Journal, and many more media outlets. As of now, there are more than 15,000 Oru Kayaks out on the water.


  • Foldable design
  • Money back guarantee
  • Easy to carry
  • Lightweight
  • Sleek design
  • Durable 


  • Price is high
  • Shipping charges apply 

12.Advance Element Tandem

Advance Element Tandem

Looking for the best inflatable kayak in India for 2 person ride? Do you want to buy a kayak with an open deck design? If yes, this Advance element kayak is made for you. This NMMA-certified kayak is easy to set up and comes pre-assembled at the factory. You can just need to inflate it with a boat pump or electric paddleboard pump.

If you are partner is absent for kayaking, you can take this kayak on a solo ride and explore the wilderness. Made with rib frame and drop stitching technologies, this kayak ensures high-performance ride and durability that most it competitors lack.

The open deck design of the kayak can also be converted to a closed deck by zipping. And the upgraded lumbar seats offer comfort and a relaxing ride for long days on the water. 

The Hull, which heart of this kayak is made with built-in aluminium rib-frame technology in the bow and stern, and Drop-stitch materials on the floor that improves tracking, control and overall speed. 


  • NMMA certified kayak
  • Drop stitching technology
  • Smooth ride
  • Convertible
  • Open deck desk
  • EVA deck pads


  • Shipping charges apply

13.Sevylor Quickpak Kayak 

Sevylor Quickpak Kayak 

Go closer to the water with the Sevylor Quickpak sit-in kayak in India. Both beginner and professional level kayakers can take it for a spin session on a variety of water types. Being an inflatable sit-in kayak, you can take it for a ride on any water type. And, of course, it can tackle whitewater as well.

This inflatable kayak works similar to a traditional sit-on-top kayak, except when you are ready to pack up. The foldable design makes it easy to carry and lift, while the backpack with a shoulder that comes along will make transportion easy peasy.

Within 5 minutes, you can completely set up this kayak. The hybrid design and sleek structure make it cut through the water. While you are in the water, you’ll paddle in more comfort and style with adjustable sea and backrest support at the rear side. 

You can take this kayak for camping activities, day and night touring on the lake, recreational rides on the beach side, river rafting on whitewater and a lot more. 


  • Quick inflation time
  • Fully accessorized
  • Drop stitching materials 
  • Lighweight 
  • Easy to store and lift
  • Adjustable seat


  • No cons

14.Sevylor Fishing Kayak 

Sevylor Fishing Kayak 

Are you interested in fly fishing activities in India? Or, do you want to try your hands on stand-up fishing? No matter what, if you’re looking for the best fishing kayak in India, this Sevylor has your back covered. 

This ultimate fishing kayak is made with 18 gauge PVC construction material that makes it rigid and rugged for lake use. It is also NMMA certified and made at par with USA coastal guards association. The bottom is made with 100 D tarpaulin material and a nylon cover that makes it durable and keeps the kayak protected from dings, dents and puncture issues.

There are ample mounting points available on the kayak, allowing you to carry rod holders, fish finder, and many other paddle boarding accessories.


There are  D rings throughout the kayak that will further allow you to carry extras. 


  • Rod holders
  • D rings
  • Boston valve
  • Quick inflation time
  • Fully accessorized
  • NMMA certified


  • Suited for 2 riders
  • No conversion 

15.Advance Element Lagoon

Advance Element Lagoon

This sporty-looking kayak is so unique that you can take it for any type of water sports adventure. 

With rigid forms at the bow and stern, this kayak cuts through water and waves by keeping you on the course. It also has an inner tube cover that increases the rigidity and durability of the kayak and offers you a 100% safe and secured ride. 

While taking this watercraft out on the water, don’t forget your boat life jacket. You can also wear a paddling jacket and take for your next wilderness.

Some other features of the kayak are: inflatable seat rest, foam floor, paddle loops, and a tracking fin; this multi-use boat is for anyone who enjoys the water. 

From lakes and mild rivers to bays and estuaries,  this will take you to exploration on any type of water. 


  • Rubber molded handle
  • Bungee deck lacing
  • Inflatable Coaming for Spray Skirt Attachement
  • Paddle holder
  • Mesh pocket
  • Spring Valve
  • Folding seat
  • Tracking fin


  • No cons

16.Point 65 Modular Kayak

Point 65 Modular Kayak

The last on my list of best kayaks in India is Point 65 which is a foldable cum modular kayak. It cuts down into 2 pieces so that you can carry it hassle-free without the need of kayak carriers, wheels or trolly. The modular design also makes it lighweight and easy to carry from one spot to another. 

it is made with plastic material which makes it easier to carry. Yes, the durability is slightly less compared to another rigid kayak, but due to its modularity, you can store and keep it anywhere.

Some other notable features of the kayak are: a comfortable seat, cup holders, contoured foot braces, and space for your dry bag for safe storage on your next adventure.


  • Very lighweight
  • Modular design
  • Foldable
  • 2 piece construction
  • Cup holder
  • Hybrid kayak


  • Plastic made
  • Not durable

FAQs About Kayaks In India 

Which is the best kayaking places in India?

The best places for kayaking in India are Goa, Kerala, Lonavala, Sri Nagar, Himachal Pradesh, The Ganga, Manali and Uttrakhand. 

Is kayaking legal in India?

Of course, kayaking is 100% legal and legit in India. You can kayak on any water type in India by taking relevant permission from the authorities. 

What is the cost of the kayak in India?

The cost of the kayak in India starts from Rs 20,000 and goes upto Rs 3,00,000 or more.  If you are importing your kayak from another country, the cost might also go up to Rs 10,00,000 or more. 

Which is the best kayak brand in India?

Intex and Lifetime are the best kayak brand in India

Can I buy a kayak in India from Amazon.com?

Yes, you can buy kayaks from Amazon.com However, you might need to pay a bit more for shipping charges and export duty as well. 

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