14 Tandem Pedal Kayak | 2-Person Pedal Kayak

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Are you looking for a 2 person to pedal drive a kayak? Do you want to take your partner, friend or additional rider with you for fishing or duck hunting adventures on the water?  Or, do you want to explore the wilderness with your buddy? If your answer to the above questions is yes, I have got your back covered with the best tandem pedal kayaks for 2 person rides. 

Pedal kayak not only comes for single kayakers but are also available in the market for a 2-person ride with additional features, add-ons and upgrades that set them apart from others. 

Brands like Hobie, Perception, Bonafide and BKC are best known for their tandem pedal drive kayaks, best suited for recreational, camping and fishing adventures on the water. 

So, without wasting more time, let’s get started. 

What is a pedal drive kayak?

As the name says it all, a pedal drive kayak is a watercraft that comes with a pedal drive system or kit, allowing you a hands-free kayaking experince. With such kayaks, you don’t need a paddle for rowing or gliding ahead on the water. With the help of a pedal drive system, you can row the kayak backward as well as forward which is just similar to riding a bicycle on the road. 

What is the difference between a pedal and paddle kayak?

As I mentioned earlier. A pedal kayak requires footwork to row the kayak backwards and forward, which makes kayaking more effortless and fun. On the other hand, a paddle kayak requires a paddle system or oar for rowing kayaks ahead on the water.

Paddle kayak requires hand movement and they are slightly less effortless as compared to pedal drive kayak. But these kayaks are lighweight and easy to carry. 

What are the different types of tandem pedal kayaks?

Following are the different types of 2-person pedal kayaks:

  • 2 person fishing pedal Kayak
  • 2 person touring pedal kayak
  • 2 person inflatable pedal kayak

What are the core features or attributes of  2 person pedal kayaks?

The core features of 2 person pedal drive kayak are their large carrying capacity, tons of fishing and hunting capabilities, loads of accessories mounting options, large size tankwell and multiple storage spaces. Apart from these, the pedal kayak also comes with a rudder system at the back to give straightforward tracking and easy navigation on the water. 

1.FeelFree Lure Tandem Pedal Kayak

FeelFree Lure Tandem Pedal Kayak

As the image says it all, this is 2-person pedal drive kayak is loaded with a modern pedal propulsion system that offers effortless speed, ease of use, super manoeuvrability and tracking. The pedal drive system is located in the rear cockpit seat which gives ample of space to the front passenger to fish, stand and try hands-on fly fishing as well.

You can also drive this kayak forward and backward direction with less effort and peace of mind. On the back side, it has a one-handed rudder system that will further enhance the tracking and navigation on the water. Plus, the gravity seat adjuster will allow you to enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride on your kayak.

By look and feel this kayak is suited only for fishing. However, this is a myth. You can also take it for camping on calm lakes, recreational rides on the river and ocean bays, and of course, touring on the beach side as well. 

Some other features to watch out for in this kayak are: rod holders, tankwell storage, adjustable seats, paddle holders, patented gravity seats, a rudder system and uni track system for endless mounting options.


  • Patented Gravity Seat x2
  • Front hatch
  • Front Uni Track rail
  • Mid Uni Track rail
  • Rear Uni Track rail 
  • Molded-in crate recess
  • Stand up leash x2


  • Very heavy to carry

2.Vanhunks Tandem Pedal Kayak

Vanhunks Tandem Pedal Kayak

Let me introduce to you the best 2-person pedal kayak that is ideal for touring on rivers as well as fishing on small choppy waves. 

This Vanhunks Sauger Fin Drive kayak is backed by two removable tool pods, which makes it one of the most versatile kayaks on my list. Plus, this kayak is also compatible with Fin Drive or Propeller Drive system, giving you multiple options to upgrade this beast.

At the first glance, this kayak looks very mesmerizing with excellent finish, color combination and stunning design that makes it appealing. It is built from a 5mm polyethene material that is tough and makes kayaks durable. It can withstand damage from water logs or any other obstacle on water. 

Speaking of its hull, the Sauger features a double pontoon style hull which makes it highly stable and increases the speed of the kayak. Not to forget the rudder system at the back that looks after tracking and gives to straightforward paddling experince.

Overall, this is a great kayak and will surely give you and your partner a top-gliding experience. 


  • 4 Accessory track rails
  • 2 Adjustable Footrests
  • 2 Molded-in tackle box holders
  • 2 Cupholders
  • Bungee cords at the bow and stern tank well area (with 6 D-rings)
  • Hand-controlled rudder system


  • Heavy to carry
  • Limited in stock

3.Hobie 2-Person Pedal Kayak

Hobie 2-Person Pedal Kayak

Here’s introducing my personal favourite 2-person pedal drive kayak by Hobie, a brand that excels in making affordable pedal drive kayaks.

This is a perfect recreational kayak that can hold 2 fully grown adults. Powered by dual MirageDrives and kick-up fins that retract on impact, this kayak will surely take your kayaking experince to the next level.

Made with a sleek hull design that ensures maximum speed and stability, this kayak has got everything to give you and your partner the best ride ever. The cockpit is loaded with 2 ergonomic seats, H tracks for accessories mounting and ample of deck storage space for kayaking accessories.

The sleek waterline along with the kick-up rudder system makes this kayak highly responsive, easy to steer and extremely durable. 


  • Made in the USA
  • 3-year warranty
  • Tandem ride
  • Affordable
  • Return policy


  • Only for recreational and touring

4.FeelFree Lure V2 2 Person Pedal Kayak

FeelFree Lure V2 2 Person Pedal Kayak

Here’s introducing the newest Lure II tandem pedal kayak made with amazing comfort, stability and versatility. It comes with 2 complete cockpits with removable sonar and electronic sonar pods, a standing platform and a patented gravity seat that offers superior comfort and unmatched support.

This kayak also comes with unique features as seen on other Lure kayaks including the wheel in the keel for easy transportation and sturdy moulded-in handles for carrying and lifting the kayak. 

Some other features for duck hunting and fishing include the Uni-Track system for unlimited outfitting configurations, multiple rod holder mounting points and a large tankwell to store your fishing gear or a cooler.


  • Front Uni Track rail
  • Mid Uni Track rail
  • Rear Uni Track rail  
  • Molded-in crate recess
  • Fishing rod holders
  • Stand up leash x2
  • Standing pad


  • Limited in stock

5.BKC PK 14 Pedal Kayak 2 Person

BKC PK 14 Pedal Kayak 2 Person

This tandem pedal kayak by BKC has the upper hand in speed, stability, and tracking experience. 

It features sit on top design with fully adjustable seats, allowing the riders to try their hands on stand-up fishing as well. The bicycle-style pedal drive system works like charm and ensures a high-efficiency propeller. Also, the hand-operated rudder system will allow you to take quick and sharp turns without tipping off. 

This kayak is fully loaded with all the relevant accessories: 2 ergonomic aluminium frame seats, 2 adjustable aluminium paddles, 3 water-resistant hatches, 3 built-in rod holders, 2 paddle parks, 4 accessory plates and 1 bungee cargo tie down.

The game-changing feature o the kayak is its dural pedal drive system and hand-operated rudder, which will allow you to move at a much faster speed. You can also pedal forward or backwards with effortless pedal strokes. 

If you want to take the speed of this kayak next level, you can also attach a trolling motor mount for effortless cruising. 


  • Made in the USA
  • Fully accessorized
  • Warranty included
  • Money back policy
  • Dual pedal drive
  • Forward and backwards pedalling


  • Price is high

6.Hoodoo Tempest 2  Person Pedal Kayak

Hoodoo Tempest 2  Person Pedal Kayak

With stunning features such as a drain plug to keep water out, a dry storage hatch, two pedal drive covers, and cup and rod holders, this tandem pedal kayak is multiple purposes in nature. 

The dimension of this kayak are: 14 feet in lenght, a weight of 95 lbs and a carrying capacity of 600 lbs, making it suited for 2 personal rides. It retains the extreme comfortability and quality of a true Hodoo tandem kayak.

With the new and upgraded pedal drive system, you can drive this kayak at a much faster speed and enjoy catching up with the waves. With dual pedal drive system, you and your partner can take this kayak to your ideal location at a much quicker time. 

It is also available in multiple shapes, sizes and color to give you ample of options while buying. No matter which Hadoo tandem pedal kayak you buy, each one will give high performance and the best ride. 


  • Rod holders
  • Tankwell
  • Dual pedal system
  • Multiple color avaalbiel
  • High in performance 


  • Smooth ride

7.Hoodo Impulse Pedal Kayak Tandem

Hoodo Impulse Pedal Kayak Tandem

With an ultra-stable hull design specially crafted for high-performance kayaking and superior tracking experience, this is a top-rated hybrid kayak that can be converted into a solo as well as a tandem kayak anytime.

With EVA deck traction padding and sit-on-top design, this kayak will give you ample of mobility space on deck, stiffness and a rigid kayaking experience without fear of slipping or tipping off into the water. 

The pedal drive system of the kayak offers unparalleled flexibility with single-direction fin drive and effortless paddling options.  The HOODOO Impulse has got a multi-directional adjustable seat that brings flexibility to your kayaking adventures.

Also, the overall construction of this beast is done in the USA with the best materials on the market, which makes it durable and long serving in life. 


  • Rod holders
  • Paddle holders
  • Tankwell
  • Storage hatches
  • Bungee lacing
  • Drain plug


  • No cons

8.Pro Fisher Tandem Pedal Drive

Pro Fisher Tandem Pedal Drive

Are you looking for a foldable 2-person pedal drive kayak? If yes, this is it. This is a modular kayak that can be broken into 3 pieces so that you can easily carry, transport and store the kayak in your home. You don’t need a kayak rack or trailer to carry and load from one place to another.

The modular design makes it lightweight and easy to lift. Even kids and beginner-level anglers take it for a spin. Besides, the total weight of the kayak is 50 kgs and its carrying capacity is 300 kgs, making it suited for 2-3 people.

The hull is made with sharp keel lines to ensure a high level of flexibility and stability on any type of water. This kayak is compatible on small choppy water, river, saltwater and flatwater types only. 


  • Full Rudder System
  • Pedal drive lock with space seal
  • Three waterproof seal hatch
  • Rear storage area with bungee
  • Transducer mount position for fish finder
  • Fish finder holder


  • No cons

9.Bonafide Pedal Drive 

Bonafide Pedal Drive 

If you and your partner want to take fishing next level, this 2 person pedal kayak is waiting for your call. With state-of-the-art fishing features, upgrades and add-ons, this kayak is a better option for those bored with recreational and touring lines of kayaks.

I personally loved the tankwell with bungee lacing at the back that will allow you to carry a cooler, kayaking accessories, backpack and kayak speaker as well. 

For the ultimate stability, this kayak is made with a Hybrid Cat hull design that is practically better than the double U hull and also makes the kayak easy to track and gives straight forward kayaking experince to riders.

Some other notable features of the kayak are: high rise seat, rod holders, Omni hook stern tankwell with cargo nets, bow and stern carry handles, rudder system, and bow hatch with double heard hinges. 


  • Propel Pedal Drive
  • Hy-Cat Hull design 
  • SpringBlade Rudder System
  • YakAttack Aluminum GearTrac
  • Hi Rise XL width seat
  • Integrated transducer 
  • Quick Draw rod stagers
  • Dual rod tip covers
  • Rod holders


  • Need to buy 2nd seat
  • Not fully tandem pedal kayak

10.Hobie Mirage Pro

Hobie Mirage Pro

With this 2-person pedal kayak, you can navigate the water easier than you could ever think of. The Hobie Mirage 360 Pro has also taken the manoeuvrability to a whole new level with a seamless hull design and rudder control system.

The standing platform is also designed extra wide, leaving you ample space to fish and move the way you want. The deck platform is made with EVA traction pads that not only give a little more grip but also reduce the noise from moving.

The kayak also features top-rated Hobie 360-degree drive technology, which will help you reach the speed and navigate with less effort and peace of mind. With such navigation abilities, Hobie even added in the kick-up fins, so while you are touring. You don’t have to worry about the fins getting damaged. 


  • Large carrying handle
  • Large front hatch with removable liner
  • Forward accessory mount
  • Horizontal rod storage
  • Miragedrive 360
  • Grip pads


  • 2nd seat not included

11.Bonafide SS107

Bonafide SS107

Here’s another 2-person pedal drive kayak made to give you and your partner the ultimate fishing experince. With great functionality, versatility, performance, comfort and most importantly great fishing features, this kayak will take your fishing to a whole new level. And, what more could an angler want?

The deck can easily accomodate all your fishing gear and tools including a fish finder, fishing rod, casting reels, backpack, dry storage bag, light, food and other necessities. Right from the moment you step into this kayak, you’ll feet utmost stability and top-level balance.

The deck traction pad made with sturdy and rigid material will ensure you don’t slip off and get lasting comfort when you are standing for long days on the water.

Taking about its hull shape this kayak has a hybrid cat hull design that is more like a pontoon boat seat position, giving you higher stability and a comfortable platform for standing and mobility. 


  • Side carry handle  
  • Low profile deck fittings
  • SeatRack positioning system
  • Deck traction pads in forwarding cockpit
  • Stern access plate for hull access
  • Replaceable dual stern skid plates
  • Double-acting foot braces


  • You need to purchase 2nd seat

12.Native Water Craft 

Native Water Craft 

Loaded with a super propel pedal drive system, this Native Watercraft Slayer Propel Max 12.5 is surely made for kayakers who are obssed with fishing and duck hunting activities. It is available in multiple color but remains out of stock due to high in demand. So, make sure to buy it whenever it is in stock.

Riding this kayak is extremely easy as everything is taken care by the pedal drive system. You can ride it backwards, forward or change its course anytime with less effort and ease. 

It is also constructed by keeping all the needs of anglers in mind. For example, it has got a bow and stern mounting system, electronics panel, tackle storage box, transducer to hold any fish finder, a high-performance rudder system and a lot more.

With side tackle storage, paddle storage, a waterproof hatch, and horizontal rod holders, you can gear up for the long haul.


  • Dual side tackle storage
  • Hand-sewn high/low seating
  • Split paddle storage
  • Groove track for accessory and Sidekick mounting
  • High-performance rudder
  • 3 molded-in rod holders


  • Limited in stock
  • No 2nd seat included

13.Hobie Special IKE 

Hobie Special IKE 

If budget is not your constraint and looking for the best ever tandem pedal kayak, this Hobie Special IKE Edition Mirage 360 Pro Angler 14 should be on top of your list. 

This is a special edition kayak that has got great looks and high-performance capability. The kayak is 14 feet long, making it suited for 2 person ride and one of the longest Hobie kayaks on the list. It is backed with award-winning MirageDrive 360 and kick-up fin technology.

The kick-up fins are the game-changing feature of the kayak. When they strike any underwater obstacles they automatically re-engage as you continue to pedal. 

Apart from kick-up fins, this kayak is also loaded with unlimited accessory rigging with the H-Rail system, a transducer shield to protect your fishfinder, and a variety of rod setups. 


  • Large carrying handles
  • Large front hatch with removable liner
  • Forward accessory mount
  • Horizontal rod storage
  • Mirage 360 drive
  • Custom IKE 360 EVA grip pads


  • Price is high
  • Very limited in stock

14.Sportsman Big Water 2 Man Pedal Kayak 

Sportsman Big Water 2 Man Pedal Kayak 

The last on my list of best tandem pedal kayaks is by Sportsman Big Water from OldTown. This is 12+ feet long kayak with ultimate fishing capabilities like rod holder mount, tankwell, rudder system at back, multiple storage hatches, bungee lacing, transducer system, adjustable seats and lot more. With such amazing features and add-ons, you can also take this kayak for duck hunting adventrues. 

The deck is made with EVA traction pads for extra leverage and to give your feet a rigid and high traction feel. You can stand on the deck without worrying about falling apart. There are mounting systems attached for additional accessories and gears.

This kayak is slightly on the heavier side and you’ll need a kayak rack or trailer to carry it to your fishing lake, or ocean side. 


  • Angling kayak with PDL Drive f
  • Supportive seat 
  • EVA deck pads 
  • Rod holders 
  • Mounting systems
  • Bow hatch  
  • Stern well


  • Very heavy to carry 

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