19 Best Rafting Boats & Kayaks To Buy For Your Next Adventure

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Recently, rafting has emerged as one of the most popular sports in the USA. Gliding through the unbridled water and steering through the fast-moving rapids, is something only a true water sports enthusiast can realize and appreciate.

If you haven’t experienced or are able to get a chance to get yourself on this thrilling water sport, then pack your bags and get ready. 

But wait a minute. 

In order to enjoy this sport, you need rafting boats or kayaks that are specially designed for speed, safety, flexibility, high performance and most importantly stability. Keeping all these factors in mind, I have curated the list of the 19 best river rafting boats and kayaks to buy in 2022. 

You can think of opting for any 1 or 2 of these boats and double your adventure on the water. 

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19 Best Rafting Boats To Buy For Your

1.300x Explorer Inflatable Rafting Boat

300x Explorer Inflatable Rafting Boat-min

This is a 1 person rafting boat that isdesignedto tackle whitewater as well as open seawater and surf. It is backed by some of the most advanced features like slide skeg for better tracking, made with drop stitch technology, quick inflation and deflation time, self-draining valves and d rings and a lot more. 

This uniquely modulardesignedboat is made to take it all. Take it either on fast-moving rapids or slow-moving rivers, it will always perform to its full capacity and won’t let you down ever.

Its 16 rapid self-draining valves are easy and quick to open and will ensure that water moves out of the boat as soon as it enters. Plus, the unique modular design features a rigid and high traction floor that has several advantages like responsive paddling, stability, good protection, high performance and more.

Overall this is a good rafting boatdesignedto double your adventure and fun on the water.


  • NMMA Certified
  • 16  Drain Valves
  • Large Removable Rear Skeg for 
  • Front & Rear Spray Skirts
  • Carry Handles
  • Bungee cords


  • Suitable only for 1 person
  • Not for fishing

2.Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable Rafting Boat

Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable Rafting Boat

Thinking of going to an amazing rafting adventure along with your partner down the lakeside, or a normal day touring experience on whitewater. Whatever your adventure be, Sea Eagle 330 is a go-to inflatable boat designed for 2 people with a knack for river rafting, racing, or extreme water sports adventure. 

This NMMA certified boat can prove to be great fun for beginners and expert paddlers alike. It is lightweight, comes with an efficient hull design, smooth to paddle and easy to handle the weight of 2 big size guys.

It is made with larger I-beam tubes that give more rigidity to the floor as compared to smaller tubes. It also improves the speed and overall tracking of the kayak in a variety of waterways. 

Down at the bottom, it has 2 removable and adjustable skegs that will further help you in paddling straight forward direction and keep you on the course. These skegs will also ensure that you move faster with minimal paddling effort. 

Specification wise, this boat stands at: 12 kgs in weight, load capacity of 227 kgs, lenght of 340 cm, the width of 86 cm and tube diameter of 24.4 cm.


  • NMMA Certified
  • Open and close drain valve
  • Five one-way valves
  • Sun & saltwater resistant hull material
  • Inflatable spray skirts


  • Not for fishing

3.Sea Eagle 370 Inflatable Boat For Rafting

Sea Eagle 370 Inflatable Boat For Rafting

If you want to take your entire family on a river rafting adventure, the Sea Eagle 370 is waiting for you. With a weight of 32 kgs, this kayak is designed to handle 3 people with a total weight of 295 kgs. It is a portable, stable and highly durable boat to buy in 2022 and beyond. Don’t let the small size fool you, because big things always come in small packages.

This boat is a complete package and comes with 2 paddles, 1 carry bag, repair kit, instruction manual and pump for quick and easy inflation. 

The one-way deluxe valves are one of my personal favourite features that allows air to be pumped in without escaping afterwards. Plus, the large opening of these valves ensures quick inflation and deflation as well.

At just a cost of $349, this rafting boat by Sea Eagle truly represents one of the best values in boating today!


  • NMMA Certified
  • Open and close drain valve
  • Five deluxe one-way valves
  • Sun & saltwater resistant hull material
  • Lashed down inflatable spray skirts
  • Affordable 


  • Not for fishing
  • Slightly heavy to carry

4.380x Explorer Inflatable Rafting Boat

380x Explorer Inflatable Rafting Boat

This is yet another rafting boat by Sea Eagle with a lenght of 380 cm, a width of 99, load capacity of 3 person or 340 kgs, 3 air chambers and 3 air values for super quick inflation and deflation. The maximum inflation time of this boat is 8 minutes and one can easily set this up in less than 10 minutes. 

There are around 16 rapid self drain valves on this kayak that will ensure to drain off the water as it enters. These drain valves will ensure that you remain high and dry when paddling on flat water, lakes, bays, oceans or the sea.

The kayak is designed in such a way that it tracks well and is comfortable on all water types. You’ll feel safe and stable even when paddling in strong winds, thanks to its removable skeg and drop stitch floor to give you good tracking and stiffness. 

The only downside of the kayak is that it lacks storage space like tankwell and hatches. 

Overall, this rafting kayak will surely produce some of fondness memories.


  • 24 D-rings to secure seats and gear
  • One-Way Air Valves
  • Compatible with motor
  • Printed Instructions


  • Less storage space

5.Intex Excursion 4 Person Inflatable Rafting  Boat

Intex Excursion 4 Person Inflatable Rafting  Boat

By looking at the image, you could have concluded that this is one of the best family boats for rafting. If you did so, you are 100% right. Excursion 4 is ready for tons of water expeditions. It’s great for 4-5 people who love spending time on the water either by paddling, fishing, rafting, hunting or floating down the lakeside.

This boat is made with heavy-duty PVC construction that makes it durable, tough and resistant to puncture, UV rays and any kind of abrasion on and off the water. Additionally, its I beam floor makes it rigid and gives good stiffness while standing on the floor platform.

Some of the top features of this boat include 3 air chambers, a Boston vale, motor mount fittings, 4-rod holders for fishing, a pouch for storage, adjustable seats, grab lines for safety, welded locks and a paddle holder.

To simply put, this is great for boats for rafting or fishing with friends. It is capable to carry 4 adults and has plenty of space for  your accesories, tools and other gears. 


  • 2 inflatable seats
  • Fishing rods
  • Grad handles
  • Paddle holder
  • Air chambers
  • Valves
  • Stable hull
  • I beam floor


  • No cons at all

6.Intex Mariner 3-Person Inflatable River Rafting Boat

Intex Mariner 3-Person Inflatable River Rafting Boat

My next pick for the best river rafting boat would be Intex Marier 3 person boat which is perfect for outdoor adventure enthusiasts, campers and those who love to fish. It is high quality and durable boat made from super-tough vinyl construction and PVC materials. 

It comes with extra reinforcement and extruded plastic flooring for more stability and rigidity. On top of that, the boat features 3 separate layers of heavy-gauge PVC laminated material for extra protection, durability and safety of the boat. 

This gives a strong structure to the boat and makes it highly resistant to any kind of damage from abrasion, impact, and sunlight. It also allows more air pressure for greater rigidity while maintaining its high performance and stability. 

So if you are looking for a great boat for rafting or fishing with friends, this roomy Intex Marier has got your back.


  • Boston valves
  • Rod holders
  • Paddle holders
  • Storage pouch
  • Carry handles
  • Great for fishing
  • Quick inflation and deflation


  • No cons at all

7.Intex Mariner 4-Person Inflatable River Rafting Boat

Intex Mariner 4-Person Inflatable River Rafting Boat

If you want to take your river rafting experience to the next level, this is it. The Intex Mariner 4-Person Inflatable River has won the hearts of many paddlers globally and it will impress you as well. Designed by keeping all the needs of paddlers in mind, this boat is perfect for the outdoor enthusiast, fisherman and family of 4 with a knack for camping.

The key USP of this boat is its construction material. It is made with 3 separate layers of 26.4-gauge material – 2 outer layers of heavy-gauge PVC laminated to an inner layer of polyester mesh for extra reinforcement. This makes the boat high durable, strong and tough for any condition on the water. 

Some other notable features of the kayak are: 3 inflatable seat cushions 1 high-output manual pump 1 gear pouch 1 battery pouch 2 fishing rod holders, quick inflation and deflation time, easy to carry and store, and a lot more. 


  • 4 Boston valves
  • Super tough consturtion
  • Sharp keel
  • PVC material
  • Carry handles
  • Durable guard line
  • Rod holders
  • Paddle keepers


  • No cons at all

8.Intex Challenger 3 Boat 2 Person Rafting Boat

Intex Challenger 3 Boat 2 Person Rafting Boat

Whether you agree with me or not, Intex is a brand known to make some of the best river rafting kayaks and boats. That’s the reason why I am including yet another Intex challenger boat for 2 people. You can take it for the leisurely tip on tranquil rivers, fast-moving lakes, roaring sea and choppy whitewater as well.

This boat is compatible with a motor mount kit that can enhance its capabilities on water. However, you need to purchase a motor separately. With your motor, you can ride this boat up to 3.0 horsepower and enjoy the extreme speed.

However, the storage space could be more, but this boat will effortlessly cruise across all kinds of water. 

Apart from this, Intex Challenger 3 also comes with 3 air chambers, Boston valves, an inflation pump and 2 paddles to give you the best rafting experience. 


  • Boston valve 
  • Motor Mount compatibility 
  • 48″ Aluminium Oars make rowing easy
  • Welded on oar locks 
  • High Output Hand Pump 
  • Includes repair patch kit
  • Weight Capacity: 560 Lbs.


  • Less storage space

9.Aquaglide Backwoods Expedition Rafting Kayak

Aquaglide Backwoods Expedition Rafting Kayak

Now here’s introducing one of my personal favourite rafting kayaks that are best suitable for all sizes and skill levels of paddlers. The Aquaglide Backwoods will 2x your adventure and will take you a longer distance without compromising on speed, stability and safety.

This kayak stands 8f6f (254cm) long and weighs only 12 lbs which makes it lightweight and easy to carry. Constructed with heavy-duty thermoplastic urethane (TPU), this kayak tracks well and straight and has enough storage space to carry all your gears and tools in one go.

Key features include: adjustable seat with comfy cushioned seat area and backrest, hook and loop strips, paddle keepers, carry handles, quick release fin, deck carry bungee, Boston valve, inflation pump, and a lot more.


  • Paddle Keepers
  • Webbing Carry Handles
  • Ultralight 2-Stage Foot Pump
  • Deck Cargo Bungees
  • Boston Valve


  • Only for 1 person
  • Lacks fishing features

10.NRS STAR Paragon Inflatable Kayak For Rafting

NRS STAR Paragon Inflatable Kayak For Rafting

When out for river rafting or any kind of outdoor sports activity on the water, you need a perfect kayak that is smooth, subtle, easy to ride and gives good stability. Keeping all these features in mind, the NRS start paragon will take you on a joy ride on a variety of waterways.

It is backed by keel inserts at bow and stern and comes with a removable skeg, so that you can get better control and tracking during tough conditions. Since this is an inflatable kayak, carrying, storing and transporting will be very easy and effortless. 

For cool and comfy support, this kayak is backed by an adjustable seat and multiple footrest positions. Also, the storage space is more than enough to accommodate you, your gears and 1 small child or a dog.

To protect you from choppy waters, you can use its stash gear under the bow and stern splash cover. 

Specification wise, this kayak stands at: (L x W x Tube Dia.) 11′ 2″ x 36″ x 10″ (340.4cm x 91.5cm x 24.4cm), weighs 40 lbs. (18.14 kg)


  • Removable Skeg  
  • High-Back Kayak Seat & Foot Braces
  • High-Pressure Drop-Stitch Floor
  • Bow & Stern Rigid Keel Inserts
  • Three-Chamber Design for Added Safety
  • Inflation/Deflation Valve Type: Leafield-C7
  • 10 D-Rings


  • Not for fishing

11.Advanced Elements Strait Edge 1 Person Rafting Kayak

Advanced Elements Strait Edge 1 Person Rafting Kayak

Self-bailing rafting kayaks always gives an added layer of security and protection when out in fast-moving rapids or roaring waterways. The Strait Edge kayak is the first sit on top kayak that is backed by self-bailing and aluminium rib frames in a bow to enhance the tracking and speed in any water condition. 

It comes with a hard hull design that makes this kayak tough and strong for rough conditions. This kayak can be used in up to class ||| whitewater and is capable to track on open water as well.

In order to save your precious time and effort, this kayak comes pre-assembled. All you need to do is simply unpack it, inflate, fix the sea and take it for a spin. For a smooth and comfortable ride, this kayak has got an adjustable seat with paddling support.

Some other features of this piece includes: rod holder for fisherman, carry handles for easy transport, reinforced bow seam, bungee deck lacing for attachment and storage of gear, adjustable back support,


  • Self-bailing,
  • Open water trackability
  • Bungee deck lacing for attachment of gear
  • Rod holder for anglers
  • 5 chambered safety design


  • No cons at all

12.Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Sport Kayak For Rafting

Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Sport Kayak For Rafting

This is a lightweight kayak and top-selling rafting kayak under the Advance Element lineup. It has a large cockpit design for easy entry and exit and aluminium rib-frame technology in the bow and stern to take your control and paddling experience next level.

It comes in bright yellow with blue stripes and a stunning design that makes the kayak good looking and highly visible on the water. With a stable hull and sharp keel design, this kayak will cut through the water like a knife and give you an oozing experience. 

Another good thing about this kayak is that it is made with durable materials and high-end components. It is manufactured from 3 layer material that makes it resistant to puncture and any kind of damages.

On top of that, it comes with a carrying a duffel bag, repair kit, folding seats and an owner’s manual.


  • Advanced Frame Kayak
  • Large Cockpit  
  • Proven Aluminum Rib-Frame Technology
  • Plenty of On-Board Storage
  • Easy Inflation/Deflation
  • High Support, Adjustable Padded Seat


  • Not suitable for fishing

13.Aire Tributary Tomcat Solo Kayak Red

Aire Tributary Tomcat Solo Kayak Red

Tomcat Solo rafting kayak b Aire Tributary is well built inflatable kayak that balances stability, flexibility, speed and agility altogether. This kayak is designed to play as hard as you do and it won’t break at any cost, thanks to its heavy-duty outer shell and inner air retaining chamber for lasting durability.

It also features a vinyl bladder and a rugged PVC outer shell that will allow you to take it to rough conditions and tight spots without fear of tipping off or sinking down. 

For 2022, Aire has updated and upgraded a few features like clear cut bow and stern dodgers, a new logo, mesh drain system for keeping water out, improved shape for speed and stability, flip handles, welded seams and bow/stern d-rings.


  • Versatility & Performance
  • Affordable Price
  • Heavy-Duty 1000-Denier PVC Outer Shell
  • 3-Chamber Vinyl Bladders
  • Self Bailing Design
  • Inflatable Adjustable Seat


  • Not for fishing
  • Tracking issues

14.Intex Explorer K2 Yellow 2 Person Inflatable Boat For Rafting

Intex Explorer K2 Yellow 2 Person Inflatable Boat For Rafting

Now here comes my personal favourite kayak. I’ll tell you why? This is one of the most affordable and cheapest rafting kayaks that is jam-packed with features like vinyl construction, quick inflation time, adjustable seats, backrest, paddles, repair kit, NMMA certified, removable skeg and a lot more.

You can either take it kayak for a spin with your partner, friends, or family and have a sporty and fun adventure on the water. It is easy to paddle and won’t require much effort. Within a few strokes of the paddle, you can take it far away. 

The I beam floor construction and grab lines ensures maximum safety and security of all the paddlers. In case, your partner isn’t available for paddling, you can take this kayak for the solo trip by making a few adjustments on the back seat.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble
  • Made with rugged vinyl construction
  • Inflatable I-beam floor for comfort and rigidity
  • A removable skeg 
  • NMMA certified


  • Not suitable for fishing 

15.Intex 68309EP Excursion Pro Kayak For Rafting

Intex 68309EP Excursion Pro Kayak For Rafting

This is yet another mesmerizing piece of design by the Intex brand. This kayak is the epitome of high strength and durability. Buy it for once and you’ll come to know about its true potential. It is a complete mixture of lightweight, portability, impact resistance, high speed and lot more.

The best part about this kayak is that it is 360 degrees in nature. What does it mean? You can take it out for fishing, hunting, recreational activities on the water, day touring, racing, rafting and other sports on the water. 

Moreover, this kayak is made with 3-Ply super tough construction that makes it unaffected by gasoline, oil, and saltwater. 


  • Multiple footrest positions
  • Adjustable seats
  • Rod holders
  • Lightweight design
  • Carry handles
  • Comes with a carrying bag
  • Pump and paddle include


  • No cons at all

16.Intex Sierra K2 Inflatable Kayak 

Intex Sierra K2 Inflatable Kayak

Get ready for the most amazing river rafting experience of your life as Intex Explorer K2 Inflatable Kayak is here. This is the perfect rafting boat that will give you all the fun that you deserve. It’s a sporty look with bringing yellow and orange combination that makes it eye-candy for the viewers on the water. 

This is a 100% inflatable kayak made with rugged vinyl construction that takes its durability, strength and toughness to the next level. Plus, the I beam floor offers superior comfort and rigidity. You can even stand on the deck and try your luck with fly fishing. 

It comes along with a high-pressure inflation pump that will help you in quickly setting up the kayak within a few minutes. The average inflation time of this kayak is 10 minutes. Newbies and beginners can set it up in less than 15 minutes. 

Although it lacks storage hatches, the wide floor and deck space is more than sufficient to carry a handful of tools, gears, accessories and equipment. 


  • Lightweight
  • Compact in size
  • Skeg
  • NMMA certified
  • Comes with an inflation pump


  • Not suitable for fishing
  • No storage hatches

17.Intex – Challenger 3 Boat For Rafting

Intex - Challenger 3 Boat For Rafting

This is a good crafter boat by Intex that is suitable for 3 people. As you glide into its cockpit it will give you a fun and relaxing experience, thanks to its comfortable seats that works like charm. Taking it for a spin either for fishing, relaxing, or rafting on the fast-moving lakes, this boat is great to double your fun, adventure and entertainment. 

If you are obsessed with speed, then I have good news for you. This rafting boat is also compatible with trolling motors which you need to purchase separately.

This boat also comes with a high-pressure inflation pump, two inflatable seats for a comfy, heavy-Duty grab handle, a grab line, two pairs of welded oarlocks, oar holders on each side, and a repair patch kit.


  • Quick inflation and deflation 
  • Boston valves.
  • Enjoy comfortable seating
  • A grab handle
  • Aluminium oars 


  • No storage hatch

18.AQUAGLIDE Noyo 90 Kayak For Rafting 

AQUAGLIDE Noyo 90 Kayak For Rafting

Aquaglide is known for manufacturing the best kayak by balancing technology, sound engineering and design. Their rafting kayak including the Noyo 90 is designed to play as hard as you do.

This solo kayak is best suited for your day trips, long expeditions, rafting adventure and a lot more. Its small, compact and subtle design gives it good speed and makes it highly stable on any kind of water.

Some of the key elements of this kayak are: quick release fin for better tracking, drain plug to keep water out, Boston valve, zip-open dry compartments for storage, accessory strap, moulded handle for better transportation and D ring.


  • Cheap and affordable
  • Easy to carry
  • Lightweight design
  • Quick inflation
  • Good speed
  • Durable and tough


  • Not suitable for fishing
  • Fewer storage spaces

19.Aquaglide Deschutes Inflatable Kayak For Rafting

The last on this list is this small yet high-performance river rafting kayak by Aquaglide. It is a comfortable kayak designed to play hard as you do. The narrow bow design gives it an edge over other boats in speed, stability and directional flow.

It is jam-packed with the features like: quick release skeg for tracing, drain plug to keep water out, quick inflation Boston valve, zip-open dry compartments for storage, accessory strap, carry handle and D ring for attachment and safety. 

This kayak also comes wth a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer’s side. So, you can invest in it with confidence and take it for a spin on a variety of waterways. 


  • Good speed
  • Narrow design
  • Skeg included
  • Quick inflation
  • Easy to carry
  • Lightweight design


  • No pump included
  • No carry bag

FAQs About The Best rafting Boats For 2022

Which are the best rafting boats to buy?

300X explorer by Sea Eage is the best rafting boat to buy in 2022

Which is the safest rafting boat?

Sea Eagle 330 is the safest rafting boat

What is a good size boat for rafting of 4? 

An ideal size of rafting boat is hull weight of 15 kgs, the width of 86 cm, the height of 381 cm and carrying capacity of 295 kgs

Is a centre console a good rafting boat?

Yes, a centre console is good for rafting boats. 

Which is the best rafting boat for fishing?

Sea Eagle 370 is the best rafting boat that can be used for fishing as well

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