17 Best Surfboard Bags [Compact, And Lightweight]

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Whether you agree with me or not, surfing is a summer activity that is done mostly from the month of March to July in America. So, if you have a surfboard, most of the time it would be ideal in your garage, rack or a long cupboard in your home. 

And keeping your surfboard exposed for a long period of time can get it damaged. This is where surfboard bags come into the picture. With the surfing board bag, you can be assured of keeping your board safe and sound for a very long period of time even if you don’t use it for a year or two. 

So, in today’s blog post, you’ll come across 17 best of the best surfing board bags and covers that are worth buying in 2022 and beyond as well.

17 Best Surfboard Bags

1.WONITAGO Surfboard Bag

WONITAGO Surfboard Bag

Now let me introduce to you one of the most advanced surfboard bag that is made with 600D football grid fabric and waterproof PE material. The front and back tail of the bag are 100% made from water-resistant material which further takes its durability and protection to next level. There’s also a padding pearl on each side to keep your board more safe and secure. 

Even if this bag with your board inside falls from a great height, your paddlebard, surfboard, or wakeboard will be 100% fit and fine. It is available in eight various sizes ranging from 6’0, 6’6, 7’0, 7’6, 8’0, 8’6, 9’0, 9’6, 10’0.

This board has more room for the fins. Also, the surfboard can be stored with the fins on, no need to take off the fins as soon as you finish surfing.


  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Carry handle
  • Shoulder strap
  • Reflective paint
  • Cheap and affordable


  • No cons at all

2.Ho Stevie! Surfboard Sock Cover Bag

Ho Stevie! Surfboard Sock Cover Bag

Not a surfboard bag but a cover with a reinforced nose to protect even the most delicate part of your board. Stash your wax, board, and favourite snack into it and take it to the lakeside or your surfing destination all at ease.

The entire cover is made with high quality woven fabric that will prevent your board from harmful UV rays, dings and dents and protect it from any kind of damage. It is a 360-degree cover and fits shortboards, longboards, funboards and wakeboards as well.

On Amazon, you’ll find it for various sizes: 6’0″, 6’6″, 7’0″, 8’0″, 8’6″, 9’6″. I would suggest you get a size at least several inches longer than your surfboard.


  • Suitable for all type of board
  • Small and compact in size
  • Pointed nose
  • Drawstring


  • No storage pockets
  • Made with fabric
  • Can be torn

3.Surfboard Sock – Protective Knit Fabric Surfboard Bag

Surfboard Sock - Protective Knit Fabric Surfboard Bag

If you want to protect your surfboard from yellowing and small dents, this cover is waiting for you. Made with reinforced material this will protect not only the nose but tail and another important part of your board. It comes along with a drawstring that will further protect the surfboard tail. 

It will protect your board from UV rays, denting, minor dings and other damages. The best part about this cover is that it is made with fabric and you can easily fold it and store it in your cupboard when not in use. 

Apart from keeping surfing boards, it can also be used for keeping other daily gear and necessities.


  • Small in size
  • Foldable
  • Easy to use
  • Multipurpose cover
  • UV protection


  • Made with poor material
  • No zipper

4.Victory Koredry 1-Sided Surfboard Cover

Victory Koredry 1-Sided Surfboard Cover

The best on my list is easy to surfboard bag that slips on and off in seconds.  This covers avoids UV rays and delamination to protect your board from oxidizing and rusting. It also provides UPF 50+, long-lasting sun protection for your surfboard.

It has got a snug fit that makes transporting your board from home storage to the beach like eating a piece of cake. Plus,  stretchy material hugs your surfboard tightly and features a double-layered fin slot. The nose and tail are made with double-layered durable construction material for added protection.

Made of smooth and soft fabric, this surfboard sock cover is perfect when travelling from cars as it can be stored in the backseat without eating much space. 


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • UV protection 
  • Easy to store
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • White color gets dirty
  • Made with fabric which can be torne

5.DAKINEMission Noserider Surfboard Bag

DAKINEMission Noserider Surfboard Bag

This long and lengthy surfingboard bag is designed and manufactured to keep your board safe for years to come. It is 100% resistant to UV, corrosion and another kind of abrasion and will keep your board safe and sound.

Made with 600D diamond ripstop fabric that makes the entire bag durable and strong enough to hold any kind of large and medium-size surfingboard. It comes along with a removable and adjustable shoulder strap that will help you in carrying this bag without breaking your back. 

As of now, it is available in 4 different sizes at Backcountry for your 8ft, 10ft and 12ft surfingboards.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Suitable for longboards
  • Closed-cell for more protection
  • Heavy-duty zippers
  • Padded and removable shoulder strap


  • Price is a bit high

6.Pro-LiteResession Day Surfboard Bag – Short

Pro-LiteResession Day Surfboard Bag - Short

As the name says it all, this surfboard cover is made for light and small size boards. It is built with high-quality materials that make it look fashionable and durable for years. It is 100% travel friendly, versatile and will protect your board like a  super guard.

This surfboard is also padded from 3mm foam and a closure zipper that is easy to open and close every time. Moreover, the bag comes with 2 years of manufacturer’s warranty so that you can invest in it without any hesitations.

To simply put, this surfboard bag will protect your board from nicks and dings and its non-corrosive zippers ensure that saltwater won’t get the best of the bag. 

At the front of the bag, you’ll also find a super-secret stash pocket that can be utilized for necessities and valuables close at hand and secure.


  • Surfboard bag for transporting your board
  • Polyethelyne resists abrasions
  • Foam absorbs shock to protect your board
  • Zipper
  • Rail guard  
  • Padded shoulder strap  
  • Two pockets  


  • Small in size

7.DAKINEShuttle Thruster Surfboard Bag

DAKINEShuttle Thruster Surfboard Bag

The next in this list of surfboard bags is by DAKINE which is considered to be one of the most durable bags of all time. Made with heavy-duty materials and paddling on each side, this bag will protect your surfboard from harmful UV rays, protect it from rusting and keep it like new for years to come. 

With top-level construction materials and premium craftsmanship, this bag will enhance the durability of your surfing board for years. Its ergonomic design and shoulder pads can be adjusted according to your comfort.

The bag uses 1/4-inch foam padding to protect your surfboard from any kind of damage and abrasion. This padding will keep your board safe and sound from dings, dents and other kinds of abrasions. 

Mover, this bag also works great for travel and day bag.


  • Trapaulin fabric
  • Carry handles
  • Compact and small design
  • Paddling foam
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Shoulder strap


  • Suitable only for small boards

8.DAKINEWorld Traveler Surfboard Bag – Quad

DAKINEWorld Traveler Surfboard Bag - Quad

This is yet another exceptional and mesmerizing piece from DAKINE. 

This bag is highly resistant to any kind of impact or abrasion. It features foam on both sides and at the top and bottom as well to keep your board safe and protected. Plus, its inner polyester materials will further safeguard your board from dings and dents.

Also, this is 100% pure UV protected bag. Just Like sunscreen for your board, the breathable bag will give your board protection from the harmful UV rays and will keep its color and artwork intact for several years.

Another good thing about this bag is that it gets dry quickly and immediately, thanks to its protective top and mesh sides that is unlike traditional surf sock material.


  • Durable and protective 
  • Ripstop outer 
  • Closed cell foam around bag
  • Three padded dividers 
  • Straps to carry
  • Lash points 


  • No cons at all

9.Pro-LiteResession Day Surfboard Bag – Fish

Pro-LiteResession Day Surfboard Bag - Fish

If you are searching for a more durable and compact size surfboard bag, this is it. This Pro Lite bag with 2 years of warranty is made with polyethelune material and features a padded shoulder strap so you can easily carry it along wherever you go. 

The entire bag is backed by 3mm of durable foam-based padding that takes it durability and ability to protect your board to the next level. Dents and dings won’t be an issue till the time your board is inside this small, compact and lightweight bag.

Yes, it also gets dry very quickly and easily, so that you don’t worry about getting your board spillover water. 

Another cool feature of the board is a reinforced nose designed to enhance long-lasting use after sliding your bag into the truck bed day after day.


  • Durable surf bag  
  • Thick 3mm padding 
  • Weather-resistant 
  • Shoulder straps 
  • 2 pockets 
  • Reinforced nose


  • No cons 

10.DAKINERegulator Triple Surfboard Bag

DAKINERegulator Triple Surfboard Bag

If budget is your issue and still looking for a durable yet power-packed surfboard bag, this is it. This well-organized bag comes with internal pockets and slides in boards up to 7 inches in lenght. It is backed by tough and durable polyester and foam padding to keep your board safe and free from any kind of internal and external damage. 

It is coated with neutral colours that are easy on the eyes. Plus, there’s plenty of room for any kind of board, large size fins, XL beach towel & beach clothes. 

In addition to keeping your surfboard, this bag offers ample of space to keep other necessities like a camera, adjustable paddle and other small size tools.

There’s also a carrying handle and Shoulder Strap for easy transportation


  • Double stitching
  • Ergonomic plastic
  • Air vents
  • Water-resistant
  • Long-lasting
  • Durable 
  • Easy to carry


  • No cons at all

11.DAKINEMission Hybrid Surfboard Bag

DAKINEMission Hybrid Surfboard Bag

Our next surfing board bag is stylish and sustainably made, durable and will give maximum protection to your board. This bag is made with nylon and hemp, which will keep your board dry and cool for all the time. It treats your valuable board with tender care, defending it from bangs, bruises, and heat.

Talking about its exterior, it is backed by solid-state zippers that work smooth and are easy to open and close. Plus, the padded shoulder strap will help you to carry and transport the board wherever you go.

In the interior, it has got padding on the nose and tail area to keep your board safe, and there are few pockets for keeping your fins and ankle leash as well.

If you opt for this bag, you’ll not only get a solid product, but you’ll be contributing a bit towards nature since it’s a 100% environment-friendly product. 


  •  Lightweight bag
  • Diamond ripstop for more durability
  • Closed-cell foam 
  • A Heat-reflecting shield  
  • Zippered stash pockts
  • Internal stash perfect for wax and spare fins


  • No cons

12.Pro-LiteSmuggler Series Travel Surfboard Bag – Short

Pro-LiteSmuggler Series Travel Surfboard Bag - Short

Available in 4 different sizes this surfboard bag is surely one of a kind. It is lightweight, durable and long last, and will take the lifeline of your board to the level of awesomeness. It features 5mm padding, noncrossing and easy to open zippers, an ergonomic shoulder strap and internal pockets for keeping other gears and accessories. 

The top-rated feature of the bag is a false bottom that will keep your third board from either side without any extra cost. Also, to make travel and transportation easy, this bag comes with a big stash and inner pockets for your small tools and gears.

Although this bag is advertised as a day-use bag, it is extremely well made and raises the bar for day surfingboard bags by being ultra-padded and secure.

The only drawback of this bag is its burgundy color which to me looks awkward. 


  • A three board surf bag for airline travel
  • A false bottom hides your third board to save you money
  • Stash your wetsuit in the large outer pocket
  • Reinforced nose adds durability
  • Padded shoulder strap for comfortable carry


  • Poor colour combination 

13.FCSTravel 2 Funboard Surfboard Bag

FCSTravel 2 Funboard Surfboard Bag

Looking at the image, you could have concluded that the FCS 2 surboard bag looks like a travel bag because of its small and compact design. When you look closer, you’ll notice 10 mm of foam in the inner body, 5mm at the nose which makes it suited for keeping your paddleboards, wakeboards and surfboards as well.

This well-built surfing carry bag has got plently of extras to keep your small tools, gears, equipments safe and sound. 

For added protection, it features a water-resistant canvas that will keep your board safe from the splash of water, sun rays and abrasion. Yes, it also included an adjustable shoulder strap for comfy carrying and transportation.

A special feature of the bag is an inbuilt strap that will firmly hold your board inside and restrict unnecessary movement. 


  • Travel friendly 
  • Heavy duty nylon material
  • Foam padding for protection
  • High quality zipper
  • Expandable fin
  • Ergonomic shoulder starp 


  • The price is bit high
  • Available in 2 sizes only

14.Pro-LiteRhino Single/Double Travel Surfboard Bag

Pro-LiteRhino SingleDouble Travel Surfboard Bag

If you are looking for a small, compact and rugged style surfboard bag, here it is. This bag is designed to keep your surfboard safe during long trips. It is lightweight, easy to carry, travel friendly and comes in 5 various size options each to hold your board tightly and offer maximum protection. 

This bag has ruggedly designed interiors and 10mm of foam paddling to give a comfy feeling to your board and protect it from scratches, dings, dents and cracks. With this bag, you can keep all your worries aside with regards to your board. 

With hi-tech fabric and expanded sidewalls that enhances the protection by 20%, this bag is best suited for all sizes of boards upto the height of 7feet.

Some other notable features and addons of this bag are: Carry handle, corrosion-resistant zippers, shoulder strap, mesh ventilation system and lot more. 


  • Padded style bag
  • Rugged material for construction
  • Foam padding
  • Carry handle and shoulder strap
  • Air vents 
  • Strap pocket 
  • Internal and external pockets for storage


  • Small in size
  • Zippers are outdated

15.FCS 3DxFit Day Fun Board Surfboard Bag

FCS 3DxFit Day Fun Board Surfboard Bag

This is an awesome surfboard bag from FCS automotive international. Made with lightweight material this bag is 30% lighter than all other bags mentioned on the list. It can also be used all-day and protects your surfboard and other small accessories. 

Two top-rated features that make the bag stand out to me: armadillo strip that offers ventilation and keeps the bag snug safe and sound and its 3d rail protection. Both these features set this surfing board bag apart from the rest in the market. 

On top of that, this bag is also breathable in nature, meaning you can easily shove your bag with worrying about a mouldy bag or the pain of getting your wet board out of the bag later.

For me, this is the best bag till now.


  • Price is affordable
  • Rail protection
  • Uniquely design
  • Fun and easy to carry
  • Multipurpose 


  • Available only in 1 size

16.Dorsal Travel Longboard Surfboard Board Bag

Dorsal Travel Longboard Surfboard Board Bag

This is a super cool bag that is designed to give ultimate protection to your board. Made with 600D Polyester reinforced material, this bag will keep your board safe from heat, vents, dents, and safe from abrasion. It is UV resistant as well. 

The main idea with this bag was to give you ample of room space inside so that you can not only protect your board but other accessories as well. To make this happen, this board is backed with a length-adjustable system. Two clips on the side of the tail allow you to fold and enlarge the bag depending on the size of your board and your needs as well.

This works best without fins attached, which makes sense. Even if your board comes attached with fins, no need to worry. There’s ample space inside to take care of everything.


  • Compact in size
  • Easy to carry
  • Fully adjustable
  • Zippers included
  • Pockets for more storage


  • Available in one size only

17.South Bay Board Co. Surfboard Bag

South Bay Board Co. Surfboard Bag

The next on this list of best surfboard bags is by South Bay Board Co, a top-rated manufacturer of water sports gears, tools and other accessories. This easy to carry board has a side handle that can be removed to prevent it from being used. 

Apart from side carry handles, this bag comes with black skeel colour which makes it highly attractive and visible. The inner material is made with thick foam padding that will protect your board from any kind of dents and dings.

The nose and tail are further protected by zippered packable areas that let you stuff clothes, towels, wetsuits, etc., around the nose and tail of your boards.


  • Easy to open zipper
  • Smart and compact in size
  • Durable 
  • Long lasting 
  • Suitable for all size of boards


  • No cons

FAQs About 17 Best Surfingboard Bags

What is a surfboard bag?

A surfboard bag is a type of storage bag in which you can keep your longboards, shortboards and most importantly surfing boards safe and sound for years 

How to choose the right surfboard bag?

You can choose the right surfboard bag by correctly measuring the size, height and width of your board

Should you buy a surfboard bag?

Yes, should buy a surfboard bag as it will help you in protecting your board from abrasion, dents, water, dings, scratches, and other exterior damages.

Are surfboard bags waterproof?

Yes, surfboard bags are waterproof as they are made with high-quality materials and polished fabric

Is the surfboard bag worth it?

Yes, it is worth buying a surfboard bag

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