19 Best Solid & Hard Paddle Boards [Full Comparison]

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Hard and solid paddle boards are more of traditional paddle boards. They are made of wood, plastic and fibreglass or other composite material, which gives them the upper hand over inflatable paddle boards. Hard paddle boards, unlike inflatable SUPs, which are made of PVC construction are more durable, rigid and strong enough to hold any kind of situation on the water. 

Although solid paddle boards are a bit heavy in size, they make swift and easy transitions on water. Also, there’s no need to inflate them. You can simply throw them on water and go out for a spin. 

A solid paddle board also gives better control, tracking and speed. So, if you want to reach your paddling destination in quick time, solid or hard paddle boards are the best fit for you. 

So, if you are hunting for the best hard paddle boards in the world, I have got your back. 

19 Best Sold & Hard Paddle Boards 

1.Lifetime Amped Hardshell Paddleboard

Lifetime Amped Hardshell Paddleboard

When hunting for the best solid paddle boards, Lifetime Horizon has to be on top of this list. With a super stable hull design, this is an ideal paddle board for beginner and intermediate level paddlers. Of course, professional paddlers can too use it for honing their existing paddling skills.

The board is very strong and durable. It is UV protected and resistant to all weather conditions, which makes it suited for all types of outdoor water sports activities. 

It is backed by EVA traction deck pads to give you a super rigidity feeling while you take this board on the ride. At the front side, you’ll find a bungee lacing and leash attachment loop for your safety and security. 

For better tracking on water, there’s an adjustable fin that can be removed while gliding on flat and slow-moving rapids. 


  • Accessory mount
  • EVA deck pads
  • Stable hull
  • Fade-resistant
  • UV protected


  • Limited stock availability 
  • Small in size

2.Boardworks Versa Hard Shell Paddle Board

Boardworks Versa Hard Shell Paddle Board

This is a perfect hard paddle board for those looking to make smooth water trips or keen for short excursions on the water. It is designed by keeping the need of all sizes and skill level paddlers in mind. That’s why it can be used by all.

It features a bamboo grain design and print, and the all-around construction has been done with bombshell technology, which gives it good strength, stability and a smooth ride on all types of water. Plus, its keel nose will cut through choppy waters, while the flat section under the tail gives a good standing area.

The deck pad has been heated and embossed with honeycomb for excellent performance on all water. There are 4 D rings with bungee cords to allow you to attach and carry your accessories and other gear.

Another cool thing about this hardboard is that it is optimized for speed and a super gliding experience on the water.  It will help you in reaching your ideal destination within a few strokes of the paddle. 


  • Suited for all
  • Perfect for all water
  • Easy to glide
  • Makes paddling easy
  • Good speed
  • Enhanced tracking


  • Heavy to carry

3.ISLE Versa Rigid Stand Up Paddle Board

ISLE Versa Rigid Stand Up Paddle Board

Available in 3 different color options, this hard paddle board is best suited for all skill levels of paddlers. In fact, it is compatible with all types of activities like fishing, flatwater paddling, yoga, fitness, rafting, hunting and more. 

This paddle board is made of durable construction materials using thermal moulded technology that eliminates waste in the construction process and makes the board both lightweight and durable. The board also comes with all the necessary gears and tools that you need on your journey, 

For example, adjustable SUP paddle with nylon blade, 8’ coil leash, and nylon touring center fin. It stands at 10’5” x 32” x 4.5” with 175 litres of volume and 27 pounds and has a weight carrying capacity of 300 pounds which makes it suited for 2 adults. 

If you are not satisfied with the quality and performance of the board you can return it within 60-days and get your money back. It is also supported with 1 year of manufacturer’s warranty. 


  • 1-year warranty
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Thermal moulded technology
  • All around usage
  • Premium features
  • Rock-solid construction
  • Fully accessorized


  • Slight heavy to carry
  • Limited stock available 
  • Price is high

4.Bluefin Cruise  Hard SUP Package

Bluefin Cruise  Hard SUP Package

If budget is not your constraint, then I would say go with this paddle board that is the most advanced and loaded with features. This is clearly the next generation SUP that offers enhanced benefits and modifications. 

It derives all its benefits from the flex reduction system and carbon railing construction along with a central inflation loop that makes the board sturdier and stronger.

This hard paddle board by Blufin uses ESL for ultra-tough UV proofed decks. Blufin has also leveraged the drop stitch pattern with the help of the most skilled technicians and advanced manufacturing components available.

It is a fully accessorized board and comes along with a triple action hand pump, universal camera mount, carbon fiber paddle and safety ankle leash. 


  • Box fin system
  • Loads of accessories
  • 2 bungee lancing
  • Carry handles
  • Narrow design
  • Flex reduction system


  • High price

5.Driftsun Padded Hard Paddleboard

Driftsun Padded Hard Paddleboard

Whether you are a beginner or expert, this hard and solid paddle board by Driftsun Soft is an all-around board that can be used by anyone either for day touring, yoga, fitness and other recreational activities on the water. It can also hold up to different paddling conditions like lake, water, river, sea and ocean as well. 

The rock-solid construction is the key USP of the paddle board. It is made with high-quality construction material with ABS bottom to give it maximum durability. At the bottom, there’s a detachable nylon fin to make it stable in all paddling conditions and easy maneuver.

At the top, it comes with EVA foam deck padding materials that makes it comfortable to ride and gives you enough confidence to stand and move around. Also, the ABS bottom gives it maximum durability in all paddling conditions. 

Since this is an all-around paddle board, it comes along with accessories like a paddle, center fin, paddle and center fin for better tracking.


  • Bungee lancing
  • Carry handles
  • Alligator textured pad
  • Detachable fin
  • Top-level stability 
  • Easy to ride


  • No cons

6.Lifetime 90891 Horizon 100 Solid Paddleboard

Lifetime 90891 Horizon 100 Solid Paddleboard

I have already mentioned that Lifetime solid paddle boards are best suited for beginners and intermediate paddlers. This lifetime 90891 Horizon 100 is an affordable all-around paddle board designed to give you maximum satisfaction on the water. 

It features 1 universal accessory mounting system, allowing you to affix all your paddling gears and tools in one go. You can use this mounting system either to attach your camera, speaker, fishing rod or paddle when not in use. 

The EVA traction decks are great for providing amazing foot stiffness when the patented fin by Lifetime will take care of the tracking and better manoeuvrability on the water. 

For construction, high-density polyethene (HDPE) is used to make the board UV protected, strong, fade-resistant and durable for any kind of situation on the water.


  • Hard shell
  • Fin for tracking
  • Fully accessorized
  • Drain plug
  • Accessory mount
  • EVA foam padded


  • No cons at all

7.TAHE Beach Cross Hard Paddle Board

TAHE Beach Cross Hard Paddle Board

TAHE is a pioneer in making solid paddle boards for leisure, touring or doing fitness and yoga on the water. This 11-foot TAHE hard paddle board offers unmatched versatility and a super stable paddling platform with maximum speed.  Its all-around design makes it suited for family purposes and a variety of water types. 

Use it for family fun, fitness, yoga, fishing or whatever your next SUP adventure may be, this board will surely give you the best experience for sure. It features a keeled nose for amazing tracking and enhanced stability on high waves and fast-moving rapids. 

Throughout the board, you’ll come across numerous attachment points to use for keeping your gears, tools, accessories and other equipment. 

The EVA center deck pad keeps you comfortable for all intended uses, whether you’re paddling for fun, touring, fishing or doing yoga. You’ll also find an elastic deck rigging in the front that allows you to easily transport and carry what you need on your journey.


  • Versatile design
  • Tool-free centre fin
  • Bottle holder
  • Ergonomic carry handles
  • 2 years of warranty


  • No cons

8.Connelly Echo Stand Upsolid Paddle Board 

Connelly Echo Stand Upsolid Paddle Board 

When talking about the best hardshell paddle boards, how can we forget about Connely ECHO standing up the board? This 10 feet board is best known for its stability and hard shell construction that makes it rock solid and tough for any kind of situation on the water. 

Although it features a traditional shape that delivers a premium ride even to the newbie or beginner paddler. Once out on the water, you’ll feel stability while standing on it. The deck pads are soft sanded and offer long-lasting comfort.

With the help of bungee lacing, you can also carry your tools, accessories and other equipment for paddling. Although the deck area is small but large enough to give you mobility and ample space for movement. 

The paddle board comes along with coil leash and one 9 in. glass-filled nylon center fin Imported.


  • Durable, damage-resistant 
  • Traditional surf-style shape
  • Suitable for rookie paddlers
  • Soft-sanded EVA pad for comfort
  • Ergonomic center handle


  • Small in size
  • Poor deck space

9.Pau Hana Malibu Classic hard Paddle Board

Pau Hana Malibu Classic hard Paddle Board

Let me introduce to you the most hi-tech solid paddle board that is made for touring, surfing and other water sports activities. It stands at 10 feet in height and is ideal for entry-level as well as pro paddlers looking for a comfortable and smooth ride on the water.

Of course, the price is a bit high, but it is worth every penny you spend. This board can withstand any type of condition on water and makes rowing easy with an adjustable aluminium paddle. 

To make the board incredibly durable and long-lasting, Pay Hana thought of levering the vacuum foam technology and ABS plastic sandwiched around the EPS core.

Another cool feature of the board is a self-regulating drain plug that allows air to permeate and prevents the water and other debris from entering the board, which minimizes damages.

This board also features an accessory mount, cup holders, paddle clips, ankle leash, bungee tie-downs and integrated leash cup.


  • High tech paddle board
  • ABS plastic construction
  • Paddles included
  • Center carry handle
  • EVA deck


  • Price is a bit high 

10.TAHE Beach Cross Solid Paddle Board

TAHE Beach Cross Solid Paddle Board

The TAHE Beach Cross 11 feet is a no-nonsense hard paddleboard that features a keeled nose for enhanced tracking and amazing gliding on water. Its long height, wide-body and narrow bow design make it suited for fast rapids, choppy water and whitewater conditions. 

The platform is made ultra-stable and makes it suited for first-time paddlers with a knack of fishing, family fun, fitness and yoga activities on the water.

So, if you are looking for a versatile flat board, this is it. It has got a small keel that makes the board to track straighter as compared to other boards. For beginners, this is a game-changing feature who are just learning a thing or two about paddling.

Overall, this is a great, stable and easy to manoeuvre board that will give you a joyful experience on water.


  • Keeled nose
  • Molded EPS foam core
  • Foam traction pad
  • Attachment points
  • Stable 
  • Paddle included


  • Heavy to carry
  • The price is bit high 

11.Pau Hana Malibu Hard Paddle Board

Pau Hana Malibu Hard Paddle Board

If speed is something that boils in your blood, then I would recommend you to go with this hardshell paddle board. It is constructed with ABS plastic/EPS core material that makes it long-lasting and durable. Also, by looking at the image, you could have concluded that the board features a narrow sleek design that gives it blazing fast speed. 

Some of the advanced technology like Vacuum Formed Technology (VFT) and ABS plastic sandwiched has been used while making the board, which makes it durable for years. The board is supported with the centre carry handle for easy transportation and carrying. 

Since the board is a bit large in size, storage might be a concern for many. However, you can use a paddle board rack and comfortably keep it either in your garage, storage, or kitchen. 


  • Drain plug
  • Accessory mount
  • Soft grip
  • EVA deck pad
  • Leash cup holders


  • Large in size
  • Storage issues

12.Starboard Go Lite Tech Solid Paddle Board

Starboard Go Lite Tech Solid Paddle Board

If you are paddling for the first and want a hard paddle board with a progressive and stable shape, this is it. The 10 feet and 8-inch Starboard GO Lite offers unmatched stability, speed and smooth gliding experience at the same time.

The designers at Starboard have leveraged Lite Tech construction and included stringer bands on the rails and nose that takes the look and feel of the board to a whole new level. Plus, the high-density foam on the deck enhances stability and platform mobility. All these come at an affordable pricing point and top-level customer services. 

The paddle board also features a wide nose, tail and boxy rails for more stability and better cruise control, especially if the beginner has just started with his paddling journey. Furthermore, the back fin at the bottom will take its tracking to a new level. 


  • Deck bungee
  • Made with recycled materials
  • Backfin
  • Center bottom channel
  • shoulder carry strap


  • No cons

13.Pau Hana Endurance Hard Paddle Board

Pau Hana Endurance Hard Paddle Board

Here’s another solid paddle board from Pau Hana brand that is 12 feet long, has 6.5 inches of thickness, weight of 34lbs and a carrying capacity of 417 pounds which is more than sufficient for a large size paddler. The construction of the paddle board is made with Thermoformed plastic and fibreglass with EPS core.

It tracks well on both flat water and choppy water as well. Thanks to its vacuum formed technology construction and fibreglass reinforced sub-layer that makes stability on any water condition.

Apart from better tracking and stability, this board also excels in speed, which is justified by its narrow design and sleek structure. With good speed, you can take this board for rafting and paddle boarding championships as well. 


  • EVA deck padding
  • Soild construction
  • Durable
  • 12 feet long
  • Good carrying capacity
  • Suited for all


  • Price is high
  • Heavy to carry

14.Starboard Waterline Solid Paddle Board 

Starboard Waterline Solid Paddle Board 

If you are still searching for the fast, stable and hard SUP for flatwater touring, the 12 feet Starboard Waterline should be on your list. This board promises the smoothest and most relaxing ride in conditions upto shine and chop. If you don’t believe me, take it for a ride and you’ll surely fall in love with this board. 

The board has been shaped in a way to give you maximum speed and stability without creating too much splash or noise on water. This board commits to be 75% faster as compared to others, and surely it is.

Litetech construction has been adopted that makes the board extra rigid. It also features Australian pine that increases the resistance to impact and makes it more rigid in crucial areas.

Its narrow V-shape nose displaces water without disturbance or splash, creating a feeling of pure efficiency and speed, which also helps the board to track in a straight line.


  • Self-bailing
  • Amazing speed
  • Fin box included
  • Narrow design
  • Certified B Corporation
  • Lightweight 


  • Price is too much 
  • Not for beginners

15.Level 6Ten-Seven Powershell Hard Paddleboard Package

Level 6Ten-Seven Powershell Hard Paddleboard Package

Now here’s introducing a hard SUP that is suited both for beginners and expert paddlers like. This board is a perfect balance between stability, speed and performance that makes it suited for all. Made using an ultra-tough ABS shell, the Level Six Ten Seven will surely give you the best and most lightweight paddling experience on all sorts of water. 

This board is purposely designed to be very stable and easy to use by newbies and amateur paddlers. Likewise, it is great for any rider who wish to explore unexplored places on the water. It works great on rivers, lakes, and oceans as well. 

The total carrying capacity of the paddle board is 204lbs which is good enough for 1 fully grown adult. It is a complete paddle board that comes with adjustable fibreglass paddle, a tool-free one-click fin and an ankle leash for safety. 

So, if you are ready for adventure and on-water exploration, then opt for The Level Six Ten Seven PowerShell SUP.


  • Durable Thermo-Formed Plastic Shell
  • Utility Bungee Tie Downs
  • Soft Grip Foam Deck
  • Carry Handle


  • No cons at all

16.Surftechx Prana Bark Aleka Stand-Up Paddleboard

Surftechx Prana Bark Aleka Stand-Up Paddleboard

If you are seeking versatility, this is a perfect solid SUP for you.  Designers and engineers at SURFTECH have made it stable enough for flat water cruising or deep-sea touring. It also performs well on small and medium surf without any hesitations.

Talking about its design and artwork, the SURFTECH designers have done some of the impeccable and eye-captivating work that makes the board highly attractive and visible on the water. Of course, it is also available in multiple colours to choose from. 

The board is made with molded construction that includes quality bamboo veneer, EPS foam, fibreglass and epoxy resin, which makes the board not only durable but also lightweight in nature. Plus, the narrow and sleek design makes it suited for beginners as well. 

To simply put, this is a great paddle board for a wide variety of water sports adventures to try. 


  • Premium Eco construction
  • Bloom ™ foam deck pad
  • Ledge style handle
  • Rear padded handle
  • Deck tie-downs
  • Durable construction


  • No cons

17.SurftechLido Stand-Up Paddleboard

SurftechLido Stand-Up Paddleboard

The Lido standup hard shell paddle board is made with utility around, features large volume and full rails, allowing paddlers to float with ease in any type of water. It is also UV and abrasion resistant making it long-lasting and durable for life. 

Construction material used while making the board includes EPS foam, high-quality fibreglass, epoxy resin, rails and moulded utility sheet that makes the board stable, rigid and fit all sizes and skill levels of paddlers.

The Lido also features a full deck pad with cutouts, which reduces weight, deck tie-downs, an integrated rental/ ledge handle for more comfortable carrying plus security, and an extra large security/leash plug providing two points to lock this board.


  • Utility Armor plastic -shell
  • Security carry handle
  • Oversized-leash plugs
  • Light-weight 3/4 EVA deck pad
  • Deck tie-downs
  • Padded rear grab-handle


  • Small in size

18.POP PaddleboardsHuckleberry Stand-Up Paddleboard

POP PaddleboardsHuckleberry Stand-Up Paddleboard

The PaddleboardsHuckleberry Stand-Up Paddleboard has a unique design with various qualities. The Huckleberry is the greatest cruiser. Ideal for touring rivers, lakes, harbors, and coastlines.

On these Paddleboards, you can perform various healthy activities like Yoga, Surf, and Also fishing. The POP Huckleberry is the universal paddleboard and you can enjoy almost any type of water. 

This board is two parts- one is rebellion and two parts freedom and three parts POPPIN! With unique bamboo design displaying the natural wood layer, making every board look one of a kind. 

With a traditional cruiser shape, lots of volumes, and lightweight structure, this board is a blast both on flat water and the surf. 


  • lightweight
  • easy to carry
  • For all types of water
  • Amazing speed


  • Price is too much

19.NSPAllrounder Coco Flax Stand-Up Paddleboard

NSPAllrounder Coco Flax Stand-Up Paddleboard

The NSPAllrounder Coco Flax Stand-Up Paddleboard is a perfect blend of fun wave performance and flatwater paddling glide. It is a Universal SUP that is fun on the waves and smooth in flatwater.

With style design Nose lift and forward wide point balance speed and stability. The Cocomat Cruise is best served for paddlers glancing to get a beginner-friendly all-around board with an eco-friendly angle. 

It is extremely lightweight and attractive as well. It has a combination of cocoa fibers on the deck and coco flex on the rails to support the rails. The color combination is quite attractive. 

It’s a great board for plenty of flotation, great stability, and tons of attachments. 


  • All-Around board
  • Very Durable
  • Very easy to carry
  • Stability


  • Price is bit high

FAQs About Solid Paddle Board

What is a solid paddle board?

Solid paddle board is a type of board made with plastic, wooden or EVA construction materials

What is the difference between solid and an inflatable board?

Solid paddle boards are more rigid, durable and made with plastic or wooden construction materials. Inflatable board are made with PVC construction material and are less durable

Are solid paddle boards good for beginners?

Yes, solid paddle boards are good for beginners

Are solid paddle boards for fishing?

No, solid paddle boards are not good for fishing

What is the cost of solid paddle boards?

The average cost of solid paddle boards is around $500 to $1000

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